Tap Dat Thang


This morning I woke up to a beautiful, sunny day off. And, I woke up late. Real late. Pretty sure I slept for 13 hours…

Last night CB and I came home and made a big fat sloppy ol’ pizza and watched DAREDEVIL. MY NEW FAVOURITE SHOW! Oh I love his mad ninja moves. And Foggy is great, and I wish Rosario Dawson was my best friend, and that blind guy has an amazing butt for a dude. Seriously, check it out, at least to have a lookus at his tookus.

Im really sorry for that.

Anyway, I made enough dough for 2 pizzas but got greedy and thought Id try my hand at deep dish. It was a big old cheesy mess. It was more like a pizza layered casserole. Fucking glorious. Covered in bacon and roast chicken, onions, green olives, red peppers, mozzerella, cheddar & romano cheese. Yesssssss.. It was a beautiful monster.

You are what you eat though, and I woke up feeling like a greasy sloppy mess as well. Its been so nice to be able to have 20 minute long hot showers, instead of 4 1/2 minute hot showers, that ends with a freezing cold slap in the tits. I told CB to stop doing that. HA IM KIDDING I mean cause of the immediate switch to super cold water.

OH! I forgot, this was about how I tapped a tree this morning.


I used these weird things. A spile and a spile driver! I got to use a drill! POWER TOOLS!


It felt a bit weird drilling into hardwood while it’s decapitated friends watched….

I didn’t paint those on there by the way, just found them like that.. super weird. Devil worship kinda stuff probably.


It’s got a hook for a bucket!


Check it out! I got one of those! Its from salt beef, so my syrup will have hints of salty bovine, making it extra special.


Tippity tappity.




So my bucket may be a bit overkill. Its a bit windy here. But! Give me a problem, I will solve it. DUCT TAPE !

Ahhh majestic..

So there’s two trees that make nice syrup; maple, and birch. After seeing these pictures, I realize that I have most likely tapped an Alder. An alder, who’s syrup is described as “horrendously bitter, having a strong laxative effect, possibly poisonous.”

I’ll let you know how this goes.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

2 thoughts on “Tap Dat Thang”

    1. Yeah I’m now pretty sure it is alder haha. I’ll go find an actual birch this afternoon… Probably could sell it but I think its gonna be a very very small bottle of syrup…

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