Ponk Chomp Poetry

Shady forest creaks
Lightning felled
monster trees
cedar stumps
blanket of moss
chews the wet wood
with the softest noms

Sneak peeking
in the holes of moles
Trails by mucky muskrat tums
slipping under brush
to munch frog’s polliwogs
Water striders skitter
nervously along

Little drunken creek
Pond scum & rotten leaves
beer bottle babbling
over bones and stones
March through marshy marsh
Bog burps, a hippy’s herbal farts
Bloody, muddy, boot thief

LOOK! I found a caterpillar! CB and I went for a trudge today. Merrily I skipped, taking pictures of every single flower I found; trillium, purple trillium, yellow dogswood, forget-me-nots, tiny wild pansies, and a variety of thorny berry-growing things. CB stomped along throwing knives into every dead tree along the way, and peeing on things. We saw a red tailed hawk, a rabble of butterflies and this little caterpillar, but no turtles. Oh, but I dream of turtles! Why can’t we just find one damned turtle! So many perfect little pond spots for them. BAH. One day.

Two hours of tromping through muddy farm fields and bits of forest led us to our favourite sunny spot on a hill. We tenderly nibbled on honey almonds, green apples and each other before having a nice sunny nap. This spring sun has become to feel like food to me, Im always so hungry for it and can’t seem to get enough. At sundown I have an overwhelming compulsion to go outside and get the last of the sun on my arms, just in case. I’m greedy for those vitamin Ds!!

We finally made it back. With blisters on callusses on blisters. I had much-too-hot bath and a much-too-big glass of beer with lemonade in it. CB BBQ’d us up some Flinstone sized pork chops and some green beans. I feel so nice. Goodnight!