Octo.. burrr.. gerrrrr…


Well hello my dumplings. Oh me? Just relaxing, sipping on some orange pop and crown royal like a professional criminal, just having a real good time. I thought Id write a blog because its been a while.


Its nearing the end of October, my favourite month. This month SO MUCH has happened! First my baby brother and baby sister are now officially both old wrinkly crypt keepers who are basically just dust held together with phlegm. Happy B-days to them! (B-Bot I did buy you a present but I haven’t mailed it out yet, so in case you’re thinking I love K-Dawg more, you’re correct. But I’m still supposed to love you too so I will send that out on my day off on wednesday!!)

Oh yeah, and I kind of got a MOTORCYCLE. And I am all like:



Ta-dawwwwww. Oh lawd. Yes. Look at that sexy piece of German engineering right there. Das ist gut, ja? Das ist sehr gut, ja!!

It is a 1978 BMW R100/7. It is smallish just right for me, but with a 1000cc engine it moooves and it sounds like its gonna eat you when you get’er going. It sounds serious, and it pulls like a horse when you start off. SO. MUCH. FUN. I havent been out on her yet because the weather has been cold and snowy off and on. CB is my hero forever for this bike. We drove to Gander, where he got on a plane to Halifax, picked up the bike and rode it to sydney, said hello to his Nan and then onto the ferry from Cape Breton to Port au Basque NL, got a boost from some truckers on the ferry when the battery went dead, and drove all the way home. Over 1000 kilometres. In the cold. In rain, and hail, and snow. Fueled by balogne sandwiches and sheer will. That is romance. That is real life romance. Be still, my fart.


There she is in the drive way, being gently covered in snowflakes. How beautiful. I like everything about this bike and I cant wait to get riding finally. Last week I ducked out of work and took my text for my motorcycle beginners licence and passed, which was great. Its so damn much fun. Im so addicted.


This was us trying to put it away once it started snowing. Cory was all like “awesome, the bars fit perfectly through— aw shit. Right, the engine.” We are 2 mm’s away from being able to put it safely away in the basement, so she is still sitting out there in 2 motorcycle covers, and I feel guilty.

IMG_2049_2This is a picture from an event we had at work on Thanksgiving. Thats Chef Lynn Crawford lovingly sprinkling sponge toffee over my apple fritters for the dessert course. I think maybe half of it actually made it passed her and onto the dessert. Toffee, fiend. That event was amazing, and I felt so proud to be a part of it!


Today at work the local Cubs are coming in for a spooky halloween movie, and a costume contest, so we made some treats. I love making halloween treats. Those are rice krispie treat pumpkins

CSQB6SoUAAEnqclSpoO0O0OKy zombie eyeballs made of lemon cookies and gummi life savers


Severed witches fingers, and a few toes for good measure


Some little chocolate dipped Frankenstein monster heads


And some snowball bats, a big witch’s cauldron full of caramel corn, and a vat of blood punch with floating ice cube hands in it. YAY! HALLOWEEN!!

Thats about all thats been happening. I kept my promise of treating myself better. I have been better about being in touch with my Fams. I spent a whole day in Gander getting my hair did, and buying make up, and eating frozen yoghurt and cheese burgers and pizza and being nice to myself. I have been at work less. I have beeeeeennnn.. oh Ive been washing my hair with beer and eggs for about a month which is doing a lovely job! On my skin I use coconut oil and vitamin E and it feels nice and smooth. I dunno, Ive been doing better with myself. Its a slow process, but Ill get there. One day Ill be Good.

Oh! My blogs been a bit butts lately so I havent had much traffic but these are the best Random Search Terms From Freaky Ass Strangers for this month:

humpling tabel

squashball squeezing


two old ladies talking

waffles baking girl illusions

I dont know why but “humpling tabel” made me laugh so much. What is that even supposed to be. And also thats way too many w’s for a website, also everything else is wrong. All the other search terms seemed to centre around different combinations of dogs and small girls which makes me a) reconsider the content of my blog because I am going seriously wrong somewhere and b) maybe have the FBI make a list of these people, using my blog for bait…. creepy…

Thats all y’alls, BYE NOW.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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