We have a dog we have a dog we have a dog!

This is Sweet Pea!

Fun Sweet Pea Facts!

a) she is a little cutie

b) she is 13 years young

c) she likes snuggling, tummy rubs, daytime naps, going for long walks on the beach, pooping on the ground, weird smells, and kisses

d) her favourite foods are chicken nuggets and dog food

e) her least favourite things are being seperated from CB for any amount of time, car rides, and baby carrots

f) she can shake a paw with the best of ’em

So as you can see, she is pretty much the most awesome. We are fostering her from the SPCA until some test results come in for a lump in her doggy boobies, and when she is all clear we will adopt her!


The night before we went to pick her up, we drove over to the pet store and bought her a new collar with her name and our address, a softy cozy bed, and a nice leather leash. It was so hard not to buy approximately 12091871239hss80 dog treats and toys, but I think I did well.


This is Sweet Pea sleeping in her new bed on the first night at our house. Which is going to be a very rare picture because she vastly prefers to sleep in the bed directly on top of CB. Nay, she demands it. We have compromised with letting her sleep at the foot of the bed. So my only dismay is that our bed is going to smell like an old dog, and my life has 100% more dog poop in it. Small price to pay for being able to hang out with a dog all day though! And she is nice to have at the end of the bed, she is like a furry water bottle warming up my toes. It’s like that song says “happiness is a warm dog, yes it is.”

She had a really exciting first day with us, and she especially did not like the ride home. I’m starting to think she didnt get out much with her other family. They gave her up for adoption because they could no longer care for her. CB took her for a walk to the beach and she acted like she had never seen water before. He took a little video.

Does the water want to fight with her? Does she have to fight the water back? Yeah not very impressed.



And here is Sweet Pea, wrapped up in a pizza, having a snuggle.

Anyway, we are off to family Easter Dinner, so I better go hop in the shower and get the stank off me. Be prepared for a billion more pictures of Sweet Pea on my blog though, because I’m all about her right now.



Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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