Boo La La

Hola quieridos amigos!

Thats the Stella Maris cemetery outside the Fortress of Louisbourgh. It’s a really beautiful spot to be a dead. We parked there to play Pokemon because ya gotta catch’em all.


I got about 11 Evees until the idea of a bunch of skeletons covered in worms made us hungry and we went to get some lunch.


Pizza and sunshine! Pizza and sunshine!! Look at that bubbly cheese. Pizza, you are the best. Mwah! Mwah! Pizza! Je t’aime, mon amore!

Anyway that was really nice. I went to the library because I am obsessed with the cookbook section. I want to rub it all over my body.


This is it. I like to come once a month and sit on the little padded seat in this section and pull books out at random to flip through the recipes. Its like a taste adventure, in the ol’ imagination box. I mean I really make myself at home, really spread it. Make it real uncomfortable for anyone else trying to look at cookbooks because they feel like they are interrupting something private and sacred. I’m kidding, Im just hoping someone will shuffle by me and strike up a conversation about muffins or Persian cooking and I can really lean into being the biggest nerd in the library. It’s my dream to work through this section one book at a time. Even the “healthy eating” books. Its my duty. Today I picked up Bitter by Jennifer McLagan. Its been on my To Read list for a couple of years since it came out. And Friday Night Dinners by the always amazing Bonnie Stern.

Last months picks were Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child and The Gramercy Tavern Cookbook. Both were fantastic, and I am going to buy myself a copy of Julia Child’s book. I scribbled down a half dozen recipes from Gramercy Tavern. Simple, fresh and totally attainable in a home kitchen. I cant wait to try the citrus cured char and the chicken liver parfait. Yuuuhhhhhhh.. m…  yes. Please.


Today was a really nice day. We had pizza, and went for a drive in the sunshine. We ran errands. CB and I shared a coffee and dipped cinnamon sugar doughnuts into it. Its been sunny all week and my skin feels greedy for it. When I stand outside in my Tshirt I feel like my skin cells lift up and position themselves to soak up the most uv like solar cells.


This is a pic I took of Sweetpea while we were sharing a garlic bread out on the step. Just chillin, breathing garlic breath on eachother.

OH!! Last week CB’s mum came up for a surprise visit for the week! (Hi Arlene! We miss you. Sweetpea especially!!) Not.. to segue into that from garlic breath, it just reminded me because we had a big family get together and made a gratuitous amount of spaghetti & meatballs, garlic bread and a Caesar salad big enough to feed an army. It was really, really nice to have a house full of family, eating and talking and drinking. Kids doing their circus routine in the hallway. Sweetpea dodging between peoples feet hunting errant meatballs. Arlene stayed for a whole week, and it was back to back Pop & Chips parties every night. We know how to party over here. We really do miss her now. Made me proper homesick.

Oh and CB made a pizza crust that was insane. Next week we are going to try it out as a donair pizza so I will document the process. Its gonna be good.

I think thats about it. See ya!








It’s a beautiful sunny day outside, despite the 60+km/hour winds. We have been enjoying a very very lazy morning, drinking coffee and being lazy with our stankbutts watching the dogs nap. Its so nice. Look at them! SO MUCH FUR!



Sneaking a peek outside. I feel like Im getting a tan sitting in the sun. Its very nice, but I can see how creepy pale I am. I am like fucking Gollum. Whats happened! I can see my veins through my skin. Bleh. We are going to try to get out today with the pups for a long ass walk. We could use the exercise, and sun. If we can do it without blowing away.


We thought someone was cruising by and we were hearing the deep base of their Kool Kidz Muzik but it was just the dog snoring. 


Puppy paws in the sunshine, makes me happy!



I dont think I have ever seen any creature as comfortable in my life.



Just straight chillin.



Anyway, I dunno what we are going to do with our day, but I think its probably about time for a shower. Peace out y’alls.




Taking some pictures around the house. This is out on the bridge, out looking across to the south side of town. Its bloody cold out today, so I didnt take many more pictures outside!



The pretty girl, smiling.




Coupla nice jugs! Ha-HAW!

This duck givin’ me the ol stink eye.


Christmas Town, lording over us, biding their time until they shine again..



Some rocks and ropes and stuff.



Turnips with tons of butter and pepper, daaaa-yum, so yum, in my tum!



Pretty long beets, ready for pickling! I got 3 litres of pickled beets!



My favourite cold weather activity. Cooking down a big pan of Way Too Many Onions in Way Too Much Butter until they are brown and delicious.



Make a warm cup of tea.


Butter melting in a cast iron pan, OOOOOU sexy sexy, too much, stop!



CB’s awesome dinner of breaded lamb kidneys, thick cut bacon, onions and brussel sprouts. Because he is a 115 year old man. Although he did race around all week like a fucking superhero after eating this so I guess there’s something to it.

Alright Im going to go watch this Australian horror movie “the babadook”?? I’m not.. looking forward to it.. wish me luck!