Fungus Hunter


Today was 100% absolutely gorgeous all day long. And, it was my day off. I was having a very lazy morning. Sitting in my stink sipping tea, just taking it easy. The sun warmed up the house so much that I had to get up and turn the heat off. I thought maybe I should get outside for a bit, get some of that sunshine on me. Take a walk, blow the stink off me. If I sit around too long in my pj’s the malaise sets in and then the whole day has disappeared and all i have to show for it is a rainbow assortment of food stains on my sweat shirt.


So I got my boots on, put some music in my ear and grabbed the camera. I wandered out towards the pond by our house. Theres a nice patch of woods and theres all kinds of mushrooms growing in there. I have no idea whats what, so Im not interested in picking them. I just like the look of mushrooms. They seem kinda magical. When I was little I used to think fairies lived in them and when you leafed your thumb through their … under frills (?) the fairies would fly out. But now I see that it was just millions of mushroom spores flying out into my wide eyed baby face. Haha, children are dumb.


So I didnt realize this, but fireweed lets its delicious purple flowers drop off and then explodes into fluff.


Like cotton ball bird feathers. So strange. This is me, giving the poof a squeeze. As I am known to do.


Dogberries looking especially pretty against the super blue sky.


Sunlight on a spider wed = artistic photography!!


Some chewed up shroom.


Some chickadees where very interested in what I was doing. I think they were attracted to the sound of the camera.


They hung out within reach of me for the first  half of my walk, hopping from branch to branch, just keeping tabs. Nosy buggers.


Rosehips! Time to pick them I suppose. Make some jelly and tea.


Little mushroom looks like it was dusted with cocoa powder. Tiramisu mushroom. Tiramishroom.


My favourite colour green!


I can identify two mushrooms with certainty, chanterelle and hedgehog mushrooms. I have no idea what any of these mushrooms are at all, but mostly they didn’t look delicious anyway. I call this one.. Curly Butts Mushroom


Shiny charcoal log covered in emerald moss.


Pretty sure this is a crackerberry plant, but.. usually the leaves are green and the berries are red.. so this is weird..


The aptly named, blue bead orchid


Peeking through the moss


These mushrooms look like pancakes. I dub thee, Pancake Mushrooms


Look up! Look waaaay up! Yeah theres nothing there. Made ya look.


Sunny trees lookin all pretty n’ chit


Little red capped mushroom. I dub thee.. Little Red Riding Hood Fungus


Some kind of berry? Tasted like.. dry… and .. numb…


Path out to the pond


Thats all blueberries!


I sat down here for a while and listened to some Johnny Cash. It was nice. Wish I had brought a snack.


The water was sparkly


And the colour of beer bottles


Upscale fairy condominiums.


Leafs and stuff


Some dogberries, whatever


And thats the end of my walk.

Work is just now starting to ease off a bit. Hopefully I will have time to blog more. I miss it. It almost feels lonely, without an outlet for my ramblings and pictures of flowers. This weekend CB and I took a trip down to Bona Vista and did an event there called Roots, Rants & Roars. It was super, super fun and it is so crazy beautiful there. We ate.. everything. One morning, I ordered two breakfasts!!!! I didnt take many pictures but maybe I can dig them up.

Now Im going to have a cup of tea and watch The Rescuers, because that is a great movie. Goodnight!


Cutie Birds


Just a quickie post, throwing up some pictures I took last day off down at the beach in Tilting. Had to get out of the house for a bit so we took a short walk. Breathed air, saw birds, got sand on our feet.


It was sunny, but chilly and windy so we didnt walk very long.


But it was super pretty.


Caribou tracks!


People tracks and cutie bird tracks!



Red seaweed washed up on the beach.


Look at these little CUTIES!


Having a buffet lunch of seaweed critters


Flying around looking all cool


A cool log!



Scurrying around, looking all plump from the cold weather


A lone Cutie bird, watching his reflection in the tide, thinking deep cutie bird thoughts…


Suns going down and we’re going home

Noodle Food


Day offfff! Its been a torrential bloody downpour for 2 whole days and that is super boring. Ive been craving to get outside and explore now that all the snows melted. There’s GREEN things happening out there!

Instead of adventuring and going for motorcycle rides we moved the bed into the living room so we could laze around and watch every Fast & Furious movie ever made and stay in our pajamas all damn day. It was nice. But then real life kicked in and I cleaned the house.

As my reward, CB made me a super special dinner. Aside from craving nature I have also been craving fettuccine alfredo like a mofo. Our new Healthy Eating rule type thing is that if we are properly craving something unhealthy, we have to make it from scratch. So CB made pasta dough, rolled it out, cut it into noodles, boiled it and made a beautiful creamy alfredo sauce all from scratch. Usually we would spend $2 and 6 minutes boiling up a bag of Lipton Noodles & Sauce– instead this took 2 or 3 hours. But it was relaxing, and we learned a new thing. It was a great way to spend a day off, cooking together, while the storm raged on around us.

ALSO.. Remarkably Delicious. Oh.. my.. word. Fuck you, noodles and sauce!!


Beautiful golden yellow dough ball, made of flour, egg yolks and a little olive oil. Nice, CB. Nice.


I was the prep cook today, in charge of mis. We got some beautiful snappy asparagus, perfect in a creamy sauce! I also love peppers in alfredo, it makes it so tasty! And lots of garlic, sweated onions and even a few scallions for good measure.


The dough has rested, time to roll it out!


Fold it up.


Foldy foldy foldy.


Cut slices in the thickness of noodles you like.

IMG_0538 IMG_0539

This looks pretty good!

IMG_0542_2Unravel– tadaaa! Noodles!


Do that a bunch more times for a bunch more noodles.



Dust it lightly to keep it from sticking in a messy pile.

IMG_0557 IMG_0566



You can see our noodles getting thinner as we go


CBs beautiful, thick, creamy, garlicy alfredo sauce getting an extremely liberal dusting of some very serious romano cheese.


Noodles take about 2 1/2 minutes to boil when fresh.


Add them straight into the sauce.


DINNER! We sat down with a beer and ate it in about 5 silent minutes. I’m going to have to clean more often..

Tap Dat Thang


This morning I woke up to a beautiful, sunny day off. And, I woke up late. Real late. Pretty sure I slept for 13 hours…

Last night CB and I came home and made a big fat sloppy ol’ pizza and watched DAREDEVIL. MY NEW FAVOURITE SHOW! Oh I love his mad ninja moves. And Foggy is great, and I wish Rosario Dawson was my best friend, and that blind guy has an amazing butt for a dude. Seriously, check it out, at least to have a lookus at his tookus.

Im really sorry for that.

Anyway, I made enough dough for 2 pizzas but got greedy and thought Id try my hand at deep dish. It was a big old cheesy mess. It was more like a pizza layered casserole. Fucking glorious. Covered in bacon and roast chicken, onions, green olives, red peppers, mozzerella, cheddar & romano cheese. Yesssssss.. It was a beautiful monster.

You are what you eat though, and I woke up feeling like a greasy sloppy mess as well. Its been so nice to be able to have 20 minute long hot showers, instead of 4 1/2 minute hot showers, that ends with a freezing cold slap in the tits. I told CB to stop doing that. HA IM KIDDING I mean cause of the immediate switch to super cold water.

OH! I forgot, this was about how I tapped a tree this morning.


I used these weird things. A spile and a spile driver! I got to use a drill! POWER TOOLS!


It felt a bit weird drilling into hardwood while it’s decapitated friends watched….

I didn’t paint those on there by the way, just found them like that.. super weird. Devil worship kinda stuff probably.


It’s got a hook for a bucket!


Check it out! I got one of those! Its from salt beef, so my syrup will have hints of salty bovine, making it extra special.


Tippity tappity.




So my bucket may be a bit overkill. Its a bit windy here. But! Give me a problem, I will solve it. DUCT TAPE !

Ahhh majestic..

So there’s two trees that make nice syrup; maple, and birch. After seeing these pictures, I realize that I have most likely tapped an Alder. An alder, who’s syrup is described as “horrendously bitter, having a strong laxative effect, possibly poisonous.”

I’ll let you know how this goes.




It’s a beautiful sunny day outside, despite the 60+km/hour winds. We have been enjoying a very very lazy morning, drinking coffee and being lazy with our stankbutts watching the dogs nap. Its so nice. Look at them! SO MUCH FUR!



Sneaking a peek outside. I feel like Im getting a tan sitting in the sun. Its very nice, but I can see how creepy pale I am. I am like fucking Gollum. Whats happened! I can see my veins through my skin. Bleh. We are going to try to get out today with the pups for a long ass walk. We could use the exercise, and sun. If we can do it without blowing away.


We thought someone was cruising by and we were hearing the deep base of their Kool Kidz Muzik but it was just the dog snoring. 


Puppy paws in the sunshine, makes me happy!



I dont think I have ever seen any creature as comfortable in my life.



Just straight chillin.



Anyway, I dunno what we are going to do with our day, but I think its probably about time for a shower. Peace out y’alls.

Dirty Little Monkey



Days off are the best. CB have been very much enjoying them. Sleeping in, breakfast out, daytime naps, cleaning, and cooking nice foods! On sunday night I had a few of the girls from work over for a fancy dinner party; mac’n’cheese and donair egg rolls, with a Dunkaroo’s for an amuse bouche. Shannon brought this addictive dessert. And everyone showed up with so much wine and pop and chips and mozza sticks it was awesome! We laughed, we farted, we ate too much, we almost fought each other, I accidentally shot off the bb gun into the cupboards at some point.. yeah it was fun!

At one point we were outside visiting Amanda’s tomato plant, Humphrey, and I HAD to show them this creepy fucking thing I found in the shed here:



This damn dirty ape sitting in the corner wearing a pair of iridescent women’s underpants, looking like he has Seen Some Shit. Holy god, the first time I opened the door to the shed I yelped when I saw this. So there we all are, standing on my lawn at dusk, drinking our drinks, and I show them this monkey. Someone dares Shannon to see what’s under the panties.. and Im thinking.. this is how the horror movie starts. Group of friends having a good time, find this creepy monkey in the shed, and disturb the slumber of this freaky murder monkey. One by one it kills us all in various horrifying and ironic ways. BAHHHH!

Seriously though.. what the fuck.


CB found this cool shell in the other shed. Im pretty sure there’s a giant spider in it.


Pretty butterfly.


Humphrey’s got bright red babies!!


The ocean is SUPER blue today!


Sunshine on siding is nice.


Quilty quilts.


Oh I forgot to show you! When Arlene and Carol were here, Carol gave me this little doll! She said she reminded her of me, and I like to think shes a little detective.


Made a salad with the watermelon rind pickles I made a few weeks ago. It is pretty sweet, but cronchy and nice.


CB just hollered for me to come see these little fatties having a dust bath by our car. Oh little cutie birds, how I love you!

Okay goodbye now!

Snot Rag Ramble


Blllaaarghhh I feel like deeeaaath.

Its the middle of summer and somehow I have gotten a head cold. I am a snotty pile of mess.. or a messy pile of snot.. or both. Ive been laid up most of the day, only taking a break of my lifestyle of the pale and mucousy to have breakfast with CB. Which was nice, but when youre sick everything just tastes like your own mouth. Fried balogne and eggs is some of natures best medicine though. Ive been mostly reading– oh you know whats cool. I got up just now to find something of a soupish consistency to dribble into my mouth for sustenance and had to turn off my book! Isnt that cool! ITS LIKE THE FUTURE!

I have been having bad insomnia lately, which comes with a side effect of talking INCESSANTLY about nothing and everything and aliens and the moon and ghosts, alien moon ghosts, hopes and dreams, fears and memories… that sort of general prattle and keeping CB awake all night. So he bought me a kindle! YAY! At first I felt so guilty, because I hate spending money and besides I have a used copy of The Poisonwood Bible I have been mucking my way through for the last year that needs finishing. But, I discovered, its the greatest thing ever! BUT, ALSO, it keeps me up even later. Reading, under the covers.

You know what… books are awesome. I havent finished reading a book in about.. shit.. 8 years? Since I started working in kitchens, really. I never had time to pick up a book. And the what with living like a nomad lately books are a luxury items, heavy and not good for transcontinental shuffling. It has awoken my inner bookworm, who was once fierce and voracious, but has been laying dormant like a stupid lazy slug. Now I have to feed it all the time. What Im trying to say is.. B-Bot, im sorry I made fun of you for your “necessary” kindle purchase. Also, why didnt you buy me one for christmas, I could have read 6 times as many books by now, you bastard! Its possibly the greatest thing since the Sony Walkmen.

Anyway I have been reading most of the day. And I watched Fight Club– dont you judge me! Its a modern classic. I forgot how great watching Brad Pitt getting punched in the face is. So yeah.. reading and blowing my nose and eating cheetos. Realizing that I don’t know what all kinds of words mean any more and have hard proof now that I am indeed getting dumber with age.. yeah, DAY OFF!