Seal Meal


I have eaten 10 caramilk bars and still haven’t found any goddamn golden key in them. I’m starting to believe they dont exist! I’ll eat a few more though before I give up for good. It’s so evil, Caramilk, using my addiction to both chocolate and winning prizes against me. Bah!

On another note, that is a picture of a gift from our friend Mona. It’s seal meat her husband hunted, and she bottled. I have laid it out lovingly on a seal skin that our friend Emma brought with her from the NWT. And yes, its soft like the dreams your pillow has while you sleep at night. Sick? Disturbing? ADORABLY DELICIOUS?  You be the judge. I know “tube steak” is already balogne but it should be what we call seal meat. Canadians are bad people.

Also.. how do you eat this? I’m thinking stew? Stew is my answer to everything. Toss in a potato, voila!