Boo La La

Hola quieridos amigos!

Thats the Stella Maris cemetery outside the Fortress of Louisbourgh. It’s a really beautiful spot to be a dead. We parked there to play Pokemon because ya gotta catch’em all.


I got about 11 Evees until the idea of a bunch of skeletons covered in worms made us hungry and we went to get some lunch.


Pizza and sunshine! Pizza and sunshine!! Look at that bubbly cheese. Pizza, you are the best. Mwah! Mwah! Pizza! Je t’aime, mon amore!

Anyway that was really nice. I went to the library because I am obsessed with the cookbook section. I want to rub it all over my body.


This is it. I like to come once a month and sit on the little padded seat in this section and pull books out at random to flip through the recipes. Its like a taste adventure, in the ol’ imagination box. I mean I really make myself at home, really spread it. Make it real uncomfortable for anyone else trying to look at cookbooks because they feel like they are interrupting something private and sacred. I’m kidding, Im just hoping someone will shuffle by me and strike up a conversation about muffins or Persian cooking and I can really lean into being the biggest nerd in the library. It’s my dream to work through this section one book at a time. Even the “healthy eating” books. Its my duty. Today I picked up Bitter by Jennifer McLagan. Its been on my To Read list for a couple of years since it came out. And Friday Night Dinners by the always amazing Bonnie Stern.

Last months picks were Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child and The Gramercy Tavern Cookbook. Both were fantastic, and I am going to buy myself a copy of Julia Child’s book. I scribbled down a half dozen recipes from Gramercy Tavern. Simple, fresh and totally attainable in a home kitchen. I cant wait to try the citrus cured char and the chicken liver parfait. Yuuuhhhhhhh.. m…  yes. Please.


Today was a really nice day. We had pizza, and went for a drive in the sunshine. We ran errands. CB and I shared a coffee and dipped cinnamon sugar doughnuts into it. Its been sunny all week and my skin feels greedy for it. When I stand outside in my Tshirt I feel like my skin cells lift up and position themselves to soak up the most uv like solar cells.


This is a pic I took of Sweetpea while we were sharing a garlic bread out on the step. Just chillin, breathing garlic breath on eachother.

OH!! Last week CB’s mum came up for a surprise visit for the week! (Hi Arlene! We miss you. Sweetpea especially!!) Not.. to segue into that from garlic breath, it just reminded me because we had a big family get together and made a gratuitous amount of spaghetti & meatballs, garlic bread and a Caesar salad big enough to feed an army. It was really, really nice to have a house full of family, eating and talking and drinking. Kids doing their circus routine in the hallway. Sweetpea dodging between peoples feet hunting errant meatballs. Arlene stayed for a whole week, and it was back to back Pop & Chips parties every night. We know how to party over here. We really do miss her now. Made me proper homesick.

Oh and CB made a pizza crust that was insane. Next week we are going to try it out as a donair pizza so I will document the process. Its gonna be good.

I think thats about it. See ya!








We have a dog we have a dog we have a dog!

This is Sweet Pea!

Fun Sweet Pea Facts!

a) she is a little cutie

b) she is 13 years young

c) she likes snuggling, tummy rubs, daytime naps, going for long walks on the beach, pooping on the ground, weird smells, and kisses

d) her favourite foods are chicken nuggets and dog food

e) her least favourite things are being seperated from CB for any amount of time, car rides, and baby carrots

f) she can shake a paw with the best of ’em

So as you can see, she is pretty much the most awesome. We are fostering her from the SPCA until some test results come in for a lump in her doggy boobies, and when she is all clear we will adopt her!


The night before we went to pick her up, we drove over to the pet store and bought her a new collar with her name and our address, a softy cozy bed, and a nice leather leash. It was so hard not to buy approximately 12091871239hss80 dog treats and toys, but I think I did well.


This is Sweet Pea sleeping in her new bed on the first night at our house. Which is going to be a very rare picture because she vastly prefers to sleep in the bed directly on top of CB. Nay, she demands it. We have compromised with letting her sleep at the foot of the bed. So my only dismay is that our bed is going to smell like an old dog, and my life has 100% more dog poop in it. Small price to pay for being able to hang out with a dog all day though! And she is nice to have at the end of the bed, she is like a furry water bottle warming up my toes. It’s like that song says “happiness is a warm dog, yes it is.”

She had a really exciting first day with us, and she especially did not like the ride home. I’m starting to think she didnt get out much with her other family. They gave her up for adoption because they could no longer care for her. CB took her for a walk to the beach and she acted like she had never seen water before. He took a little video.

Does the water want to fight with her? Does she have to fight the water back? Yeah not very impressed.



And here is Sweet Pea, wrapped up in a pizza, having a snuggle.

Anyway, we are off to family Easter Dinner, so I better go hop in the shower and get the stank off me. Be prepared for a billion more pictures of Sweet Pea on my blog though, because I’m all about her right now.


Pocket Rocks


It’s all shades of grey outside today. Air is thick with the mulchy smell of mossy lawn uncovered by the thaw. Black spruce slough off what’s left of the heavy snow from slumping branches. Landing with pops and crackles on wet peat beneath. Standing still & breathing slow, the sound reminds me of a bowl of Rice Krispies & milk. Smack, spackle, plop. Stink of fish & diapers wafting in at low tide. Crows zigzag to and fro over the yard, checking for offerings from last nights dinner. It’s a no go, crow, sorry, dude. No such things as leftovers on Pizza Night!


I’ve been sitting on the couch for a few hours reading the internet. I feel like the weather. Heavy, stinky wet butts and sad crows wanting lasagna reflect my inner self completely. I laid in bed so late into the morning, half watching CB play a Marvel game on his tablet half staring at the ceiling. “What are you thinking about, Peanut?” In my head I had been designing an elaborate costume for myself to wear, in the shape of a pizza slice, but with customizable toppings made of silk and satin. Cheese of soft brushed out Angora wool dyed mozzarella-yellow with red crinoline tomato sauce underneath. Khaki button mushrooms with gills embroidered in brown silk ribbon, patent leather onions, velveteen green peppers and corduroy pepperoni. Tiny super glam gold lamé anchovies sparkling with silver sequins wrapped in black fishnet.. flannel olives..stuffed with.. polyester pimento…. ?… drifting in and out of dream state while I pieced together my beautiful pizza ball gown.. I dreamt last night kids from my public school opened a pizza joint in our old school and I was taste testing their products. I think I have a pizza fever. Eyes open now I reach over and grab the last slice. It’s been waiting patiently on my dresser all night for me to finish it off. The crust is cold and too chewy, but the cheese is still nice for me to bite. Yum. i love pizza. I love pizza. I Love Pizza. L.O.V.E.P.I.Z.Z.A


Yesterday CB an I went to look at a house thats for sale. We drove for a couple hours to see it. An old farm house with a barn, used to have horses. It smelled like creek water and was covered in dead flies. I think they were keeping an animal in the laundry room. Nice enough really, just too far away. We drove home dreaming of nicer places, and stopped for pizza. We watched X-Files and ate the pizza, and after, the best ice cream sandwiches ever on the planet. CB says, we are the age now that Mulder and Scully were when we watched it as kids. Mind blown. I love Mulder & Scully. M.U.L.D.E.R.&.S.C.U.L.L.Y


CB looks over and laughs at the look of me. He’s playing Fallout, and Im on the other bed sitting on top of the clean laundry. My outfit today consists of my flannel onesie, teal green with white stars, Arlene got me for christmas. Floral slippers, CB’s black sweater and he fashioned me a hooded cape out of a flannel blanket. There’s rocks in the pocket of CB’s sweater. I smell badly of old rotten armpits but I don’t plan on changing out of this today. Its comfy. Blogging Babushka, becoming one with the laundry. We don’t have jobs but we have been so busy, today we are taking a day off.


I haven’t written a blog in a while. We have been busy adventuring, and driving around, looking at stuff, dreaming and thinking and planning. Cooking. Eating. I feel the stress leaving my blood. We are going to start going to the YMCA, to the gym. There’s a pool there and I bought a cheap bathing suit. Im so excited to swim!!

Anyway.. I’m going to go drink some pop and read for a while. I have been reading so much! I’ve got that nerd enertia that comes after I read for a while. You know where you cant stop reading? You just read and read and read… Its nice. Okay, BYE! I’ll blog again soon because I have lots of pictures of foods we have been eating that I want to show you.



Hitting The Road



Well, we did it. We made it off the island alive. And then off the second, larger, island alive. And then out of the province alive. And then out of the next 2 provinces alive. It took almost a week longer then it should have due to weather, but it was a nice trip We took it slow, and when stuff happened like having to pull off the highway because of weather, we pretended it was all part of the awesome vacation experience! Not having time constraints makes travelling 600% better!

Oh that picture is of a lighthouse! I peed on it… I couldnt hold it any longer! I peed on a national historic site. Sorry everybody!



This was CB’s view, for the 20 hours of driving we did. Listening to a random mixture of hip hop, Raymond Chandler radio shows, my amazing collection of 80’s music, Johnny Cash and Sherlock Homes stories… so we are insane now.



This was the view on the little ferry off the island.



You can see the back of the ferry in our rear view mirror. Also, some wood.


Look at the ferry’s cool open mouth! Thats what you drive out of. Neat eh! As you can see, our ferry is a bit on the rusty side. We are getting a new one next year! Woot woot!



Driving driving driving! Mostly uneventful, which is good.



We lucked out and got off the highway randomly in New Brunswick and found ourselves driving straight into the parking lot of a SCHNITZELHAUSE, as if guided by angels of the lord baby jesus. Look at that. Veal schnitzel with spaetzel noodles, caramelized onions, red cabbage and sauerkraut!



And apple strudel for dessert. It was magic. The restaurant was decorated for christmas, with life-size santas that danced and sang and candles and holly and christmas lights and beer steins everywhere. I may have had emotions while eating my strudel.. it was just very nice.



Another place we ended up accidentally and were so happy for was A&K Lick-a-Chick! They have the best fried chicken and we always talk about how good this place was. It was fate we ended up there while looking for something completely different!

I wish I took more pictures, it was a nice trip so far. We spent a week in Cape Breton, hanging out with CB’s nan, eating pizza at our favourite pizza place– she made us tea buns even though her arm is killing her and they were amazing, with a cup of tea– we visited CB’s awesome Aunt Carol and cousin Jen and I did crafts for 3 hours with children and it was really fun.. we saw a fox! We stayed out in CB’s nans summer house which is in such a lovely spot. We went to a movie for the first time in 2 years! We had a great week there.

Now we are safe at CB’s parents house. My butt is bruised from driving. Its flat like a hamburger. That’s all for now!



Surprise Pies & Sun Shines So Nice


Look how big the sun is!! Its so beautifulllll

I finished work today, and stepped out into the.. I think it’s called.. Sunshine? I can barely remember how to pronounce the word.. sunshine.. yeah thats the one. I had to squint and could barely see, the magnificant white all around me, I nearly walked into the blaring white building. I’ve been like Gollum, hiding away in the dark all day, my eyes nearly fucking popped at the intensity of seeing daylight. It was also FOUR DEGREES. T-shirt weather, y’all!

It’s also Friday which means it’s PIZZA NIGHT! My favourite night. We went for a drive in the sunshine, I took my coat off. I saw birds! Real life birds, singing in the sunshine! I felt the warm sun on my back. I bought 2 cans of Newcastle Brown Ale and a couple of sprites for shandy’s! BEER AND PIZZA AND CUPCAKES AND SUNSHINE! YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH *Wildly Air-Humping with Reckless Abandon*

We got a veggie with pesto and a sausage & mushroom pizza and 2 of CB’s famous chocolate cupcakes. While trying to re-warm his icing with a torch he accidentally cooked his chocolate frosting and turned it into fudge. Amazing. Best mistake ever.

That reminds me, here’s a pic of the first cake CB and I have ever made together. He made the cake and cream cheese frosting and I slapped it all together. Aww.. romance.. sort of


Oh also, ha! Yesterday look what presents I found on the front seat of our Buick:


Little lemon meringue pies! They were still warm.


I’m having my pie with pop.. cause I’m classy as all hell.




Living the high life on the island on a friday night. Couple of pizza pies, some beer, boot up the Battlestar Galactica. Oh baby.

Starbuck is a bitch and I love her, I’m proud she is a Kara! STARBUCK 4EVR!


Drinky drink, drank.. drunk..


Dont even ask me what this is.. I took a picture because at this stage of its creation it was very pretty.. I called it “Special Dinner Surprise Fritatta” or “Cleaning Out The Fridge Smashed Up Omelette” or as CB called it.. “Kara;s magical Drain-o”. It ended up being very high in fibre when I was finished… I just emptied out all kinds of half full jars. Pizza sauce.. olives.. some old camembert… couple handfuls of sunflower seeds.. found this sweet potato in the back of the cupboard.. and whatever else.. balogne i think?? I have no idea, but I remember thinking “Yeah.. Pro Cheffin’ it UP in here, look at this. Eat your fucking couer out Jacques Pepin, this is some tasty original creation”– as I contemplate sprinkling a package of instant mashed potatoes over the olives and eggs…



Somehow our Supermarket had one bundle of thin, beautiful, fresh asparagus for $3. I almost wept at its beauty. I bought the hell out of that mofo. And put it in my Mistake Frittata.

This week has been mostly a cold, dark, windy blur. We stayed a night at the hotel I work in though, which was one of the nicest days of my life. Just relaxing, eating 5 star food, the BED oh the softness the SOFTNESS.. I had like 7 baths. The highlight was definitely having bubble baths in a giant tub by candlelight. Oh, and playing with a robot toilet. The toilet conformed to your poop preferences! Like a little butt butler! It had a remote control, glowed in the dark so you can see where you pee– it lifts the lid for you, and had a warm seat, and shoots water all over your butthole to clean it up! Very very disturbing at first, but then it kind of grows on you, and now I’m pissed that my toilet just fucking sits there doing nothing when it could be glowing in the dark fancy colours and making water fountains on my butt! I miss that toilet.. The shower had a rain shower head and a regular shower head and it was sooo nice. I came away from my night at the hotel thinking.. man rich people must be so CLEAN. We havent been this clean in months.. maybe a year.. maybe never..

And then we came home. To a burst pipe in our laundry room.. our water is so high in chlorine that it’s not only bleaching all my clothes but now is eating through pipes. Totally flooded. Hundreds of poor hapless potato bug corpses floating around in the 3 inches of water.. dishes piled high in the sink.. 3 day old chicken bits in the garbage stinking up the joint.. Home Sweet Home. And then we had hamburger helper for dinner. From pure clean white luxury to our dirty wet stank trailer. You couldnt have gotten a more stark contrast.

Anyway, I should go to sleep. G’night!


A Series of Circles & Tubes


Its been a goodish week. It’s been a long time since I’ve cooked every night, so thats been nice to get back into doing. I’ve eaten 6 chocolate bars. Having lots of weird dreams about losing my teeth in various ways. CB tried to teach me how to make his 1950’s space ship sound he usually reserves for freaking out dogs.. didnt go well, but I laughed so much I nearly pissed my pants and went running down the hall with them around my ankles to try to beat it to the punch. Made it, by the way. OH! I watched the cinematic masterpiece that is the first Leprechaun movie. And Crocodile Dundee 2. Imagined some sweet fanfiction where Crocodile Dundee and Indiana Jones are Best Friends and have wild adventures. Havent had much social interaction…

Ive spent a total of about 8 minutes outside, but those 8 minutes were spent straight up sprinting to get somewhere warm so ya know.. exercise. I’m all about the health and fitness, and pizza. With garlic mayonnaise dipping sauce. And have tried my hand at taking pensive photographs to express the desolation inside me. Or dehydration… I’m very dry.. itchy..

This is the only one that turned out:


Are ya feeling me? That’s it. Thats what I did… a picture of a wall… might not be much going on here.


CB found this giant roadworks sign under our couch cushions. Extra butt support? Anyway.. because I have an enviable sense of style and decor (and it was uncomfortable in the couch), it’s now just learned up against the wall in the living room. Every time I notice it I laugh. Newfies have no idea what lions look like. That was printed by the government.

Oh hey check this out!


We got the biggest balogne! Its fancy because its French and comes in a fucking bag. With a little creativity and thread, I’m going to be rocking the longest, weirdest smelling tube purse ever soon!


This is our unborn pizza baby. Onions, pepperoni, and olives. THE STANDARD.  Due to my all encompassing boredom I have spent a lot of my time this week milling around the only grocery store, picking up every item, inspecting it, and putting it back. Unless the item was pop, chips, giant comedy balogne, chocolate mint ice cream bars, cookie dough dairy milk bars, and cheese.. then it went in the cart. CB just frowned and frowned when he saw our “groceries.” When I came to the wall of frozen pizzas, I stared at them for a long time. Then I remembered I can cook things and just bought some cheese and pepperoni. Et voila, une pizza delicieuz pour ma bouche, tout alors, sil vois plait… Les grenouilles mangez le croustilles!!


And the traditional pizza side.. garlicy ceasar salad. mMmMmMm.. its kind of like a vegetable. While the pizza cooked, I took a moment to take in the view..


Breathtaking. Yeah Im not shovelling that…

Yesterday CB was working at the Cafe for pizza night with two of our most favourite people on the island. They MURDERED pizza night. They just killed it. It was really fun. They sold out of pizza! And I actually did a bit of homework while I was there. And I finally got to read two of my brothers latest scripts, which was great. Yeah I was totally that asshole reading scripts on their macbook at the cafe. *Cool dude* Mostly I chatted on skype with my mom and harassed my sister, while gingerly nibbling the biggest slice of carrot cake that was every sliced. Annnd because Im sleeping with the Chef de Pizza, I got all the burnt slices! YAYYY!

Now back to my pizza. TADA!




(CB says saying 5000 isnt a thing but I think it is… right? It is..)

ALSO he says thats so uncool but he is SERIOUSLY FOR REAL RIGHT NOW reading about a motorcycle jacket that is called the..


Its being modelled by a guy with a pushbroom moustache and a lady with a perm, standing in front of a 1994 Nissan. Yeah. And I’M the uncool one.


Pizza Wontons, Makin Pizza Wontons, You Take Some Pizza And You Put It In A Wonton


K: What do you have to say for yourself?

CB: Ummmmm…. *exasperrated beard scratch* Well, you were having a bad day at work because your stollen babies didnt work out, so I thought that some pizza wontons would make you happy.

K: You would be correct, sir.

CB: Also, you hadnt made a blog in a while, so I thought you would like some blogs material. So I took some pictures while I made you pizza wontons


CB: No. No it’s not romance. You can leave that in, but it’s not romance.

K: This is my romance.

CB: It’s likemance at best.

K: You like mans.

C: Any port in a storm, pretty much

K: *face* lets just get on with the pizza wontons.

CB: No wait I have more things to say. You forgot to put a B after my C. I didnt go to university to earn my B just to be called C.

CB: That’s better. Formatting is not your forte. You forgot the accent.

K: MORE K NOW! PIZZA TIMES! GO GHO GO! I just spelled go wrong…. brutal……….

CB: Okay on to the pizza! You don’t have to type that….


CB: So we were at the grocery store like a couple of poors.

K: Because only poor people go to the grocery store.

CB: Only poor people go to the grocery store and only buy things that are 50% off.

K: Oh yeah K means me.. continue.. I have nothing to add

CB: Yeah so we bought these wonton wrappers to do something with because they ended up only being about a dollar. To be honest I actually thought they were rice paper wraps like the kind you make Vietnamese cold rolls out of–

K: A staple in every newfoundland outport community

CB: .. Because I am dumb and wasn’t paying attention and you were just shouting “IT’S 50% OFF!”. So I thought about making traditional wontons but all we had were pizza toppings and no pizza dough or anything so I decided on pizza wonton.Fried pizza wontons. Because I couldnt find a way to make pizza wonton soup work out.


CB: As you suggested tomato soup might have worked out

K; Nope, gross.

CB: Plus you cant fry them if you put them in tomato soup. But I guess you can, but it would be gross.



Take a small portion of leftover pepperoni tube.


Chop that shit up.


I like the roasty crispy pepperoni taste, so I then fried it.

K: With like a million salt.. not complaining

CB: The salt is there for a reason not just because I like salty things. The big rock salt helps things get crispier. But you have to be careful of salt poisoning.

K; Is that  a real thing? Salt poisoning? Dont you just drink some water?

CB: Only if you want to just pee salt water for the rest of your life

K: Im thinking about that.. no. I dont. So then what?

CB: I dunno, lets go down to the next picture.


CB: Right, your giant bag of capsicums. That I didnt think we needed to buy even though it was a good price and on sale but why do we need a 10lb bag of chopped capsicums. People on the internet should know that we would obviously prefer fresh ones but they are too expensive here during the winter. And this bag is probably a third of the price of fresh.

K: I ain’t no veg snob, all I see is cheap vitamins. Actually all I saw was a bag of shiny colourful dots and was like, MINE NOW

CB: Word


CB: I put these in too because you made me think of getting a slice of deluxe and all I could think about was peppers on a pizza. Also vitamins I guess. But these are fried wontons so I wasnt being super health conscious.

K; Remember the night before you were making porkchops and I said they smelled like a pizza with green peppers? It was a psychic food premonition. I get those. I can usually tell what my mom is making for dinner.

CB: Based only on the smell of what she’s making for dinner..

K: NO SHE’S PROVINCES AWAY! PROVINCES. Anyway its a useless skill but I’m working on a television pilot. Or should I say my fatcat TV exec brother is. Get on it, B-BOT.


CB: Here is the bowl of pizza filling goodness. Probably after I ate two spoonfuls of it. I had to check and see if I was in trouble because I got a little happy with the hot sauce.

K: It makes everything BURN when I eat it.  From beginning to bitter end.. if ya know what I mean.


CB: Next the best part of any sort of pizza related endeavor is cheese. Next time instead of shredding it I will cut it into little cubes.

K: Why, pray tell?

CB: Because it was too hard to get the shredded cheese to stay where I wanted it within the wonton. I had to smoosh it into a little ball.


CB: Leftover sauce. Which we always have, because we eat meatballs but we dont eat pasta

K: Meatballs.. *dreamy*


CB: These are the wonton wrappers that I meticulously re-piled so that they wouldn’t stick to each other while I was making them. This is the way I like to pile square things, your OCD may differ.


CB: Here is the Wontons Maker’s Setup. All the ingredients you need. A shallow bowl of water to dip your dingers in

K: loL DINGERS (typo on my part but I’m leaving it in)

CB: Fingers in. And a clean bowl to pile the finished wontons in.


CB. So then you make your stack. I started with cheese.


And then sauce.


And then pepperoni and capsicum.


And then an olive because I like olives on pizza. In fact the whole point of mozzarella existing in my life now is for olives to be near it.

K: It’s true. Our other food treat lately has just been mozzerella fried in a pan covered in olives. Its amazing…


CB: Put a little water around half of the wonton, as pictured in the first image (way up at the top). Then fold it in half, sealing it up.


Then some other stuff happens and blam a wonton is formed! It’s hard to take pictures of making a wonton while making a wonton because it is a two handed operation. There are good videos on youtube that I used to refresh my memory by a girl named mooncakefactory.


CB: Fill a little pot with oil and do all the stuff you do to fry stuff. Fry them little wonton bitches in there. Fry them perfectly and take a picture for the internet. I just realized that the tone of this post changed from “here’s what I did for Kara” to an instructional post and the pictures arent at all instructionl so.. goodluck making these. It’s not actually that hard, you probably dont need instructions.

Pro Tips / Confession

I made about 3 flat on the board before doing it the proper way in your hand and it is a lot easier making them in your hand. Also after about 6, I just threw all the shit into one bowl and just mashed it all up because making all those little piles took for-fucking-ever. Sha-ZAM Pizza Wontons!

There are no beautifully plated after pictures because we ate these really quickly while watching a Jet Li movie.

K: Movie was pretty awesome, pizza wontons goes down as one of my Top Ten Treats of All Time. Which is saying a LOT. Thanks CB, U R D BEZT M8. K

CB: Okay I’m done.


Pizza Wontons

Yield: Approx. 25 wontons

Time: About an hour

Cost: <$5



1 pkg wontons

1  pepper, diced

200g cheese, cubed or shredded

1/2 a stick of pepperoni, chopped

1 cup tomato sauce

A dozen olives, sliced

Hot sauce *optional

Oil for frying


Fry your pepperoni. Cool. Mix it with your peppers.

Take your wontons and stack them to keep the separate.

Hold the wrapper in your hand, put a little cheese, sauce, and pepper mix. Brush half of the wonton with a little water using your finger. Fold.

Fry at 360F in an inch of oil for a few seconds on each side until a nice dark golden brown. If you want them chewier fry until lighter, if you want them crunchy fry them darker.