So Fresh and So Clean, Clean


Happy New Year, buddies!

Check out the new digs! Do you like it? Was getting a bit bored with the old look, thought I may as well spruce things up a bit. It feels like I just got a cool new hair cut 0r something, I feel so refreshed. Let me know if it looks stupid though ok? The blog, not my hair… let’s not talk about my hair…

Right now I’m at home with my family in the frigid frozen North of Elliot Lake, Ontario. The sun goes down before 5, the snow is up the knee height at the moment, and its cold enough to freeze the boogers in your head into pale green icicles in the time it takes to scrape the ice off the car. Despite all that winter wonderblargh, it’s nice to be home. We have been doing nothing but hanging out, playing nerdy board games, watching movies (mostly those about Indian Jones and his exploits)..


This is one of many nerd games we played… Settlers of Catan? Wasnt crazy about it..

Oh, and also there was some eating going on…


Look at that spread. How gorgeous can that be! My gram came up for Christmas, and my cousin just finished from Chef school cooked a monster turkey.. wow it was good. He stuffed underneath the skin with about 4 pounds of bacon it seemed like, to insulate it and also because.. delicious. Unnnngghhhhh.. scotch eggs and stuffing, roasted carrots, garlic mashed potatoes, broccoli salad, some orange jello based salad, a squash salad with pecans, gravy, cranberry sauce,  and I made some softy fresh buns.


Be still my slowly beating bacon stuffed heart…

For dessert I made my dads favourite custard pie with strawberries, lemon meringue pie for my cousin Matt, a cheesecake with raspberries on top, and a flourless chocolate cake for my sister, piled high with mascarpone and covered in sparkling red pomegranate seeds. I may have overdone it a wee bit.. oh well!


A quick shot of a section of my family’s wee christmas tree. The pickle I got for my mom a million years ago, my favourite mother of pearl dove, and a little clay drummer boy my mom made. Ornaments that we have been making or collecting my whole life, always makes my heart feel toasty to see them on the tree.

More nerd games! This one is called Agricola, its another farming/settler centric game but I am super addicted to it now. I won the last game! WAHAHA! My brother has an awesome collection of board games, and he is creating a monster.


This is my little set up in the corner, making mini Jamacian patties for new years eve! So spicy nice! They were delicious. I also made a batch of puff pastry and with some advice from my gram made some pretty damn delicious sausage rolls.


Mmmmm…. sausagey….


My brother and I walked down to the deli in town one day before the snow came in, and had one of the best butter tarts ever in the world. Not including my grams, which are the untouchable platonic ideal of a butter tart. So if you’re ever in Elliot Lake, ON for some reason, stop and grab a $1 butter tart at the deli!


I’ve also been reading voraciously. Ive finished about 5 books in the last couple of weeks. I’m addicted to the Outlander series, and even though initially resentful because I felt I had been tricked by the time travel aspect into reading what slowly revealed itself to me to be a romance novel, I am now addicted. Don’t you dare judge me! Strong female protagonist, time travel, pirates, witches, kilts.. what more could you want.

Okay Ive been fucking around with this new blog layout for so long my butt is started to meld on a molecular level to this armchair. Im going off in search of dinner.

Sorry it’s been so long. This years 12761201293865th resolution is to.. blog more. And so it is written, so shall it be done.. damn it!





Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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