Motorcycle Diarrheas




Ah man, I was thinking I need to write a blog because its been a while but I dont really know what to ramble about. The weather perchance? Its nicer than its been in what feels like ETERNITY. Its gorgeous out! We has been very very very busy at work. My desserts are looking sexual because I am starting to be able to use things that are growing out of the ground for real, which is nice. Yarrow, coltsfoot, dandelion.. I have been stuck teasing the sweetness out of root vegetables for too long, dressing them up fancy, slapping on some lipstick and calling them Sally. Beet sorbet is nice, but my kingdom for a fucking strawberry! Yeah mostly my lifes been about work. We tried to go fishing last days off.. it lasted about 0.00785 seconds. We will give’r another go later on, because Im dying to use this lure that looks like a cool frog!




OH! We bought a new bed. That doesnt sound exciting, but it took us a year to save up and we havent had a good nights sleep since moving back to Canada. Im in it right now, it is soooooffftttt. Its probably the most comfortable bed Ive ever farted all night in. AND, I have yet to get chocolate or cracker crumbs in it, so kudos to me. OH! OH! And my cousin is getting married this week. Im kinda fucked up about not being able to go. Im missing out on my fam all dressed up all fancy and shit, getting drunk while my Uncle Dave chases everyone around trying to get them to dance. CONGRATS COUS-O! I will send you a very elegant, inappropriate card  and gift at some point.




Oh these pictures took a creepy turn. I went down into the basement to switch over the laundry and thought Id take a picture of CB’s cool motorcycle hangout. I found a spider tickling a fly while it rolled around in its web! Unlikely friends!




Found this strange golden lightbulb and screwed it into a socket. Pretty. Like the worlds saddest disco ball…





This is where our dump motorcycle lives. We have dubbed it The Crasher, because its going to maybe be my first bike and thats what Im mostly going to be doing with it. Crashing into various things. Trees, mail boxes, your mum. Anyway I thought his set up looked super cool with all the bare bulbs and dishevelled pink bat insulation all over the place. Kind of a Buffalo Bill vibe to it. 

So yeah, that’s it really.. work work.. eating an ice cream almost every day. Excited about fruit. Eating a lot of hotdogs… not much else to report in on.. going to squish my bod into this new bed now and have some cool dreams. Last night I dreamt I won a radio show contest and they shrunk me and about 100 other people down very small and make us fight Hungry Games style to the death in an abandoned subway line. I made a bow and arrow out of a stick and a rubber band with flaming matchstick arrows– well actually i only had one but I used it at a pivotal moment, winning the contest! A contest within a contest! Also I was dressed like robin hood and was super good at climbing up ropes. Like a super power.

Alright thats enough now, enough of that. Goodnight






Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

One thought on “Motorcycle Diarrheas”

  1. Congrats on the new bed!
    That is the most underrated pleasure out there so big big kudos to you guys!
    And the pic of the sad disco light is incredible.
    It was either really dim or you have fantastic camera skillz

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