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Mail is the best. Did you realize that it’s presents! Mail is presents. And you get presents, because you deserve them, because you are so very super special. That’s my deduction anyway, but I pretty much require a source of constant attention and appreciation just to exist. Mail gives that to me! Unless its bills, or angry letters from the government.. which they mostly are..

ANYWAY in January I bought myself a 6 month subscription to RawSpiceBar’s spice of the month club. Every month you get 3-4 small packages of freshly ground, regional spice mixes, neatly packaged with recipes from a chef. This month was Punjabi Spices with recipes for tikka masala and chai&rose nankthatai cookies by Vishwa Mohan. They smell awesome.

Also, it cost $6/month with free shipping! You should sign up, it’s awesome. How can you lose for $6 a month!

They also have a blog with other recipes, here.


Last month was Navajo cuisine from a Chef in New Mexico. I wish I hadnt missed that.




Here is the whole package. The spice packs are ripped open because I have no self control and had to smell them as soon as I pulled the package out of the mail box.





Dumping out a little into my hand, it was so fragrant but not in a headache inducing way some cheapy chai mixes can be. Nice large ground spices, and whole rose petals. They can be made into cookies or steeped in hot milk for chai. Beautiful.





The garam masala is my favourite. It smells sooooo goood and makes me badly crave chickpea dahl. It had a whole neatly folded leaf called Tej Patta inside. Its like an Indian bay leaf, and apparently kind of a secret ingredient. Exciting!




The tandoori spice is beautiful as well and has something called kasoori methi, which sounds very exotic. After googling it, it seems to be fenugreek. Can’t wait to make some tasty spicy food. Im going to write the spice mix ingredients on the backs of the recipe cards so that when they are gone I can kind of create my own.

I’m going to do a post every month on what I get! EXCITING!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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