Catsitting, catnapping



I haven’t posted in a little while because we were dealing with a rather unpleasant sewer main problem, rendering us rather homeless… so we moved back into the trailer… and then it happened in the trailer… and then we moved back home and just dealt with having to poop nomadically. Showering sporadically, and brushing our teeth in the sinks of strangers.. its been a kind of trying couple of weeks.

But now, we are HOUSE SITTING! LIKE ROYALTY! Pooping whenever, WHEREVER! Well not wherever, mostly just the same spot. But its like complete freedom. One of our coworkers is in Cuba with his family for the next 3 weeks so we are taking care of Frankie, the cat. She is mental. Right now she is trying to crawl inside CBs backpack to live forever inside.



This house is an old salt box, and its very relaxing to hang out in so far. Its very quiet in here, just crackling fire and a very low hum of the refrigerator. It makes me wonder why our house was always so loud all the time.. The floors are giving us slivers in our feet but I really like the olivey-brown colour of them. The ceilings are about 8 feet tall downstairs, and 6′ 5″ upstairs. CB has to duck through all the doorways. You would think that would be claustrophobic, but its so comfy. Like a sunny hobbit house.



I love that all the window sills are covered in sea glass and bits of driftwood and treasures.


This rocking chair is the cats favourite toy.



I dont know what this is but its very pretty.


Olive floors!





They have 2 small kids, and their toys and art supplies make the house so colourful!




Blue glass with light shining through it is lovely


Making espresso. So relaxing.



This is taken while Im doing some laundry, peeking out at the neighbors like a creep.


Mummers and buttons and seashells. Beautiful.


In April we will be moving into another house in the centre of the island. It has a nice little porch out front that will be so nice for summer barbeques. It has a FULL SIZE OVEN which is something I havent had for the last 8 or so years. Its also right beside the little farmers market which is open on saturdays in the summer. Im getting crazy depressed with winter right now so Im just eating a lot of pineapple and  fantasizing about summer bbq’s and beers and vegetables and sunshine instead of squeezing my brain up with angry winter thoughts. Bahhhhhhhh… Ill take some more pics of the new digs! ALSO I WILL HAVE CELL RECEPTION SO MOM I WILL CALL YOU.






Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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