Knick Knack, Patty Whack


I love creeping around the houses we live in and taking pictures of the little still lifes that happen when no one is paying attention.

They are not very exciting.

But looking back to older posts like these, they serve themselves up to me like tasty slices of our life at a moment in time. Some pictures of grass, crumpled blankets, clothespins, steamy mugs of tea etc.. aren’t very artistic or exhilarating to behold but when I look at them I smell the trailer we lived in during our first year in Newfoundland and remember the people in our lives then, and what we ate, and the things I thought were super beautiful on a random Tuesday afternoon.

When we get really busy with work and whatnot memories blur and I can’t seem to remember the little things. Aside from sharing pictures with my mom and grandma and now probably my other mudder Marlene (Hi Guys!!!) this blog is here selfishly too, so that even if time gets blurry I can go back and see what I was up to. ha. Mostly eating ice cream or taking pictures of my socks it seems. Oy veh.


This winter we live in CB’s nans house in Gabarus, Cape Breton. Most of the things in here are hers so Ill try not to be too snoopy. But I love all the little knickity-knackity things grandma’s accumulate. Half the time not even because they love them, but because they came from someone they love. The fridge is practically decoupaged with school photos of kids posing with cheesy self-conscious smiles and an ragtag assortment of babies in pink & blue. Asking CB’s nan about any one of them and she dismisses it. “I have no idea who the hell all these babies are, people just keep giving them to me!”


I think this angry ladybug is presenting a fading picture of the church here in Gabarus. The steeple is wrong though, so maybe its a different church.

**EDIT** CB informs me that when a church is deconsecrated they take away the steeple! Fun Trivia! So I guess thats the church.


A tiny photo looking like it was snipped off a string of snapshots from a photo booth of a pretty lady with killer bouffant hair. I wonder who she is? *noseynosey*


This handsome old chap with his wrinkly smile hangs in the kitchen by the front door, and we are in love. I am going to marry him, become his fishwife, and live blissfully ever after on a rusty old tugboat named S.S G. Willikers.


A band of wooden angels, playing silently on the window sill.


A sunny corner of the kitchen piled with various squashes, roots & fruits. Bananas destined to become banana bread..


Inside, crystals dangle in front of windows, throwing little rainbows. Outside, wind chimes hang stirring on the breeze, tinkling in a melancholy kinda way in between the harsh squawking of crows.


Sad wooden angel girl, contemplating life beside an upturned Jingle shell. We had scallops for dinner tonight! They were delicious.


Rows of hooks waiting for us to tie them.


Look how nice they are! My favourite colour, Obnoxious Green! And look at that flashy flash! So nice.


It was bitter cold out today but the sun oddly was bright and searing hot. After being out for a bit my eyes started to water from the intensity of the light. I made sure to let the sun on my face and hands to get the vitamin D going, fight off those winter SADs.


Quilt on the bed


Beautiful tin ceiling in our bedroom.


Books stacked up on the window ledges. That leather one my sister Kristy made for me, its soooooo looovellllyyy. Too beautiful to write in, so knowing that, it’s just a dust jacket and I can switch out the notebooks inside! She knew otherwise Id never write in it! Clever girl. Some Newfoundland baking books…,a Farley Mowat novel… a book on trees, shrubs & flowers, a baking book I bought at Laduree in NYC that is bound in pale green velvet with golden gilt edges. And a hunting book that CB’s Poppy owned. It has a chapter on how to hunt panthers and jaguars or something.. the 70s were a different time..


My squinty face in the antique mirror. My hair is the longest it has ever been! Thats CB’s Wild Berry Princess necklace, wearing my BMW motorcycle pin as a jaunty hat. I dont know where my matching Peppermint Butler is….


A judgemental looking teddy bear. How dare you judge me, bear.. how dare you


Little glass boat man.


And the end of the days sunshine. LOOK HOW BLUE!

Okay Im going to go feed my cats on Neka Atsume and see if I can’t catch Tubbs in the action. If you dont know what Im talking about, YOU HAVENT LIVED!!!!!!


PS does anyone know how to catch the rarer cats? I keep missing out on Conductor Whiskers….


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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