Gnormie and Tony


Holaaaaa meee ameegooos

Been gone for a while. Back at work, worky worky worky. Now I’m home; beery beery beery.

That up there is a portrait of CB and me, and a napping baby lamb. I’m the handsome one. I’m kidding, thats Gnorman and the Incredible Hulk…s kind of slow brother Tony.

Wowza, our bedroom is really red.. rad..

(cool dude, radical, excellent….)



Look! It’s so bright outside!! So snowy bright!




Painting stuffff. All my paintings are looking like the covers of science fiction books from the 70’s..




My one and only plant. Her name is Oh, Suzanna. It’s a jaunty name for a jaunty little succulent.



Check out our awesome floors. I mopped them for the second time ever! My the bottoms of my feet are foot coloured instead of grey!



Reflections of the outdoors on a photograph of indoors.



Sexy pattern mash ups.



Bills, and my Newfoundland magent collection that was a b-day present from The Galzzzz.



This is my laundry room. Inside those cupboard doors is a collection of antique aerosol cans of random solvents and about 15 cans of pineapple pop leftover from halloween. Inside that cloth tube, is bags. We reuse, because it appeased Captain Planet. That guy is so cool.



The view out the front door. TOO BRIGHT!!






Lego men– space guy, king dude. Ceramic Skunks. Dinky Cars. Sea urchins. Coins. Bolts. Nintendo GAMES!



Our gross little collection of wishes building up over the stove. Also spicy peppers and sticks to dig the spicy peppers out of your teeth.



PRESENTS FROM WORK! Thanks Cecil! Is it Cecil or Sea Salt..???? Anyway! He sent Mudder to work with a jar of Tur and a jar of duck! Doreen gave us a can of seal (or Swile apparently even though I dont think anybody even really calls it that and everybodys just fucking with me) and a can of beets. Crinkle cut. I think I’m going to make a pie with this meat. So awesome. I work with the best people and you should all be so jealous.


Our office desk is getting cluttered. And naaasstyyyyyy. Boobies!


My great grandmother picking wild flowers.



CB’s collection of knifes and whistles and lighters all lined up.

And thats what our house looks like right now. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a beer and my Supernatural boys to attend to. A good day!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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