Snow Day!

Im supposed to be at work right now, but we are having a spot of weather here.

I don’t know if many of you who dont live on this island have ever experienced 150 km/hour winds before, but it issss… intense…

By some miracle we haven’t lost power yet– or our roof! They upgraded the power lines last year, and they must have used some hardcore materials because it is batshit outside. I tried to take some wee videos but you cant really hear the wind so well. Mostly you can just hear me sniffling, because I think I have a cold coming on. A cold that only a late breakfast of coffee, bacon, sausage and Kraft sliced cheese omelettes can cure!

You cant see it, but there’s a few houses and an ocean out there.

The car is only about 20 feet away from the house but most of the time it’s totally obscured by snow blizzard. We forgot our shovel out there…. also my little wooden box that keeps the laundry pegs is smashed to bits. And our garbage box too. Winter hates us, personally.

That’s me attempting VERY STUPIDLY to open the front door so you can hear the wind better. Instantly I was covered in a half inch of snow which somehow managed to blow up inside the arm of my housecoat and cover my poor bod in snow too in about half a second. BAH! CB yelled “DID YOU OPEN THE DOOR!?” and I was like.. wahhhhhhhhhhhhh and he was all like WHAT IF OUR DOOR BLEW OFF! WE’D HAVE NO DOOR! WE WOULD DIE! And I was all like.. my boobs got snow of them… wahhhhhhhh

Now its breakfast time! SAUSAGES!!!!

**Update** Look what happened! A break in the wind revealed our neighbour has lost most of the siding on the front of their house! They are going to be so pissed.. And yet somehow our shovel is still standing..



Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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