Hoot Toody


Hello my spicy sweet pfeffernüsseses!

Its about 3:45 on a Sunday in November. Meh. Something about the absolute averageness of the date and time, its lack of significance and permanence, reminded me about my blog. And thusly, therein, hence thereupon, I felt compelled to write some shit on the internet. Rarely a good idea.. but lets see how it goes.

Let’s seee… work was below average.. uneventful.. did lots of cleaning which feels nice.. sparkly cleeeeean. Made some nice muffins with stuff. We separate our muffin mix into wet and dry components so that the next day we just add the wet to the dry and bingo bango–!!time saver!!. But today I labelled them “Dry Muff” and “Wet Muff” because I was being lazy and then noticed the containers in the fridge sometime later and nearly dry heaved. Had to relabel them.. so unintentionally nasty. So you’re welcome, Nicole, you don’t have to deal with wet and dry muffs tomorrow at 4am.

Buttercream can also be lazily shorthanded down to “butt cream.” Thats just good old fashioned fun though. Hilarious. Every. Single. Time. Hilarious.

Had some leftover chicken curry for dinner. Curry just sits and gets ever more delicious, spices getting all mingled and tasty taste happens. The magic of flavour… the flavour of magic: mint chocolate chip.

Im now sipping on a cup of tea that is equal parts water and whiskey, with a splash of milk for them healthy bones. I’m being concientious towards my future, brittle, old lady self! You’re welcome, me, reading this in 2085. Congrats on not dying yet, you old bag! Must be the pure spite keeping you going, eh! Maybe I should be nice and make the font size larger for my future self.. no thats dumb.

Also, I’m really happy to be inside in our warm house and not out in.. THE COLD NOVEMBER RAIN


Okay just one more!!

Slash is/was so epic. Damn. Damn it. So powerful.

Anyway.. I dunno.. I’d write a bit about whats going on in the world but thats not as interesting as hearing about my tea and curry situation. Its weird, I always forget about evil. Just minding my own business, farting and eating ice cream and then BAM. Evil happens. Its so shocking. Should knock it off really.. enough with all that. Lets shift focus from killing each other to instead, lets say, dessert. Let us sublimate our inner monsters, by baking cookies. Make cake, not war? Its way better then the murder of innocents. Bahhh…

Anyway look at this picture:


The sun shine yesterday morning glowing through the lace curtains to make a yellow pattern on the wall was beautiful in juxtaposition to our fugly floral pink chair. Its like.. society…. Ya know? ART.

Yeah I knew this blog post wasnt going to go well. Im too full of curry farts and Jameson to be able to concentrate fully. CB and I have been clearing house getting ready for the move. We can only take what will fit in the back seat and trunk of our Buick, so we are having to be choosey. Its really nice to go through every object we own and think “Do I love this?” “Do I need this” “what the fuck is this..?” “what did this used to be, and what made it this way!?”.. etc.. and only take a few precious things. The only sadness is in dealing with the books.. even living like a nomad, I seem to collect too many books. Oh well, it will be good to give them away to people. Unleash my predilections for weird science fiction/horror upon the unsuspecting island. Lol, soz.

Ugghhhhhhh yeah.. Im bored of this, going to go so something else. CB has been sitting in uninterrupted silence for nearly an hour now so that needs to be remedied. Perhaps I shall shoot him in the face with a Nerf bullet. No. Ill make some cookies.

It took me an hour to write this. I need to go back to school. My brain, is no worky.

Goodnight my dearest loves. I love you so much. I love you like Axel Rose loved that ill-fated super model.



Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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