Patty Pan Pandemoniumum

Look at these weird little babies! Aren’t they adorable? John is growing all kinds of zucchinis in his garden and this is one of them, Patty Pan Squash! They are really large, so we picked a couple to have for lunch! I’ve never tried these before, and John heard that you shouldn’t eat them when they are large like these ones. So I was excited to see how they tasted.

This is a wee baby patty pan being born. Awwww…

The garden is out of control. The sunflowers are taller than me, and there’s a half dozen zooks at least a foot long! Green giants and long yellow ones.. They look particularly phallic thrusting out of the foliage, flowers curled around their tips.. ahem. See what I mean?

Then there’s my little pickle… not nearly as impressive…..

Here I have dissected the cute little frilly squash thing to show you it’s seedy guts! It’s soft and white and just like a zucchini inside.

Lettuce is my favourite colour, I think.

CB frying up the patty pan with some butter, salt and pepper.

Lunch is ready! Pork tacos in lettuce leaf shells. The patty pans are BLOODY DELICIOUS! Soft and buttery, with a nutty taste like toasted pumpkin seeds. Super delicious, I wish we had cooked up more. So you definitely can eat these buggers when they are big as your head.

After lunch I watched from the deck as John climbed the neighbors fence to pillage their plums. CB defended him from prickly tall weeds with a pair of wire snips. We got a million! PLUMMMS!