Pocket Rocks


It’s all shades of grey outside today. Air is thick with the mulchy smell of mossy lawn uncovered by the thaw. Black spruce slough off what’s left of the heavy snow from slumping branches. Landing with pops and crackles on wet peat beneath. Standing still & breathing slow, the sound reminds me of a bowl of Rice Krispies & milk. Smack, spackle, plop. Stink of fish & diapers wafting in at low tide. Crows zigzag to and fro over the yard, checking for offerings from last nights dinner. It’s a no go, crow, sorry, dude. No such things as leftovers on Pizza Night!


I’ve been sitting on the couch for a few hours reading the internet. I feel like the weather. Heavy, stinky wet butts and sad crows wanting lasagna reflect my inner self completely. I laid in bed so late into the morning, half watching CB play a Marvel game on his tablet half staring at the ceiling. “What are you thinking about, Peanut?” In my head I had been designing an elaborate costume for myself to wear, in the shape of a pizza slice, but with customizable toppings made of silk and satin. Cheese of soft brushed out Angora wool dyed mozzarella-yellow with red crinoline tomato sauce underneath. Khaki button mushrooms with gills embroidered in brown silk ribbon, patent leather onions, velveteen green peppers and corduroy pepperoni. Tiny super glam gold lamé anchovies sparkling with silver sequins wrapped in black fishnet.. flannel olives..stuffed with.. polyester pimento…. ?… drifting in and out of dream state while I pieced together my beautiful pizza ball gown.. I dreamt last night kids from my public school opened a pizza joint in our old school and I was taste testing their products. I think I have a pizza fever. Eyes open now I reach over and grab the last slice. It’s been waiting patiently on my dresser all night for me to finish it off. The crust is cold and too chewy, but the cheese is still nice for me to bite. Yum. i love pizza. I love pizza. I Love Pizza. L.O.V.E.P.I.Z.Z.A


Yesterday CB an I went to look at a house thats for sale. We drove for a couple hours to see it. An old farm house with a barn, used to have horses. It smelled like creek water and was covered in dead flies. I think they were keeping an animal in the laundry room. Nice enough really, just too far away. We drove home dreaming of nicer places, and stopped for pizza. We watched X-Files and ate the pizza, and after, the best ice cream sandwiches ever on the planet. CB says, we are the age now that Mulder and Scully were when we watched it as kids. Mind blown. I love Mulder & Scully. M.U.L.D.E.R.&.S.C.U.L.L.Y


CB looks over and laughs at the look of me. He’s playing Fallout, and Im on the other bed sitting on top of the clean laundry. My outfit today consists of my flannel onesie, teal green with white stars, Arlene got me for christmas. Floral slippers, CB’s black sweater and he fashioned me a hooded cape out of a flannel blanket. There’s rocks in the pocket of CB’s sweater. I smell badly of old rotten armpits but I don’t plan on changing out of this today. Its comfy. Blogging Babushka, becoming one with the laundry. We don’t have jobs but we have been so busy, today we are taking a day off.


I haven’t written a blog in a while. We have been busy adventuring, and driving around, looking at stuff, dreaming and thinking and planning. Cooking. Eating. I feel the stress leaving my blood. We are going to start going to the YMCA, to the gym. There’s a pool there and I bought a cheap bathing suit. Im so excited to swim!!

Anyway.. I’m going to go drink some pop and read for a while. I have been reading so much! I’ve got that nerd enertia that comes after I read for a while. You know where you cant stop reading? You just read and read and read… Its nice. Okay, BYE! I’ll blog again soon because I have lots of pictures of foods we have been eating that I want to show you.




Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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