Blue Skies, Rabbit Pies

It’s a strange thing to post pictures so beautiful just as Big Blizzard #2 sets in. I took these yesterday, when I went out for a JOG. Me. Jogging. Yahhhging, if you will. Just out in the open! Like a G.D. jogger! It was both wild & also crazy. Jogging is hard, man. I went about a mile and then my jog turned into more of a saunter while listening to M.I.A and taking pictures of pretty things. I’m easing myself into fitness…….. …

Now it’s about 6:30 and I’m just rockin’ the evening away in a rocking chair in the kitchen like a country style gangster. Having a cup of tea, munchin’ on some blackburries. CB is over there boiling up some rabbits because he’s finally snapped and gone Glenn Close level psycho. Naw, he is just trying his hand at rabbit pie. CB’s nan Marie has been spoiling us with rabbit & partridge pies. I think she has made a couple of dozen since we moved here. They are amazing. AMAZING! Bunnies = delicious (Sorry Genie, if you’re reading this, Id never think of such a thing with Tofu!)


This was CB’s breakfast the other morning. Slices of slab bacon, eggs, an a piece of rabbit pie. Ready to take on the entire world after a breakfast like that. I had oatmeal. Because now I JOG, and eat oatmeal. Ugh. What have I become, my sweetest friends?


This is a picture of the ice melting over a little stream by the road. It looked like beer and there was a whole bunch of greeny plants under the surface. It was beautiful.


Yesterday while it was nice we took the opportunity to burn all of our paper garbage. I think we can recycle it, but this way involves 100% more fire so obviously this is the route we chose to take with our paper recycling needs. CB put me on Stick Duty. He feeds stuff to the fiery barrel, and I use a long stick to push anything back in that wants to fly out.


I immediately wandered off, abandoning my post as Fire Poker, and took pictures of these cool berries. They were sweet, mushy, cranberry like clusters of red on long stalks that were lain down under the snow. I have no idea what they are, and Google is no help, but Im not dead so I guess they are alright!


Oh! A little abandoned rosehip. Theres wild roses all over Cape Breton, and they seem especially prolific here in Gabarus. Whats not covered in moss and Angelica, is wild rose bushes. Its kinda nice, whatever. Romantic I guess.


Every so often my phone emails me and is like “Hey Kara, its me Google, I found a picture you took on your phone and I edited it for some reason!” it creeps me out every time because its only done it 3 times, seemingly at random. Anyway, this is Google “artistic” version of a picture of a blurry tree I took. Google must have gone to art school because it knows that making something black and white elevates it immediately to artsy fartsy status.

Anyway I better make some pie crusts or I’ll get in trouble. See ya later!




Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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