Polka Dot Rocks


Sooooo ittttssss snoooooooowing right now… I might jump in the ocean. WHAT IS HAPPENING! WHY WONT IT STOP!

Whatever. It’s cool. I’m fine with it. I love it actually! WOO NEVER ENDING WINTER! YEAH! Id be happy to never have sunshine hit my bare arms again. Eat ice creams in the sunshine. Let the warm spring rain gently fall on my grinning, spinning face, as I spin, and spin, in the glory of the season of the sun………


I can hear CB’s motorcycle crying in the drive way right now. Snowflakes hissing to death on its hot tail pipe.. so sad…

Anyway here is some pictures I took a few days ago, when it seemed like sprung had spring!


I found these cool moss balls that look 100% accurately like sea urchins. Amazing! Polka dot rocks!


We got the BBQ going and CB bbq’d literally every meat product in our fridge. And some pineapple. Like 4 days worth of groceries went on the grill. And we totally ate it all. Look at that beautiful weiner pyramid. Thats art.


PUSSY WILLOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Paint! I painted. Which is rare, and fun. I just started a couple of paintings to slowly work on. Now I have 3. This one has a naked man riding a caribou pointing at a creepy burning wicker man in the distance while a skeleton has a bath in a pond beneath his feet. Dont read into it too much, it will make you feel weird. I mean right now its just a bunch of lines vaguely outlining some creepy shapes, but soon it will have like.. colours and stuff. Also I need to google a picture of a caribou because I dont think that is what one looks like. Originally it was a mouse with giant teeth and long, skinny legs. ART. I’m super good at at. Tadaaaa


Look Im even using a drop cloth like a responsible adult!


Hey bud-dy. HA. Cause of buds.


I cant wait until its properly spring and we can take this shit to the streets. Shooting eachother in the woods! ROMANCE!


Some pretty kind of mossy licheny stuff. Its soft and green.




Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

5 thoughts on “Polka Dot Rocks”

    1. lololol oh my god I forgot about that part! That was the only good part of the whole movie!! The original wickerman is stone cold terrifying though. 70s hippies are my deepest fear.

      1. Oh. Man. Thanks. I’m going to put these gif somewhere special and watch it for happiness whenever necessary. Oh Nick Cage, you are such an action hero.

        Definitely watch the original! It has 70’s boobies, creepy folk songs, and Cristopher Lee being the BOSS. I love it

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