Sunday Morning Market

The morning was cold and sunny and I woke up to CB prodding me unceremoniously out of bed at 6am. I’m pretty notoriously hard to get out of bed.. in fact most members of my family refuse to do it. I have a sleep secretary, who swears and throws dictionaries, ya know the usual “silly grumpy morning” kind of hijinx. Anyway, CB managed to do it because WE ARE GOING TO THE MARKET! Yay! I haven’t had a sunday off in a while so I’m very excited to get there and see what kind of first of the season summer veg is out! Really I had one thought in mind.. strawberries. Mmmm.. Due to the flourescent green stink rays radiating from my pits I decided to bathe. I literally froze my tits off when I got out of the shower. Do you know how hard it is to sweep up shattered shards of ice-booby off a linoleum floor that early in the morning?? A fair few minutes. Why is it so sunny, but so cold! Why! I quickly swept my freshly destanked body into my VERY best Iron Man t-shirt and ran upstairs to find this!

Meatballs, AND AN OMELETTE! Ahhhh!!!!!!! Look how how sexy and steamy. Oh mama. Goddamn. So, so sex.

So every time we go to the market, I forget the camera. This time I remembered but it was so ridiculously windy, I didnt pull it out. Even to immortalize a particularly nice veggie stand piled high with green snap peas and the most glorious cauliflowers I’ve ever seen. CB was literally mesmerized by the loveliness of the stand, and I had to drag him off in search of potatoes.

Here’s our haul:

– 2 bunches of green onions so fresh their little onion toes still had dirt on them

– 4 pints of insanely sexy smelling strawbs

– oranges from Kerikeri that taste better than an orange popsicle

– some rosy pink rose apples

– a small bunch of baby red bananas (30 cents!)

– gorgeous artichokes tinged with purple

– thin stalks of dark green asparagus waiting to be slathered in butter or blue cheese

– A big ol head of broccoli

– thai peppers

– garlic

– so fresh and beautiful oyster mushrooms

– baby zucchinis

– new potatoes, both small and big baking spuds

All of that, for just over $30. Amazing. And a big black cast iron dutch oven that CB haggled like a champion over and we walked away with it for $25. Not too shabby.

I stood at the counter, dipping strawberries in the sugar jar and making little noises until CB requested a bowl of them, covered in milk, like his cousin Jen made him when he was a kid.

We sat on the couch sharing a bowl of summer together. I watched a Tui hopping around in the wind like a lunatic, and then we had a nap until 2 in the afternoon. Then we went for a long drive, shared a pile of chips and pop for lunch and drove all the way to Kumeu for strawberry ice cream..

Now I’m sitting in the kitchen, writing this and watching the Simpsons while Cb cooks up some chicken breast and sautees those thin spears of asparagus and soft white oyster mushrooms in butter. Oh yeah.. nice day off.


Noodle Poodle

Grocery Day!

Oh I love this barmy farmy life!

I was out of bed at 6am, calling the fam while CB got a wee bit of a sleep in. It was nice to talk to my mom and sister, and talk to my dad about stars and solar panels. Je suis miss them. Then I realized I had accidentally locked the cat flap so the cat had flapped all over the floor instead. So.. bit of a clean up was required. And then by 7:45 we were out in the rain in our “gumboots” and rain slickers to feed the pigs. I stole all my food scraps home from work so they had all kinds of nice little bread heels, tomato bums and avocado shells to munch on. And then we gave the ducks their oatmeal and filled up their water bowl. They are looking pretty dirty lately, hopefully all this rain will rinse them off a bit, dirty little duckies. We let the poodle ladies out for a pee and then we were off to the Avondale sunday market!

On the way we grabbed a couple of cheap cheese and mince pies and a rum ball from the bakery, and two flat whites from a coffee truck, to sustain us on our market journey. Because it was pissing down, there was nobody there, and it was awesome! Usually Im squeezing my way through the crowd, body checking old Chinese ladies and its every man for themselves. It was nice to just meander, and see who had the best prices. We got all the veg in that picture up there, including 2 huge cabbages and a big $1 bag of apples for the pigs, for $16. Not bad.

And then we went to The Mad Butcher.. Oh my.. we nearly over did it. We got a huge, beautiful scotch fillet roast, a big old pork shoulder for pulled pork, 4 lovely steaks, and a pound of bacon. Mmmm mmmeat. So thats us sorted for the next couple of weeks, nice fresh stuff, on the cheap. Makes me so happy to have a fridge packed full of colours. Its a bit of a “thing” of mine actually, my obsession with fridges. My dad always said I’ll be at home wherever I am as long as there’s a fridge there. I like food…..

Gail’s beauteous little eggs

ANYWAY! Lunch time rolled around and I fried up some of that salty salty bacon and poached some nice eggs, plunked them on some rye bread toast and smothered them in some home made hollandaise. Add a cup of tea and thats pretty much heaven. For dessert I ate about 55,000 tiny mandarin oranges because I bought about 4kg of them at the market. I have no self control when it comes to mandarins and clementines and will probably develop a little orange ulcer because of it. Halfway through lunch Gail dropped by with some eggs for us from one of her hens. She thought she had lost one for the last couple of weeks but yesterday found her living in a tree with 14 eggs underneath her. And now we have six of them, WAHAHAHA!

The rest of the day was quite lazy. I boiled myself like a lobster in the bath upstairs for a good hour which was extremely relaxing. And then Ive just pretty much been a noodle, laying here covered in poodles, in front of the fire, while CB makes me a steak dinner. Steaks, covered in the hollandaise leftover from lunch, and roast kumera. This is so very, totally, the life, dude.