Bog Tromp

Saturday. Rainy day. Its about 7 degrees, but just pissing down. Even the ducks are like “ew, gross, dude, like, quack, totally.” Yesterday it rained on us so hard on our drive home we thought we were being pranked. There must be some dastardly ne’er-do-well on the roof of the car hosing us down with a pressure washer. During the evening we sat at the kitchen table reading about nerd stuff and watching it rain horizontally. We didn’t have dinner because we were waiting for ribs to hurry up and finish becoming ribs in the oven. So we went to bed and came back down later to have…….



Bold, italic, underline. Exclamation mark. Fact: ribs at midnight just taste better. Probably because you’re fucking starving, but I think the novelty of eating such an impractical food so impractically late also adds to the flavour. We sat down with some pop, and two dish towels as napkins. Class. I made the rib-rub so spicy though, if you stopped eating for even a second your tongue burst into flame, so you just had to always be eating a rib. Problemo, solvidos.

OH! We bought a BBQ this week! Its so fucking awesome. YEAH YEAH YEAH! It was so, so, cold out out that day but I was so excited, I stopped at Master Meats and got a T-Bone, some sirloin steaks, some bone-in pork chops, and ribs and buns and A1 sauce and then raced home. CB ‘Q’d us up a feast. Now that I’m all old and my brain is getting soft like Jell-o, sometimes I do things in my life and I think “Oh, thats probably how my Dad felt doing this.” And I feel a deeper connection to my SUPER old parents. Ya know, like getting off work being excited to pick up some nice steaks for the BBQ for family dinner. Or when I have an especially hard day at work and stop by the convenience store on the way home for pop and chips and chocolate bars to bring home to eat while watching a terrible action movie. Always I have a near constant desire to buy fireworks, which I think is also from my Dad…

So anyway, our new purpose in life these days is tiring out Sweet Pea so she doesn’t eat our stuff and then shit it back out onto the kitchen floor. She’s temperamental like that. So she must be either walking, or exhausted from walking. Which means, we spend a lot of time lately out in the rain. I made the executive decision this morning to walk back into the woods on the property under the false assumption that the trees would offer us some coverage from the rain. I forgot that mostly the rain is on the ground… on our feet.. into our boots. Its okay though, it was a lot of fun! I had CB, CB had a big stick, and we had a dog. Life is great! Sweet Pea was in full-on dog mode, racing around, smelling smelly smells, peeing on stuff, splashing around in ponds, peeing on more stuff. It was great.


Here she is, being a wild huntress. Huntin’ some bog turtles for supper. Oh my god, do you think there might be turtles in there!? I never thought. Mental note: in the summer, go look for turtles in there.

So this is the woods behind our woods, its mostly just moss and marsh and boggy bits, rotten trees, that sort of thing. I did however finally stumble across something I have been keeping an eye out for: Labrador Tea! Like from Newfoundland! Up until now its all just been its poisonous twin brother, Bog Myrtle. But this was the real, fuzzy bottomed, deal. It was like coming across an old friend. So I’ll have to pick some!

(April, if you’re reading this, I’m meaning to send you some for tea!)


So pretty. Everything smelled like old wet wood and clean rain. So nice. I was diggin’ it.

There’s a little brook-ish kind of dealy on the very ass end of our yard. Its covered by 25 foot trees, and has an ancient broken down shed in a pile beside it. There’s a bunch of old garbage left here, from back in the day where you’d just chuck your old broken shit in the woods. There’s an old manual wash tub, evidence of an old wood cooking stove, and lots of cool old bottles. I took a few nice looking ones back in the house.I’ll clean out the moss and use them for decorating. MARTHA FUCKING STEWART STYLE.

Look at whats growing inside this old broken milk bottle! Its like a little natural terrarium. The plants get water through the broken hole in the bottom and the bottle acts as a little green house. CUTE.


Its about 2pm now, that time of day where Nap Feelings start to kick in, so I may just go partake. GOODBYE NOW!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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