ADVENTURE!: Point Aconi, CB



Happy New Year, buddies!

I guess this is where I reflect on the ups and downs of 2016 to glean a greater insight into my future. Followed by resolutions to do yoga every day and replace my rum with kale juice or some shit. Meh.

These are some pictures CB and I took out at Point Aconi, about an hour away from here. It was a superlatively nice day and it would have been a shame to let it end without a bit of good old fashioned adventuring. There is supposed to be wicked cool fossils all up in them craggy cliffs but I wasn’t about to go clamouring around on sheer cliff faces covered in rotting seaweed for a peek at an old trilobites stoney old butthole or something. If they even have butts. I’ll never know. There’s a million and one great secret places to fossil hunt in Cape Breton and I mean to check out every damn one of them.


By the time I had finished farting around on the internet googling a good place for our expedition we only had a couple hours daylight left. So it narrowed down the search to somewhere relatively close. Point Aconi is supposed to have great rocks and nice fossils, nice walking trails and a good beach. Being as it’s January the beach part wasn’t a significant draw for me right now but it is noted for future adventures.


Snacks were packed (cheese strings and graham crackers, solid adventuring fuel) and we got on the road. It was a beautiful drive, one that I’d like to make again in the summer. Along the same way are a couple of strawberry U-Picks and a really outstanding bakery/antique market that was closed for the season. When we were there in the summer I bought an caviar spoon someone had made out of a seashell and some kind of horn or antler, its lovely. For all my fancy time caviar eating.


This is the view from where I parked the Buick haphazardly on the side of a cliff.

SOLID WISDOM: Always park your car in the most dangerous way possible. Sometimes if you tempt fate too much it lets you be, because there’s no thrill for it in something so obvious.


This is.. some kind of.. platform.. that was left here by a videogame designer who was going for a seaside apocalypse feel. I can only assume. I peed on it anyway, so it’s mine now. WHAT!? I was too busy packing snacks to remember to go before I left the house and an hour is the best I get out of an empty bladder these days anyway.


Look, it really looks like a scene from Fallout 4. For real. Cape Breton would be a great landscape to copy for a Myst-style game. Remember Myst? What a frustrating game. My mom used to play it an keep a notebook beside her to keep track of all the cryptic fucking messages and codes you needed to move through to what Im sure was a very disappointing ending that answered none of our questions. It was the LOST of videogames. MYYYYYST *Shakes fist*


Oh here’s a cliff face that looks full of tasty fossils. Looks easy to get to. Was not. Covered in heaps of slippery seaweed, perfect for murdering bold adventurers and claiming their snacks for the cold dark ocean. Im sure theres some cool fossils in there though. Just look at it. Pulsing with antiquity. Lusty with precambrian sedimentary rock formations. I just want to see one fossil! Damn it!


It was very clear and we had a nice view from the point overlooking some snowy hills across the way.


Looks like some nice walking trails here, but it was getting dark too quickly for us to meander down one of them. Next time!




A new fangled lighthouse robot. Not as impressive as the old school kind.


The base for the old lighthouse. We stomped around on it.


Little baby bit of Point Aconi left way out by itself in the ocean. Poor thing.


Power plant, chugging away. Making it’s own cloud.


Nice patch of ice to stand precariously on to look down the 912801291 foot sheer drop off onto the rocky shore below. No thanks.




The End!



Really Quite Paradise


Hey! Im back! Havent been very bloggy this summer, but as wordpress reminded me a bit ago, its been almost 10 years of me writing dumb crap on the internet so I’m able to forgive myself for the odd temporary absence. Absence makes ones farts grow fonder anyway. However, I know that the internet demands sacrifices in the form of pictures of dogs and flowers in order for the Web Gods to continue smiling upon us so I will suck it up and do my part.

So here is a dog:


Here are some flowers:



Here is a dog with flowers:


That would be Sweetpea, a big beautiful wild rose, an ant crawling on a peony for some unknown purpose, and finally Sweetpea again. She is posing artistically with Foxgloves and looking a bit nervous about a spider.

Im sorry if these pictures have been blogged about before, I had them uploaded in old drafts and I cant be bothered to check up and see if Ive ever actually shown them to you before.

I may as well post the rest of the pictures from the old drafts, they sum up our summer in Gabarus pretty nicely!


This summer I finally got my motorcycle licence! This was taken on our first ride together to the beach, which has been a one of our shared life goals for ages now. Romance! I took a two day course, and flipped the bike twice, but got right back on. By the end of the two days I could barely move my legs and my knees were held together mostly with Band-Aids but I was very proud of myself. Mine is the old BMW and its so sexy and her name is Zerhilde. It means warrior goddess in German, whatever…



I spent almost every day after work this summer swimming in the ocean. It was absolutely, balls-clenchingly cold, but it felt so fresh and nice. A couple of nights a seal swam with me, but pretty far away. It was still magical as fuck.

This summer we ate some amazing meals together. Lobster, mackerel and cod fish suppers at the churches and community galls around the area.  A sushi place opened up here and made me so happy. I crave me some fish eggs and eel on rice so bad. We also cooked a lot of nice meals for each other, lovely big leisurely breakfast, lots of curries, Chinese pork dumplings & salty cucumber, thai dishes, etc.


Midnight ice cream snacks in bed..

Gorged on fresh strawberries and blueberries.


I made an absolute buttload of blueberry jam and experimented with making rose sugar and angelica liqueurs.


We took a week and drove to Newfoundland to make desserts at an amazing Food Festival there called Roots, Rants & Roars which I should probably do a post about.CB got a rep at the event for being the worlds most patient cook, spending hours standing slowly stirring scrunchions so they didnt burn and frying 700 doughnuts. We made blueberry doughnuts, screech n’ scrunchion doughnuts, and apple fritters with apples from our apple trees.

We got to see some of our old friends from Fogo which was so nice. I miss my Fogo people every day. We got to have a couple of meals with Murray & Judy, and buy a some of Paddy Barry’s photographs which are now on our wall.

We cooked beside Duff Goldman. We had breakfast with CB’s food-crush Zane Caplansky and his super cool wife Willa.


We ate this!


I made this cool cake! Most proud of this one.

I chopped off my hair. Buzzed one side and dyed it purple.

We went for numerous long drives and talked about life and the world and everything in it.

We went for hikes through the woods, taking pictures of mushrooms and frogs.

Hung out with Sweetpea, who is quite possibly The Best.

Oh yeah, and we started a business! More on that to come…

Anyway Im tired and this is so many pictures so, so long for now!

Cutie Birds


Just a quickie post, throwing up some pictures I took last day off down at the beach in Tilting. Had to get out of the house for a bit so we took a short walk. Breathed air, saw birds, got sand on our feet.


It was sunny, but chilly and windy so we didnt walk very long.


But it was super pretty.


Caribou tracks!


People tracks and cutie bird tracks!



Red seaweed washed up on the beach.


Look at these little CUTIES!


Having a buffet lunch of seaweed critters


Flying around looking all cool


A cool log!



Scurrying around, looking all plump from the cold weather


A lone Cutie bird, watching his reflection in the tide, thinking deep cutie bird thoughts…


Suns going down and we’re going home

Frogs and Mushrooms


Oh Hi

Didn’t see you there.

Oh me? Just writing a blog.

You don’t remember what a blog even is? Or who I am? Or what you’re doing here?

Oh that’s very queer indeed… indeed..


Yeah so, hi! Remember me? I used to write nonsense here and accompany it with pictures of homemade pizza or flowers for an audience that consists nearly entirely of my mother. Miss me for the last 3 months? Anyway I have had 2 days off in a row, which meaning summer is winding down. I found myself at home under a blanket, feeling that odd mixture of fidgety-ness and intense malaise that sets in around noonish on my second day off. Its like even if your days off fall on a wednesday & thursday, the second day always feels like a sunday. Then I thought oh YEAH Ill write a blog about stuff and things! I havent really participated in the world very much this summer, but our friend Imma came for a visit for a week and a bit. We went for a hike on Turpins trail in Tilting and took some pictures. It looks much colder than it was.


Turpins trail! Which has a really daunting little emblem… It looks like a Wickerman in the shape of a bunny with a scythe over top….. yeah never noticed that before.. okay… moving on..


This is the very TRAIL we walked upon! We took the Road Most Travelled, not because we are conformists, but because everything else is made of rocks or steep drop offs into the ocean.


The ponds are so mineral rich they are very still and very black. We were having a peek for baby fishes or a sign of life but ended up just staring into our own reflections… deep, dude.


CB dropped a rock in.


This is a larch tree. Its pinecones are little rosebuds growing straight off its elegant little braches. Cutest conifer ever!?


So there was a whole plethora of fungus to be seen along the trail. These ones were the prettiest. Something had been nibbling them. Somewhere in the woods a caribou was having a real weird day.


As you walk the trail, the environment changes super drastically every so often, and you get to experience a variety of ecosystems. This one had a bench that has seen better days.


Marshy marsh. Boggy bog.


CB is classy as shit and smoked a stogie on the walk. Cigars, pine trees, and salt water go nicely together, someone should make a really classy cologne.



It looks really cold, but it wasn’t so bad. It would threaten a drizzle every now and then but that just kept us feeling zesty fresh on our hike.


Random pile of rocks in the shape of a pyramid.



WE FOUND A FROG! I dont care what anyone says, frogs are rare here. They are RARE! CB is like #1 Champion at catching frogs and turtles, so he gently scooped him up so we could get a good look.


Aside from a little bit of pee, he seemed pretty chill.


These are Blue Bead orchids. The leaf shoots are edible in the spring/early summer but the delicious looking blue flower pods left behind are poisonous.


A moldy mushroom! Look at that! That mushroom got moldy. weird.


Imma holding the cutest button mushroom we found. Awww.. like a little snowball.


Over the bridge


Seagull making a racket over head.


Found this rock, nicely labelled, in the middle of nowhere..


Imma standing over a perfect line of black lava stone pressed in between plates of granite, leading right to the sea. So neat!


Follow it!


Lovely still pond


CB threw a log in it


Skeleton of a boat rotting on the beach


Sun bleached sea shells


CB wiggling a creepy wormy tube of seaweed on a stick at Imma


Imma somehow on the walk picked us each a four leaf clover. Magic!


Seal Cove is my favourite place to put my feet in the water, but it was too cold and we managed to turn a 2 hour walk into a 4 1/2 hour walk so we walked by it


Chubby bumblebee on a thistle, beautiful


Tiny specks in the water are two ducks floating around


Sappy cones


Me taking a picture of Imma taking a picture of Ghost Pipes. They are really strange things. Somewhere between a plant and a mushroom, it has no chlorophyl and lives symbiotically with trees and mushrooms, taking what it needs from both. Creepy little things.


Pretty piece of turquoise sea glass


Tidal pools, hunting for sea urchins and crabs, unsucessful


Oyster leaf growing between the rocks on the shore. They are a succulent, their leaves are plump with water, making them salty and briney like an oyster.


An area of the walk was covered with bird wings. Maybe a dozen or so.


We stopped and watched an epic battle between a crow and a small, very fast little bird. CB thinks it was probably a chicken hawk. He wasnt going hungry.


A bleached out log jutting out of the rocks. I dont know if it got stuck there in a storm, or by people, but it was very striking as the storm started to come in.


Creeeeepy little out house..

And that was our walk. TIME FOR CURRY LUNCH! BYE!

‘Boos & ‘Bergs


This morning we woke up in the dirty sock and beer bottle strewn hellscape that has become our trailer and promptly decided that we should dine out for breakfast. We grabbed coffee and subs from the convenience store and drove to the beach for PICNICS. It was cold and grey out, but still very nice. We sat in our nice toasty car munching our breakfast subs, listening to nerdy podcosts and watching the icebergs float by. Still no seal sightings, but we did seem to be having breakfast with some caribou by the beach. Despite sneaking dangerously close to them to take these pictures, they still look so far away. You can see one with one missing antler, keeping an eye on me. Two more steps and I think I would have been writinga whimsical blog post about the time I got bored by a one-antlers caribou…




Sandy Cove


The beach is the best. A couple of weeks ago a gal I work with and I went to a little beach here called Sandy Cove to collect seaweed for a dessert. It was a pretty little beach but we were there on business, even if we didnt look very business with our trusty bucket and pants rolled up to our knees, so I didn’t get to explore as much as I would have liked. CB doesnt have the day off with me so I thought I’d waste a few afternoon hours trawling around the beach picking up gross things.






Like a proper adventurer I stuffed my pockets full of Fudgee-o’s for the road, slung a camera around my neck and I was ready to go. Blasting Prince and blazing down the road in my Buick, all sunshine and rainbows, feeling mighty good. Sandy Cove is in Tilting, which is a little Irish community about 10 minutes from here. It’s a nice drive and I always imagine it must be just full of caribou in the night, it’s nice and marshy with lots of pine to hide in.


The beach is such an exciting place for me. There is always a sense of drama and impending discovery. I’m always so certain that the dark mass up ahead is going to be a seal and it turns out to be old underwear or something. I was so excited thinking there was a cool bone up ahead I went scampering off to it only to discover it was just a piece of plastic siding off some poor bastards house. Damn it!


Thought it was a hip bone and a cool ribbed shell.. it was some paper towel and some plastic.


Never has anyone poured over an old rug with such curiosity before. You can only imagine what I thought this was gonna be from 100 feet away:


Everything could be a seal friend, a cool bone, an awesome fossil, or treasure! 150% of the time it is old moldy garbage. I never stop hoping though. Actually one time it was an actual seal, but it was incredibly dead. It was a little eyeless balloon of sea stink rot looking ready to burst. I ran away.

Like when I was little and found a gigantic bone in the creek and nearly exploded with joy FINALLY I FOUND A DINOSAUR BONE I knew I would, I always felt I would. I brought it all the way home only to have my dad tell me it was a cows femur. Oh the disgust and disappoint. Looking back that was still cool though..



Looking out onto the slow rippling waves was relaxing until I had to pee. After that everything on the beach was done with such a sense of urgency, I can tell you.


The water flowing into the ocean looked exactly like beer and was making me thirsty for drunkeness.


Check it out! I did find a bone! And I touched it! Now I have boneitis.


Mmmm frothy beer stream…



This crab shell looks like a man with chubby cheeks going “Hey Guys! Where’s my legs at!”


I found this nice smooth black bit of charcoal that had been rubbed away by the sea. I nearly ate it from my pocket mistaking it for a bit of cookie.


Someones sad memory of a sand castle.


So I spent a couple of hours taking pictures of crab exoskeletons and splashes of interesting coloured moss on rocks and what not until it started looking like rain. I thought I’d nip into Tilting and take a couple of pictures. I felt like a nobhead tourist wandering around with a camera though so I didnt take many pictures even though it’s a very beautiful little town.IMG_5593

Now Im going to spend the rest of my alone time drinking copious amounts of tea and listening to my records quite loudly. I might even stare out the window at the rainy sunday afternoon WHILE I sip my tea. Im a real wild one.






Yesterday CB and I made a dream come true. For the last 3 years we’ve been dreaming about cruising around New Zealand, me in a little piece of shit car that I love and CB on a motorcycle. Well, he did it, yesterday we spent all day zooming around twisty turny NZ roads in the sunshine. I think I was more nervous than he was when we started out. Before we got on the road for the first time, CB spent 20 minutes on our steep drive way practising hill stops & starts. I put a blanket down in the grass and laid on the front lawn watching him zoom up, roll back, zoom up, roll back…

This is our front lawn! Some of Wyatt the Cat’s favourite napping places can be found here.

Summer staples, jandals and ray bans man, like a cool kid.

A Tui in the tree above me. I took a picture hoping he didn’t poop all over my face as I did it.

Some fernage.

I found this GIANT fucking fat bellied spider crawling around beside me. GAHHHHHHH. He doesn’t look big in this picture but we was the size of a bloody dollar. I stalked him back to the garage where he lives with another giant spider in the gap by the window. I like to imagine they are a couple of old gays, having fly themed dinner parties.

The peacock, majestic as always, flying off his fence post perch. Look at that tubby bastard, he’s so dang beautiful. The last couple of weeks marked the end of his mating season so he’s been very quiet lately. Usually he’s strutting around screaming he’s little peacock brains out for a lady to come do nasty “special peacock dancing” with him. He also pulled out his beautiful tail feathers. I came up the drive way one morning, and there were 4 foot long peacock feathers EVERYWHERE. I was very seriously worried that he exploded. The neighbor suggested we gather them all up and stick them under the wheels of John’s car and make him think he murdered him with his car! She’s wacky.

Anyway once we got out of the driveway, it was awesome. At first we stayed near home, and I tailed CB in my Honda like a mother hen. We went down this quiet road where people go to ride their horses. Randomly there was a goat on the road eating some grass and I laughed out loud to myself in the car thinking how amazing it would be if 5 minutes after getting on his motorcycle he crashes directly into a goat. Would have been a hoot. Too bad he’s actually a good, cautious driver and saw the goat coming.

I had such a range of emotions, putt-ing around behind him. Happiness, excitement, nervousness, worry, anger at anyone coming too closely, extreme goat related laughter, but mostly just very proud. It’s a major thing, CB getting his motorcycle, it’s been years in the making, and it felt real good. We took a little break at home and then were back at it after lunch. We went all the way to Bethell’s Beach, and sat in the sun feeling so damn happy. It’s only been 2 days since he got his license, and he’s odometer reads 111km. Not too shabby.