Motorcycle Nursery



This is the place where my motorcycle is going to be born. CB has been cleaning and organizing it all week. It’s just a little ramshackle shack, but look at this shizzzz! It’s like the Tardis up in there!


Ohhhhhh so organized. He’s got buckets for stuff, and mayo jars for things, and shelves for his bits and bobs. And a work bench made out of a road sign we found underneath our couch cushions. Not one, not two, but THREE whole entire barbeques that may or may not actually work all stacked all up ons eachother. Some looney tunes cut outs complete the decor. I like it! Kind of serial killer chic. This is where CB will painstakingly take apart our brokenass motorcycle, clean, fix, and put it back together until it roars like a tigaaaa




Okay so it looks a bit like a butthole right now, but its going to be so super sexy soon. Well not soon. But some time in the future! Its a 1981 Yamaha Midnight Maxim… all black and gold.. so classsyyyyyy


Its like a motorcycle womb! Made of scrap wood and spiders!


This little space heater doesn’t really do much, but its kind of cute. Like a toasty little robot friend.


Electricity! For blasting choonz on the ol’ boom box and what not. Or boiling up a cup of tea first thing in the morning before CB gets his hands all greasy.

So yeah.. Thats it, thats the shed. I look forward to chronicling my journey into Badass Motorcycle Bitchness. I CANT WAIT TO BUY BOOOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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