Happy Canada Day, ya hosers!



It’s me! Remember? I have neglected this blog so badly, because it’s summer, and I have officially started living at my place of work. It’s been a bit much I think, I was feeling worn down by the grind. So we spent these days off together really trying to have a great, relaxing week end. Celebrated canada’s birthday by eating as much ice cream as possible and riding around on the motorcycle in the sunshine. Its making me feel more human. Not so much like KILLKILLKILL. Ya know?


Growlers, the ice cream place on the island was open, had a BUBBLE MACHINE blowing bubbles all over. And they had maple ice cream. I had chocolate & molasses raisin bread flavours in a waffle cone. CB had blueberry and chocolate. It was.. in..cred..ible….

We headed to the arena for the Canada Day festivities!


We found out that its all happening outside, ha.


Kids spazzing out at the shindig. There was TWO different kinds of bouncy castle. I ate a cupcake and a hotdog. I put a flag in my pony tail and tried to put maple leaf temporary tattoos on my cheeks but licking them did no good.


Awesome cute ladies serving the hoards of citizens. I love her apron made out of a quilt. Beautiful!



Off to lunch!

Fish and chips and beer and stinky malt vinegar and gravy on everything. YAY CANADA!



We took a ride out to Tilting and went up a rocky dirt road to Olivers Cove that we have always wanted to take a run up. So beautiful! It was a perfect day for random adventures.


CB’s motorcycle thinking deep thoughts while staring at the sea….


Little creek. 

So much seaweed! 

Gardening gloves on one pole, a pair of flippers on the other. I like how these folks garden. 




Little pools of sea water dry up and leave salty patches on the rocks.


Checking out the gardens. I see lots of potatoes and rhubarb.

This is as far as we got due to an overwhelming desire for a nap. Next time we will go out to those trees and have a peek for some caribous. And now, Im full of fish & chips and ice cream and hot dogs and cupcakes and beer and sunshine so my day was pretty much perfect. Good night!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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