Snow Flamks

I took this picture yesterday during the blizzard. Laying in the snow looking up at the trees. We got about 30cm of snow here, some high winds, but the temperature was only about -1, making it kind of beautiful weather. So I put one two pairs of pants, tucking them into my socks to create an impenetrable barrier, threw on my winter gear and ran outside to play.

At first I just ran circles around the house. The snow was up to mid-thigh level in some places and showing bare grass in others. It was kind of like russian roulette, whether Id stomp down too hard or get stuck and fall over. The snow was too fluffy to make a sturdy enough base for me to push myself back up so I just kind of shimmied around on my tummy making sad noises until I got somewheres more shallow. Then I’d take off running in circles until I fell over again. It was exhausting! Now I know why I was always so hungry for dinner when we’d go out playing in the snow. Having fun is a lot of fucking work.


I ran past the living room window and peeked in, CB looked up and waved from the warm inside. Just across from the window is the clear spot in the yard where CB’s nan uses to back up the car out of the driveway. It’s bordered by towering black spruce trees with a little hobbit hole into the forest at the bottom. Not one to say no to a cool secret passage way and frankly getting tired of running in circles, I went on through.


Out around the house everywhere the wind howled and dumped down buckets of snow. Through the hobbit hole, there was a different world altogether. It was silent, and calm. No wind, and not much snow. Every so often a gust would shake the tops of the trees and Id get a snowball on my head. It was nice to just hang out there for a while.


One of my nicest memories of being a kid is playing out in the backyard on mild winter nights. This one memory was just after playing with my dog until he finally gave up and went in the house. I was laying on my back in the snow, spread eagle, looking at the few stars I could see. The thick blanket of snow dampened all the sounds of traffic and people, so it was so nice and quiet. Just my heart beat, the puffing of my breath, and the smell of my mom cooking ham and cheesy scalloped potatoes coming from the house. Thinking deep, ponderous, 12 year old thoughts about life and the universe and ham.

So I did that again. I lay in the snow, and looked up at the branches. I listened to the quiet creeking of the wood around me. I thought about being 12 years old again. I missed my dog. I craved ham. I worried that if I laid by myself in the forest too long a coy-wolf would come eat me thinking I was some kind of carrion. So I gave up and went in the house.

So the moral of this story is, if you are getting bored with your same-old same-old exercise routine, run out in the snow and roll around on your belly for a while. You will get totally sick abs. Just watch out for predators.


Kara Lala




Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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