Honk If You Love Honking


Twenty eighteen, ((HUMPK HUMPK)), wots up m8, am i rite? LOLZerpZ.

Sorry, Im trying to get back into the style of past blogger me, am I over doing it? It looks pretty accurate but also makes me very tired so Ill work back into it slowly.

So its nearly been a whole year since I last did a blog post! Did you miss me? Oh where did she go, oh no, WHA HAPPEN? To be honest there is no mysterious reasoning behind my radio silence, I just got one of those new fangled Instagram accounts the milleniums are always talking about. I make fun but my cousins informed me recently that I qualify for being a millenial, and now Im a 33 year old Wrinkle that makes me feel young and rebellious so Im leaning into it. All millenials, I am told, get to choose one traditionally successful industry they would like to help destroy.  So far its between Big Box Restaurants and Diamonds.

ANYWAY after that I sat down to write a blog and realized my mom had already seen all my pictures through my instagram so spending an hour writing a post about my farts and the different ways I had eaten cheese that week just compounded the otherwise already pointless void-talking of blogging. Sentence structure. And then I started a business with CB and everything– blogs, sleep, sanity, relaxation, hot meals, personal hygiene– all went out the window.

But I am 33 now, and its time to buckle down and get back to doing the important stuff in life, like talking about myself to strangers on the internet. Actually I have no time and rarely get the inklings to blog anymore but it feels so weird to stop. Ive been doing one for.. 12 years? Longer?? I cant remember. Its a betrayal to my own self to stop now. Even though I just write nonsense, once in a while I will go back and re-read that nonsense and though it rarely has any real information as to what was happening in my life it reminds me of the overall feeling of those past times. And old people need their hits of that good good drug that is nostalgia. Im lying, I do miss it. I miss posting pictures of cups of tea on the internet with rambling word diarrhoea. That has an o in it, really?? What. I feel like if anyone should remember how to spell diarrhea by now it should be me. Anyway so Im going to do that. But not like consistently or anything CALM DOWN, just whenever. No pressure.

I have enough pressure at work, my boss is a REAL BITCH.

Its me I am the boss. YAY.

More on that later.


Go away now.



PS I wanted to title this blog “HEY YOU FUCKERS” to get your attention but seeing it in pt 18 bold it looks a tad aggressive. You’re welcome


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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