Pork Roast + Sunsets = Romance


The sky was so pretty tonight it looked like a painted back drop.

I’ve had the better part of 4 days off with my precious bearded one and it has been lovely. But, as he growled off  into the sunset to work on his little suzuki, sweater all warm from hugs and backpack full of donuts for the guys, I felt like it really wasn’t enough. We made the most of it though! Spent lots of time farting about in the sun, curdled up on the couch watching David Attenborough tell us all about how totally nasty spiders are, or cooking together. That was my favourite bit because we haven’t done that in a long time. We made some proper warm up your guts winter food and ate it while making noises.


This morning we got a nice big old roll of pork tenderloin from the butchers. It was beautiful. I gave it a sensual oil massage and rubbed rock salt into the skin. Then we roasted it up until it was golden brown and crispy. The smell in the house was intense and I was literally jumping up and down in front of the oven with excitement like goddamn Santa Claus was going to come out.


Dummmmm dummm DUMMMM! Seriously.. it was even better than it looks.


Skin so crunchy it klinked like pork glass when CB gave it a tap with the knife.


Hog heaven.


It also made the best gravy of my LIFE! (Sorry mom, but you would have been jealous)

As we ate CB commented that he wishes he could take credit for this masterpiece, but the credit is entirely due to whatever awesome little pig friend made this with his porky bod. The crackling was amazing, but no human being should eat that much crispy pig skin so the bulk of it, sadly enough, went into a soup stock for later this week. I know, sacrilege, but we are trying to be healthy and aside from all the pictures of donuts and gravy on here lately it’s working pretty well!


I don’t know why, but I thought I would take a picture of our chair. Its really comfy and good for drinking tea in and flipping through seed catalogues like an old cat lady.

Once CB left for work I took the opportunity to go buy a new pair of pants. I’m down to just the one, and its kind of embarrassing. I feel like if I wear them with cuffs one day and none the next people will be fooled into thinking I have two pairs of the same pants… I doubt it’s fooling anybody, but I also doubt anyone is paying any attention to my pants anyway so its all good in the hood. Anyway, I took my sad booty to the mall, which is so tedious I like to spare CB from the indignity of watching me try on pants and proceed to then spend 85 minutes staring into the depressing department store mirror adjusting the crotch area trying to find that sweet spot where it doesnt bunch or billow weird.. I can do that on my own. Success! I came out with a pair of jeans that actually fit so VICTORY IS MINE! In the spirit of buying jeans that fit I also managed to avoid going to Yoghurt Story and eating tiramisu frozen yoghurt covered in gummi bears by myself in the food court. So, also, small victory there. Things are looking up, for this gal! Self control, you shall be mine some day! Christ this is sounding like Bridget Jones started working for the Pork Board of Canada or something.

Oh! On the way into Henderson I have to come down through the ranges and at one point I was driving on a ridge between two valleys. On one side was the city, with it’s millions of sparkling gold and pink lights under the turquoise sky and on the other side was the sunset that almost identically matched the colours. It was so striking I almost crashed into a mail box.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with Mr. Attenborough and some bug that wears the carcasses of its dead prey as a costume. Sounds like a romantic evening continues..