Squish Squish Squash


Day off today. Been pretty much a lump all day, sitting around drinking tea while CB cleaned the whole house. Its very snowy out. Every time the plow flies by our house it reinforces the wall of snowy agoraphobia behind our car. CB made lasagna– or LOVEZANGYA– as I call it. We ate it for breakfast and lunch today! Lasagna Forever!



I found my can of playdoh on the bookshelf and spent an inordinately long time playing with it and watching Supernatural in the background. Dont know how long exactly, but I do know it was light out when I started and now its dark. Its a nice stress reliever, play doh. Squeezing it around in your hand is like a stress ball or something. I made everything in the house FANCY!



Fancy Skull!



Fancy Cat!



Hey check out my fancy new socks! They are so warm.



Fancy lay-daayyyy. Art Skillzzzzz



Fancy nunchucks!


Oh my gawwwwd play doh manicuuuureeee!!


So sexy. Yeah I.. dunno… Im going to go make more tea..


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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