Really Quite Paradise


Hey! Im back! Havent been very bloggy this summer, but as wordpress reminded me a bit ago, its been almost 10 years of me writing dumb crap on the internet so I’m able to forgive myself for the odd temporary absence. Absence makes ones farts grow fonder anyway. However, I know that the internet demands sacrifices in the form of pictures of dogs and flowers in order for the Web Gods to continue smiling upon us so I will suck it up and do my part.

So here is a dog:


Here are some flowers:



Here is a dog with flowers:


That would be Sweetpea, a big beautiful wild rose, an ant crawling on a peony for some unknown purpose, and finally Sweetpea again. She is posing artistically with Foxgloves and looking a bit nervous about a spider.

Im sorry if these pictures have been blogged about before, I had them uploaded in old drafts and I cant be bothered to check up and see if Ive ever actually shown them to you before.

I may as well post the rest of the pictures from the old drafts, they sum up our summer in Gabarus pretty nicely!


This summer I finally got my motorcycle licence! This was taken on our first ride together to the beach, which has been a one of our shared life goals for ages now. Romance! I took a two day course, and flipped the bike twice, but got right back on. By the end of the two days I could barely move my legs and my knees were held together mostly with Band-Aids but I was very proud of myself. Mine is the old BMW and its so sexy and her name is Zerhilde. It means warrior goddess in German, whatever…



I spent almost every day after work this summer swimming in the ocean. It was absolutely, balls-clenchingly cold, but it felt so fresh and nice. A couple of nights a seal swam with me, but pretty far away. It was still magical as fuck.

This summer we ate some amazing meals together. Lobster, mackerel and cod fish suppers at the churches and community galls around the area.  A sushi place opened up here and made me so happy. I crave me some fish eggs and eel on rice so bad. We also cooked a lot of nice meals for each other, lovely big leisurely breakfast, lots of curries, Chinese pork dumplings & salty cucumber, thai dishes, etc.


Midnight ice cream snacks in bed..

Gorged on fresh strawberries and blueberries.


I made an absolute buttload of blueberry jam and experimented with making rose sugar and angelica liqueurs.


We took a week and drove to Newfoundland to make desserts at an amazing Food Festival there called Roots, Rants & Roars which I should probably do a post about.CB got a rep at the event for being the worlds most patient cook, spending hours standing slowly stirring scrunchions so they didnt burn and frying 700 doughnuts. We made blueberry doughnuts, screech n’ scrunchion doughnuts, and apple fritters with apples from our apple trees.

We got to see some of our old friends from Fogo which was so nice. I miss my Fogo people every day. We got to have a couple of meals with Murray & Judy, and buy a some of Paddy Barry’s photographs which are now on our wall.

We cooked beside Duff Goldman. We had breakfast with CB’s food-crush Zane Caplansky and his super cool wife Willa.


We ate this!


I made this cool cake! Most proud of this one.

I chopped off my hair. Buzzed one side and dyed it purple.

We went for numerous long drives and talked about life and the world and everything in it.

We went for hikes through the woods, taking pictures of mushrooms and frogs.

Hung out with Sweetpea, who is quite possibly The Best.

Oh yeah, and we started a business! More on that to come…

Anyway Im tired and this is so many pictures so, so long for now!


Joony Blumes


Hi there ho there

Maybe I need to change the reason behind this blog. It has existed primarily so that my family can see what Im up to while Im busy working. So that my mom knows that Im alive, mostly. But now, I am not working so much, and I have the ridiculous luxury of being able to call my Darling Fam every damn day if I want. And by dandy, I DO! Now that means they already know all the junk Im doing. Which means, I have no blog material! EEE!

It will have to go back to being a selfish blog again I suppose, just serving as record for myself. I like looking back through time to a random date and seeing where in the world we were and what we were eating there.


Its been foggy butt-shit weather out for the last week or so, providing us with copious amounts of wet laundry but zero pretty sunshine pictures. One day last week after work Sweet Pea and I took a walk through the woods and I took some pictures of weeds for fun.


Can’t leave home without my trusty coyote-smashing stick! SMASH MASH!


All kinds of creepy pale horror-movie Swamp Thing looking ferns coming up in the bog. Looks like something a dinosaur would munch on or something.


Scary but Beautiful looking pitcher plant gargling some swamp sweat, waiting for dinner.

Just through the patch of forest you come out onto the barrens. This is a flat, loamy area with some short shrubbery and whatnot. Lots of interesting plants growing here. Juniper, spruce, labrador tea, caribou moss, lily-of-the-valley, blueberries in blossom. And those little fluffball looking flowers. Cute.

I was having a fine time crawling around in the mud taking pictures while SweetPea zoomed all around me panting like a maniac. Then I heard this strange sound, like a cellphone vibrating. “Thats odd,” I said aloud to nobody but a blueberry bush. “…” said the bush back. I took another couple of pictures before the odd sound turned into this low rumbling moan and then I was like.. uhhmmmm… well, its not a bear, or a moose, or a wolf or coyote or some kind of poisonous reptile or murder turtle so Im not very worried. But thought maybe I should head back just in case. I hollered at Sweet Pea to come on now, and she jingled over to me and we headed back to the yard. The sound following us all the way, and my heart was racing, as I got ready to use my coyote smasher on this invisible menace!


Safe back at home. I took this picture of a flowering tree in front of Joan’s house that looked kinda nice. Later when CB got home from the diner I told him about the weird sound. He said right away that it must have been a bobcat! Cool. Later on that night Sweet Pea had the cat, Chrissy, trapped under the layzboy and you know what.. that cat made the exact same sound! Only smaller. Totally rad.


Sweet Pea and me having tea on the front porch waiting for CB to get home. After our walk in the woods Sweet Pea still had too much energy and ran away on me. I tracked her down in the car, kidnapped her off the street and drove her down to Gull Cove Road. There I opened up the door and kicked her out. I drove to the end of the road with her racing after me. The old girl went about 30km/hr the whole way! Good way to tire her out some.

Forget-me-nots and narcissus flowering in the garden. Those narcissus are over 60 years old.


Picked some flowers for the table.


Nan made fish cakes for dinner. On toasty bread with chow and a cuppa tea. So niiiiicccceeeee…

Alright thats enough for now, time for sleeping.

G’night Kara From The Future, hope everythings going well and you didnt peak eating fishcakes and picking tulips xoxoxox

Meeting The Meatball



Yolo, homebrewskis!

So goes the traditional greeting of Gabarus, CB.

Starting right now. Our house represents 7.5% of the population here and if you include the crows we represent a solid 10% so I think it’s fair to say we are making this happen.

Speaking of the crows, I just fed them the last half bag of stale Sriracha flavoured chips. They are on the front lawn gobbling them up them like rambunctious frat boys, and then jumping up and down with either happiness or spiceness. I have trouble distinguishing the two.

Last night we had our first guests to the house!! It was so exciting. Bryce and Celina were passing through Cape Breton on their way to Fogo, Nfld, and stopped in to waste time before boarding the ferry. Fortuitously we had spent the morning at the Farmers Market buying curry, african food, chili, naan bread, and german treats for dinner so we had a feast.


This is kind of a crappy photo of the farmers market, but there you are anyway.

Bryce and Celina had their dog with them– a 50 pound Meatball-Of-Handsome bulldog named Brent. He was SO AWESOME! I could spend the rest of my life watching him climb the stairs and do “tricks.” What a little cutie.


We have learned a lot about Sweet Pea this week. The first thing we learned that despite being 90+ years old in dog years, she is not an old lady. We thought she needed love and naps. Instead she needs constant attention and exercise. Because, she is 100% border collie. YAY! So instead of constant naps, we are doing constant walks. We learned she can do tricks: stay, sit, shake paw, dance, speak, kisses.. etc. She knows her toys by name and will bring them to you. We decided one day that she is either incredibly stupid or manipulating us, guess which one was correct. She is super smart. And super athletic and energetic. We also learned, she hates every other dog. Including sweet Brent the Bulldog puppy. Despite Sweet Pea routinely dominating dogs half her age and 3x her size, Brent held his own. Their stubborness was well matched. So we had some scary sounding dog fights in the kitchen with our Curry and wine!

But it was really nice having them over, Celine and Bryce are some of our favourite peeps. She has a Lemongrab tattoo. Thats all I need to say. We talked about food, and they made us want to take a motorcycle trip to Montreal to eat at Au Pied du Cochon and have the trotters and foie gras poutine SO BADLY GOD DAMN IT!!! Bryce and I shared my Ra-Ra-Rasputin beer, which was delicious and deep and dark but kind of tasted like that time I poured beer in my coffee for experiments. I dont think it’s going to be a routine purchase.



On the work front, everything is still chill & fun. Look at these sprinkle macarons! HOW FUCKING CUTE ARE THOSE!!? TELL ME! TELL ME!!!! Yeah pretty cute. I made a Minecraft cake this week, with fondant figures, which made me very proud. Easter was incredibly busy, and we made a million cakes and all the money. Felt great!


We had Chinese at Peking Restaurant, which is always the best.


Aside from the pure crazy joy of having a dog around the house, and her excellent properties for warming up my feet at the end of the bed, another thing that Sweet Pea has brought into my life is walks. Im outside at dawn and dusk now, my two favourite times of day, that I rarely see. The other night we went for a walk down to the beach in the rain, and it was getting dark and the world smelled like wood smoke, and moss, and salty air. We walked through the graveyard that is slowly falling into the sea. I took a few pictures with my phone of the moody dark blue world. I would normally be at home reading the internet or watching TV. This was 1000% more relaxing. Thanks Sweet Pea!


Sp00o0O0o0oOO00O0o0Ky ghosts!


We also visited with Blair, as it was Distilling DAY! It was very cool to watch a bucket of sugar, water & yeast ferment and distill into clear, 180 proof alcohol. I went home with about 3 quarts of the stuff. My plan is to bring it down to about 40 proof, and add herbs and plants from around Gabarus to make a kind of gin. Angelica, rosehip, spruce, etc. The rest maybe will turn into bourbon.




Its been very wet and rainy this week, but the sun is shining now. I can hear bluejays and chickadees and buntings making their sweet little bird sounds. This evening we are going to drive into town to buy a BBQ, and a frisbee for the dog. On monday I get my package of vegetable seeds in the mail from Veseys in PEI. We bought about 20 different kinds of veg to try planting in the back yard. For the front garden Im going to grow a hardy hedge lavender that winters well, german camomile and pink echinacea. As well as random wildflowers for the bees. Im thinking of trying to grow some kind of water lily in the ditch in front of the house. It’s always full of water. CB tells me there will be tons of frogs in there come the warm weather so Im looking forward to some frog songs in the summer. Thats the nicest sound in the world. Dogs, BBQ’s & Frogs Forever!





We have a dog we have a dog we have a dog!

This is Sweet Pea!

Fun Sweet Pea Facts!

a) she is a little cutie

b) she is 13 years young

c) she likes snuggling, tummy rubs, daytime naps, going for long walks on the beach, pooping on the ground, weird smells, and kisses

d) her favourite foods are chicken nuggets and dog food

e) her least favourite things are being seperated from CB for any amount of time, car rides, and baby carrots

f) she can shake a paw with the best of ’em

So as you can see, she is pretty much the most awesome. We are fostering her from the SPCA until some test results come in for a lump in her doggy boobies, and when she is all clear we will adopt her!


The night before we went to pick her up, we drove over to the pet store and bought her a new collar with her name and our address, a softy cozy bed, and a nice leather leash. It was so hard not to buy approximately 12091871239hss80 dog treats and toys, but I think I did well.


This is Sweet Pea sleeping in her new bed on the first night at our house. Which is going to be a very rare picture because she vastly prefers to sleep in the bed directly on top of CB. Nay, she demands it. We have compromised with letting her sleep at the foot of the bed. So my only dismay is that our bed is going to smell like an old dog, and my life has 100% more dog poop in it. Small price to pay for being able to hang out with a dog all day though! And she is nice to have at the end of the bed, she is like a furry water bottle warming up my toes. It’s like that song says “happiness is a warm dog, yes it is.”

She had a really exciting first day with us, and she especially did not like the ride home. I’m starting to think she didnt get out much with her other family. They gave her up for adoption because they could no longer care for her. CB took her for a walk to the beach and she acted like she had never seen water before. He took a little video.

Does the water want to fight with her? Does she have to fight the water back? Yeah not very impressed.



And here is Sweet Pea, wrapped up in a pizza, having a snuggle.

Anyway, we are off to family Easter Dinner, so I better go hop in the shower and get the stank off me. Be prepared for a billion more pictures of Sweet Pea on my blog though, because I’m all about her right now.


Spring Sprungler

Well hello there, March!

Where’d you come from, you sneaky little devil!

Can’t say I’m going to mourn the passing of February, the seemingly longest month of the whole fucking year. Ready for some wet Marchy spring time now! There’s still snow, but there’s buds on the trees and sometimes, sunshine! I feel so greedy for it! I find patches of it beaming into the house and stand there like a lazy cat. Rubbing the sunshine onto my skin like some kind of ethereal lotion. Need those happy suntime rays on me!


This has been a really strange, amazing month in the life of CB & Karalalala. So much good stuff, we are starting to get paranoid that some kinda Big Bad must be on it’s way. The universe likes to even us out like that. But so far it’s all sunshine and pizza parties. Crazy. Our days have been filled with family, lovely meals together, day time naps and cupcakes. So nice. This is us leaning into our Old Peopleness with a quilt-slipper-nap combo.


This is the view from the second floor window of OUR HOUSE!

That’s Dr. Lutz’s house across the way. He is a german doctor, who is one of the best people Ive met in life. He is so curious, and warm. And he shares my intense love of chocolate so we get along pretty well. Behind him is the ocean. It smells fantastic here all the time. Outside all you can hear is seagulls and wind chimes and I feel like I should tape it and put it on youtube for people to listen to while trying to fall asleep at night.

These are some random pics Ive taken of life stuff in the last month. Some crazy good pizza, a weird fencing painting in Corys uncles house, molasses raisin bread dough, ma po tofu and pork with preserved veg from our favourite Chinese restaurant here, and some stuff Ive been making at work. I’m finding that people here are obsessed with French macarons, and anything filled with whipped cream. Those are coconut cream eclairs and pistachio macarons, and a gigantic guitar cake I made. I always thought I hated making cakes, but I’m actually really enjoying it. My lovely Boss Lady says I get real quiet and zen when Im making tiny fondant owls & corals and what not for cakes.



I also have started working on my Get Better At Life List to great success!

  • Ive been calling my family way way more which is something I really was bad at, and thusly so nothing in this blog will be new or interesting to any of them haha
  • I have read 7 books! I have time to read! READNG IS COOL U GUYZ.
  • CB dyed my hair mermaid colours one sunday night, and it was beautiful for a week and a half. Purple magenta, royal blue and turquoise. Because why the hell not.
  • I have been eating better, and lost about 10 pounds since christmas. Just 1081292809 more to go! But I do feel a million times healthier, in my bod, and also my brains. Yay, vive le fibre!
  • Im doing very good at not working so much and its making everything in our life so much better. Also, our regular customers are little girls, grandmas, and Klutzy the Clown so thats pretty fucking great.



We finally got down to the Farmers Market on Keltic Drive this saturday. It is a fantastic little market! There weren’t any veggies or anything like that yet, lots of sea-shell based crafts as to be expected, but they had something there that gave us emotions. Ethnic food. The smell, of spices, in the air! OH MY GOD! We ate samosas, and my tongue felt like it was bursting with a million spicy rainbows shooting out happiness.

We grabbed dinner from a lady selling African food! Ive never had African food before, and we are now probably her biggest fans. We got “African stew” which was tomato based, with chickpeas and spices. Meatballs. Something amazing with lots of eggplant. Couscous, some really tasty rice, chicken legs, and two bottles of home made sorrel juice. Which tasted like fruit punch. And tasted even nicer, with rum in it.

Rum = Yum. Thats just good old fashioned math.

Then we had some german baking for dessert; bienenstich which is like sweet bread filled with custard and covered in honey & almonds. Also a quark doughnut, which was dense but soft and very slightly cheesy. It is tasty in my stomach, ja?

We also picked up some local honey that tastes like roses and spruce trees, so basically heaven. Some sausages made by a German couple who were hocking sauerkraut and bratwurst on buns. Big Spruce Brewing co had giant growlers of beer which gave me troubling lust feelings. They also had a mysterious dark bottle the size of my forearm with a picture of Rasputin on it that I had to buy. Its a dark stout, tasting of vanilla and caramel, and it is also 10.5%, called Ra Ra Rasptin. The guy told me to “be careful” while drinking it, or to share it, because it says 10.5 on the bottle but its more near 12. Soooo that should be fun for CB to have to deal with me one night.

There was a wizard looking dude selling mead, and some goat soap makers, Nova Scotian wines, Caper Crepes, a cupcake stand, chocolates, coffee, naan bread, tons of baked goods and even more hippy shit, and German translations of Clive Cussler novels.. So we have lots to try next time.


After the market we went by Uncle Blairs house, and started off a batch of home brew whiskey. This is him stirring the yeast into the big buckets of sugar water. Mmmmm, hoooooch-y. As a sugar-based professional I got him the hookup on cheap 25kg bags of the sweet stuff, so in return he’s teaching me how to make booze. Pretty good trade! Seems pretty straight forward, so in addition to cupcaker and fly tier, I might try my hand at bootlegging. Yay!

For our next trick, we are gonna get the garden started out back. Maybe start figuring out a chicken coop for next spring, cause we have left it a little late now to get chickens this year. And yeah.. damn it.. maybe even get a fucking pony. WHY NOT! Why, the hell, not.

Damn it!


P.S. Hi Murray! This ones for you..

Pocket Rocks


It’s all shades of grey outside today. Air is thick with the mulchy smell of mossy lawn uncovered by the thaw. Black spruce slough off what’s left of the heavy snow from slumping branches. Landing with pops and crackles on wet peat beneath. Standing still & breathing slow, the sound reminds me of a bowl of Rice Krispies & milk. Smack, spackle, plop. Stink of fish & diapers wafting in at low tide. Crows zigzag to and fro over the yard, checking for offerings from last nights dinner. It’s a no go, crow, sorry, dude. No such things as leftovers on Pizza Night!


I’ve been sitting on the couch for a few hours reading the internet. I feel like the weather. Heavy, stinky wet butts and sad crows wanting lasagna reflect my inner self completely. I laid in bed so late into the morning, half watching CB play a Marvel game on his tablet half staring at the ceiling. “What are you thinking about, Peanut?” In my head I had been designing an elaborate costume for myself to wear, in the shape of a pizza slice, but with customizable toppings made of silk and satin. Cheese of soft brushed out Angora wool dyed mozzarella-yellow with red crinoline tomato sauce underneath. Khaki button mushrooms with gills embroidered in brown silk ribbon, patent leather onions, velveteen green peppers and corduroy pepperoni. Tiny super glam gold lamé anchovies sparkling with silver sequins wrapped in black fishnet.. flannel olives..stuffed with.. polyester pimento…. ?… drifting in and out of dream state while I pieced together my beautiful pizza ball gown.. I dreamt last night kids from my public school opened a pizza joint in our old school and I was taste testing their products. I think I have a pizza fever. Eyes open now I reach over and grab the last slice. It’s been waiting patiently on my dresser all night for me to finish it off. The crust is cold and too chewy, but the cheese is still nice for me to bite. Yum. i love pizza. I love pizza. I Love Pizza. L.O.V.E.P.I.Z.Z.A


Yesterday CB an I went to look at a house thats for sale. We drove for a couple hours to see it. An old farm house with a barn, used to have horses. It smelled like creek water and was covered in dead flies. I think they were keeping an animal in the laundry room. Nice enough really, just too far away. We drove home dreaming of nicer places, and stopped for pizza. We watched X-Files and ate the pizza, and after, the best ice cream sandwiches ever on the planet. CB says, we are the age now that Mulder and Scully were when we watched it as kids. Mind blown. I love Mulder & Scully. M.U.L.D.E.R.&.S.C.U.L.L.Y


CB looks over and laughs at the look of me. He’s playing Fallout, and Im on the other bed sitting on top of the clean laundry. My outfit today consists of my flannel onesie, teal green with white stars, Arlene got me for christmas. Floral slippers, CB’s black sweater and he fashioned me a hooded cape out of a flannel blanket. There’s rocks in the pocket of CB’s sweater. I smell badly of old rotten armpits but I don’t plan on changing out of this today. Its comfy. Blogging Babushka, becoming one with the laundry. We don’t have jobs but we have been so busy, today we are taking a day off.


I haven’t written a blog in a while. We have been busy adventuring, and driving around, looking at stuff, dreaming and thinking and planning. Cooking. Eating. I feel the stress leaving my blood. We are going to start going to the YMCA, to the gym. There’s a pool there and I bought a cheap bathing suit. Im so excited to swim!!

Anyway.. I’m going to go drink some pop and read for a while. I have been reading so much! I’ve got that nerd enertia that comes after I read for a while. You know where you cant stop reading? You just read and read and read… Its nice. Okay, BYE! I’ll blog again soon because I have lots of pictures of foods we have been eating that I want to show you.



Peanut Day!



This weekend has been wicked. I had a birthday, so now I’m a whole year wiser. Like a sage or some kind of sensei. This became evident in our preparation, we were very smart– Ive never had my birthday off since I started working actually, so I planned to party hardcore. We got the staples.. ice cream cake, case of beer, a bag of McCain spicy curly fries, an industrial tub of epsom salts, a bottle of lactaid and downloaded a bunch of just.. terrible, terrible movies.

I woke up to Happy Birthdays from CB— oy that sounds like a euphemism for something, hahaha. No he just said happy birthday. And made me a sweet ass breakfast, followed by slices of ice cream cake, a hot shower and a nap. We went for a long drive because it was sunny and thats one of our favourite things to do together, like a couple of olds. I saw a huge fox, and it looked right at me with a serious stink eye. I took some pictures of some COOL ice and stuff.

Did I mention during my birthday weekend, every hour is potentially beer o’clock? It’s been great. I feel good, all the time!


The highlight was making some serious Kara soul food though. My nan’s Macaroni and Cheese which I havent eaten in probably a decade or so. It’s very special, classic family recipe. I requested it most birthday, with a loaf of french bread and fancy drinks and black forest cake. Food for me is like eating with the person I associate it with. Its rarely the meal they are most proud of, but just something that had once made for me with love that is the strongest memory. My sister is tuna sandwiches at night, my brother is salmon, my nan is something I call Mush, or this macaroni and cheese. My bapa is ice cream cones, or fried wontons in the backseat of the car. My mom and dad are in every meal I make, it’s either a mom meal or a dad meal. Mom meals involve a beautiful main meat with lots of sides and make a ton of dishes. Dad meals are one pot cheese covered masterpieces, like imprompu cheese souffle or Hotdog & Hamburger casserole. Or mixing all the jell-o’s together in the name of science. Anyway, food is special, we all know that, but this dish is SUPER special. Sadly, I couldn’t remember her secret recipe, I had never written it down. Lucky for me, I found it on the inside of the Velveeta box!


Only the finest cheeses come mixed together into a sherbert coloured cheese paste and formed into brick shapes! Mmmm.. Velveeta. When I was 14 I wanted to legally change my name to Velveeta. Viva Velveeta actually, I though the double V made me sound exotic and edgy.


CB was super dubious that Velveeta could be used to make a food, but when he took a bite he looked like he was going to cry. I think I heard angels, and trumpets. It was perfect, just like I remembered. I didnt have time to make bread so we just had curly fries, which were unnecessary.


The REAL good stuff is the next morning though, when you cut a hunk of the congealed cheesy macaroni mess out of the bowl and fry it up in a pan, browning all the cheese.. oh my god. That was our breakfast, with leftover meatballs. And then we slipped into a coma and had a hot nap for an hour before the cheese melted out of blood for a bit and we could move our limbs again.


ICE CREAM CAKE! I’m 29 years old..

P.S if your new years resolution has had you eating salad with strained yoghurt sputum and goji berries on it, hahaha fuck you. You don’t need to lose anymore, silly! You have already lost.


I wanted to document the longest curly fry and Im just including this blurry picture to annoy CB because while I was trying to be a serious photojournalist he was yelling at me about lighting and taking picture of a nasty brown string in front of a nasty brown wall and then started chasing me around the house while I screamed like a chimpanzee with a mouth full of curly fries. Haha CEEBS ITS POSTED NOW, EVERYONE CAN SEE IT! Mmm seu cronchy delicious.

Fuck this coffee is effective. *Cranks the Roy Orbison and sets my LUNGS TO STUN!*


Oh lol right I also wanted to show you this. Yesterday morning CB started breakfast (by apparently just cranking the burner up with an empty cast iron pan on it) and went to get dressed. While he was gone I was sitting here minding my own business, checking my stock portfolio online.. watching a tea cup pig on a treadmill… he came back in the room and yelled WTF PEANUT WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU CAN’T YOU SEE THE SMOKE?! And I looked up and was like.. wha.. no.. wha? Look at this pig doing a work out it’s so cute! It says he is working on his HAMstrings can you believe this!

This was the kitchen, after airing it out:


What can I say, I’m really into pigs, especially those inspiring others to take on a healthier lifestyle.

Yeah but mostly Ive just been maxxin’ and relaxxin’, getting my stress out. Catching up on the internet, hanging with CB, avoiding my homework. Yesterday I popped into work to do a for real real life photoshoot for a little old magazine called Chatelaine with the dudes, which was fun. I felt like The Tragically Hip or something. I walked in with hair that was washed, brushed and BLOW DRIED and everyone was like woah shit Kara you have hair. I remember my dad telling me that I am actually pretty when I brush my hairs, and it finally paid off! CB used to say my hair was like a yellow smoke around my head. Charmer, eh?

Anyway it was a pretty cool birthday. I got nothing I wanted but everything I needed. Yes mocha mud slide ice cream cake is a need.

Woah I bypassed the sugar jar and just dumped my sugar in straight from the bag. This will be my dessert coffee, to follow my breakfast coffees. Yeah. Yeah.