Stumbling Round The House


Heads up, this is going to be a VERY photo heavy post. Dad, it’s your fault. You asked for pictures.

Around 3pm the quality of light gets really nice in this new house of ours, so I wandered around taking some pictures. We have almost moved in, but the office and bedroom are still pretty much disaster zones. I like the weird little still lifes that happen when youre not paying attention to where you plunk stuff down. The corners and flat surfaces that collect everyday stuff like little tidal pools. The mismatched patterns of blankets and old furniture that makes this whole place feel like a quilt. The colour schemes that pop up.. I didnt know i owned so many red things!


This is our kitchen. The paint is a kind of snot green, that is slowly growing on me. The cupboards are old and have years worth of floral print sticky paper barely holding on to the wood for dear life. The counter top is a faux marble in a kind of 70’s olive green that I think is very nice. I’m trying not to stain it too badly with all our various curry dishes lately. But it kind of looks like a kid went nutty with a yellow highlighter in spots.




We found this couch and chair in the basement. They were pretty neglected, but after some tough love and scrubbing with some upholstery cleaner you’d hardly know there are like 10000 years old! That armchair is secretly a very violent rocking chair. It rocks.


Something about this house lends itself to doing the dishes easier. I keep a dishtowel handing on the counter over the edge of the sink to keep my tum from getting wet. I think its the fact our hot water is REALLY hot and lasts long enough to do all the dishes. So they dont take literally all day, in 10 minute bursts. Oh the luxuries! We are movin up in the world! Look at that sparkle shine, baby!


I know I’ve taken like like 2390127021 pictures of these chairs, I just love them so much. Ox Blood. Yeah!


Some postcards and magnets from our friends. Our friend Imma likes to send us nudey postcards from wherever it is she happens to be in the world. We move a lot, so I like to think the tenants that move in after us get bums in the mail. Ha! Haha!


A FULL size oven, one of the first of my adult life. So nice!


My brown betty, posing seductively by a cabbage that I have been neglecting for a whole week. I have grand plans for sauerkraut that keep being put off in favour of either going to work or watching Daredevil.


Sunshine means time for a SHANDY! Dont you judge me, the tasty soft brown of newcastle mixed with cheap lemon pop is amazing.


Oh yeaaaah summertime in a pint glass.


My small collection of objects. An articulated skull I got CB in NYC. A little ruby tea cup my brother gave me as a present. I use it to keep the first snowball of the year in the freezer until spring comes, but I forgot this year. Inside is a sea urchin, that still has managed to keep most of it’s spikes on by some miracle. Then there’s my Strawberry Angel Man from NZ, strumming a tune to his little clay hepcat cat friend. And some lego figures from Walmart in Gander. It’s a little bag with a surprise lego man in it! Do you know how impossible that is to resist! Damn you, lego! Anyway we got some kind of like space warrior, and a king, I have lost my x-ray technician somewhere…


Floral prints and lace.. not my fav.. somehow growing on me here. Its like a cozy grandmas house.


A grandma who likes her hot toddies. I think this is the first time since moving to this island I have bought fresh tomatoes. They were just so red and alluring.. had to have.


A plant I found in our last house and nurtured back to live, now has a roomate– I had to replant the hyacinth CB got me as a housewarming present. I came home from a particularly frustrating day at work to a clean house, a cute pompom plant and chocolate bars, ice cream, and a set of 8 beer glasses I had asked to have for my next birthday. Each one for a different kind of beer! So awesome. Thats a $1.00 mug I got that has pitcher plant doodles on it– the symbol of Newfoundland. I thought it was so pretty. Pretty enough to hold my pens!


A-Hoy O-Boy! I have a hard time understanding that some people just look like that.. whaaat. If that was me modelling that bikini it would look like Foggy from Daredevil with bigger boobs..


Lets all hang out with a giant dog man and start some fires!


Wool socks and video games is CB’s favourite past time.


Mom Im using your diasy blanet as curtains so our neighbors dont see our post work pants off Dorito time. Sorry! I wonder if Doritos would officially be our sponsor in that.. seems like something they would do.. way better business decision than KETCHUP DORITOS. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING, YOU DAMN BASTARDS?!


Cool blankets!


CB just called me a nerd for writing a blog… Blogs are cool now, right? This is my new shower curtain, which I have paired with translucent firey orange gem like hooks, because **interior design**


This is an underpainting I hung on the wall as if its finished. Its very modern and fresh. Until I paint a naked lady with a sword on it… this is the hallway.. kinda boring.. butter yellow.. BUT!


LOOK UP! It has a cool trap door folding staircase thing up to the attic like in Home Alone! One of the first things we did here is CB had me crawl up there by myself because he thought the staircase looked like a death trap. Theres all KINDS of cool stuff up there! A monopoly game from 1972, some sweeeeeeeet pick up truck magazines from the 70s, lots of doll clothes.. and some spiders.. a moldy pair of cowboy boots… okay looking back on it now it was cooler at the time because its like treasure.


My soon to be “office” is flourescent pink….. Im not keeping it like that.. nuh uh..


Hoola hoop, YAY!!


Wonky bookcase full of our best stuff! Im sure it wont fall down and break everything we love and hold dear!


My hobbies section… cookbooks, ink, a can of red play-doh and a sea shell. About sums it up.


MY SWEET MOTORCYCLE GEAR !!! Glow in the dark eyeball monster helmet, douchebag shades (I think they were actually for a child but they are sweet), pink leather armoured gloves annnnd..


My awesome new flourescent green jacket. Yes I realized my fashion style leans more towards that of a 14 year old boy than it does a 30 year old lady but pfffffffffftttt its so cool


A self portait of me, sleeping with the fishes. Dreaming out dandelions and baby chickens on a comfy pillow.



Someday Ill take a picture of our bedroom.. its lilac.. and our spare room! But not today folks, not today. Now move along, nothing to see here, vamoos


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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