Catch Ya on the Flip Flop

Hi there, hi there, honk there!

Im back home in CB with CB! Its been about 3 days and Im just now starting to get over my jet lag. It wasn’t that far to fly I am just a weiner at airplanes. I puff up like a blowfish and then have to sleep for 2 straight days when I get home. For someone who loves travelling, I am really poor at it. Blegh.


It was worth all the puffy ankles, and turbulence though. I have rarely been so lucky in my life to have both money and time line up properly so I can visit my family during the holidays. Making my profession as a baker, holidays are kind of like maybe sorta literally my bread and butter. HAW! Not only that, but my siblings time lined up too and all of us were at home up north, slacking, snackin, maximum relaxin’, eating my parents out of house and home. It was a really, really great visit. We even kidnapped my gram on the way up– well, she decided to come visit at the last minute pretty much while we were driving by her house on the way home from the airport. So it was a travelling Lackie family van fun time jamboree!

We played every game. Every single game. A million games. Mostly games involving farms, settlers, zombies, murders, haunted houses…


This is us playing a zombie centric game, Last Night on Earth, with pop and snacks. My mom and I were the zombie team and we SLAUGHTERED those hapless humans wahaha! I also slaughtered, those there gummy bears. Ruthless.


This picture will be meaningless to you, but just trust me when I say.. this is a work of mastery. I am the MASTER of land and beast! SUCK IT, MOM!


This is a picture I took while making gluten free tiramisu for dessert one night. One hand on a whirring blender and one hand on my cell phone. It is an ill advised photographic technique. Look at those cutie poot lady fingers though!

Not to got too braggy, but we probably had all of my favourite dinners while I was home and you should be very jealous. My most favourite is my mom’s amazing chicken fricasse with rice & capers. We also had roast pork loin with apple sauce, buttery green beans and garlic mashed potatoes, pad thai another night, then rainbow trout with mashed turnip and carrots, PIZZA, and my dad made this huge steak dinner with baked potatoes and corn and caesar salad. Daaa-yum. Some good ol classic family eats. UGhmmm


This is back at CB’s nans house in Gabarus. Now that Im home we have been sleeping in late, and spending all morning making and eating breakfast. Making breakfast with CB is one of my favourite things in life, and Im savouring this time like it’s the last french fry in the box.


Sunshine streaming down over the stairs.


This is our little room upstairs. Theres books and socks everywhere right now, bit its very cozy. We set up the tv and playstation and we can lay in bed watching Netflix at night. I can lay in bed reading and looking up every so often to see what CB is up to on Fall Out. Right now Im typing this while CB is watching Ash vs Evil Dead. Which is perfect and hilarious.


This is Joan’s house behind us. She doesnt live there right now. It has no heat or running water, but she is there most of the year. So cool. One day when shes around Im going to bring her some cookies so she will show me around inside.


This is some lunch I made, radicchio salad and baked haddock and beer *fancy feast*


Today we went into Louisbourg to hang out with CB’s cousin Breton. She was an amazing trooper to show us around the town, seein’ the sites, all the while being possibly the most hungover person Ive ever met. We paused only briefly by the ocean so she could hop out and have a wee puke out by the rocks, but then she was good to go. Then we had poutine and cheeseburgers. What a warrior woman!!

We met her husbands super nice family who run the general store in Louisbourgh, Bob and Linda. And they own that chip wagon up there! I can’t wait until summer and this place gets rocking. Louisbourg is a really interesting place, and one day CB will go and spend the day doing touristy stuff there– going to the Fortress, having a lobster dinner, going on the go carts– and take some pictures so you can have a look. Breton told us about this hotel that does a “Beggars Banquet” where you dress up in old timey clothes and eat lobster and theres music and.. a lady dressed as a whore who sits on your lap…? I was in an out of this story because I was just thinking about what I could wear to that. It sounds FUN! CB is not as interested…

Alright Im tired now, promise to blog more. Its my bday in a couple days and we are going to do FUN STUFF so ill put up some pictures of that. Goodnight!




Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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