So CB kicked me out of the bathroom earlier this morning. That was his FIRST mistake. His second; pooping while unarmed.

I ambushed him from the bedroom, taking cover behind a quilt. I knew he suspected something as he exited the ol’ watercloset with supreme caution. My furious scrambling to find my gun and sponge bullets must have tipped him off. Nevertheless I managed to pop off a few rounds, some solid head shots.

And then he found his gun… and oh, it begun!

An hour later and this is what half of the house looked like. The couch was in the kitchen.. I was attempting a barrel roll over it, after being shot in the face, but it just tipped over under my heft. That is a pillow over my butt so CB didnt shoot me in it while he laughed and took a picture of my failure as a human. I also broke a chair.. at one point I was blasting off caps while curled up in a rubbermaid bin, using the lid as a shield.

Good game. Let that be a lesson to you all. Never go for pee, without packin’ heat.


nerfnerf nerf2


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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