Cutie Farts



Short days at work right now, mostly spent mindlessly inputting data into spreadsheets. Not as nice as making bread and cakes and caramels, but getting home while it’s still light out is nice. Watching the light disappear in pinks and purples is even nicer. Look at those beautiful bumpy islands out there. I bet theres some seals out there toooooo eeeeee!



Yesterday we had tacos! Rum and coke is delicious. It tastes like cinnamon and high school parties to me. Not many vegetables around to put on our tay-cohs. Just lettuce and pickled jalapenos.. and sour cream.. thats pretty much a vegetable…


CB got me a book present! Its The Outport People by Farley Mowats wife, Claire. Its about her and Farley moving to  a tiny Newfoundland outport community in the 60’s. I started reading it after finding it in CB’s grandpas old bedroom when we stayed over in Gabarus, Cape Breton. Now I can finish it!


Bahhhhhhh yeah.. not much going on as of late. Oh we made burgers for everyone at work the other day! It was really fun to take over the whole line like that. Tomorrow we are going to do PIZZASSSS! And then we are babysitting the big drooly Newfs until Monday. So prepare yourself for Way Too Many Pictures Of Dogs Staring At Nothing!!!



Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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