We’re dogsitting tonight! Possibly dognapping…  I love these giant fluffdogs, I want to take them home. FOREVER. Look at this one. With her giant face. Bahhhhh.  Just.. want.. to.. crush.. it in.. a VICE! SO CUTE.



Its really mild out this evening. The sun is lighting up all the hills bright orange but I cant take a good pic of it. Look at this cute boat weathervane on top of the Brown’s gazebo.


I want a gazebo on the ocean. I cant even imagine how nice it is to have dinner out here in the summer. Its literally like.. over the water.


The view out to the south side of Joe Batt’s.


Blowing around the lacey curtains.

My work was closed today, but I went in anyway to catch up on some stuff. It was nice, I snuck downstairs to use the big kitchen. I used ever burner, and the oven was free just for me. I got 8 hours worth of crap done in 4 hours. Awesome. I also typed up our entire recipe book which has been weighing on me for months. Now everything is neatly typed and organized, on new paper free of food stains. So nice. Feels like a fresh start for this upcoming busy spring.





Fire in the sky



The big man looking pensive

But now we are enjoying relazing in Rex and Paulines super comfortable house, hanging with the two Newfs. Fifth Element is on tv, one of my favourite movies. Oh Mila Jovovich, you rock that tape dress like haut couture. The first time I saw this movie I went into the bathroom and dyed my hair bright orange with kool aid.. it was.. a big fail.. I thought I would look just like Leelu Dallas Multipass or hell even 90’s popstar Vitamin C.. but I looked more like carrot tops homeless cousin. Unpleasent. Atleast it only lasts a couple of days! And then I discovered Manic Panic..


Speaking of discoveries, I have discovered Paulines stash of Coors Lite’s and christmas jub jubes! Now if you’ll excuse me..



Surprise Pies & Sun Shines So Nice


Look how big the sun is!! Its so beautifulllll

I finished work today, and stepped out into the.. I think it’s called.. Sunshine? I can barely remember how to pronounce the word.. sunshine.. yeah thats the one. I had to squint and could barely see, the magnificant white all around me, I nearly walked into the blaring white building. I’ve been like Gollum, hiding away in the dark all day, my eyes nearly fucking popped at the intensity of seeing daylight. It was also FOUR DEGREES. T-shirt weather, y’all!

It’s also Friday which means it’s PIZZA NIGHT! My favourite night. We went for a drive in the sunshine, I took my coat off. I saw birds! Real life birds, singing in the sunshine! I felt the warm sun on my back. I bought 2 cans of Newcastle Brown Ale and a couple of sprites for shandy’s! BEER AND PIZZA AND CUPCAKES AND SUNSHINE! YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH *Wildly Air-Humping with Reckless Abandon*

We got a veggie with pesto and a sausage & mushroom pizza and 2 of CB’s famous chocolate cupcakes. While trying to re-warm his icing with a torch he accidentally cooked his chocolate frosting and turned it into fudge. Amazing. Best mistake ever.

That reminds me, here’s a pic of the first cake CB and I have ever made together. He made the cake and cream cheese frosting and I slapped it all together. Aww.. romance.. sort of


Oh also, ha! Yesterday look what presents I found on the front seat of our Buick:


Little lemon meringue pies! They were still warm.


I’m having my pie with pop.. cause I’m classy as all hell.




Living the high life on the island on a friday night. Couple of pizza pies, some beer, boot up the Battlestar Galactica. Oh baby.

Starbuck is a bitch and I love her, I’m proud she is a Kara! STARBUCK 4EVR!


Drinky drink, drank.. drunk..


Dont even ask me what this is.. I took a picture because at this stage of its creation it was very pretty.. I called it “Special Dinner Surprise Fritatta” or “Cleaning Out The Fridge Smashed Up Omelette” or as CB called it.. “Kara;s magical Drain-o”. It ended up being very high in fibre when I was finished… I just emptied out all kinds of half full jars. Pizza sauce.. olives.. some old camembert… couple handfuls of sunflower seeds.. found this sweet potato in the back of the cupboard.. and whatever else.. balogne i think?? I have no idea, but I remember thinking “Yeah.. Pro Cheffin’ it UP in here, look at this. Eat your fucking couer out Jacques Pepin, this is some tasty original creation”– as I contemplate sprinkling a package of instant mashed potatoes over the olives and eggs…



Somehow our Supermarket had one bundle of thin, beautiful, fresh asparagus for $3. I almost wept at its beauty. I bought the hell out of that mofo. And put it in my Mistake Frittata.

This week has been mostly a cold, dark, windy blur. We stayed a night at the hotel I work in though, which was one of the nicest days of my life. Just relaxing, eating 5 star food, the BED oh the softness the SOFTNESS.. I had like 7 baths. The highlight was definitely having bubble baths in a giant tub by candlelight. Oh, and playing with a robot toilet. The toilet conformed to your poop preferences! Like a little butt butler! It had a remote control, glowed in the dark so you can see where you pee– it lifts the lid for you, and had a warm seat, and shoots water all over your butthole to clean it up! Very very disturbing at first, but then it kind of grows on you, and now I’m pissed that my toilet just fucking sits there doing nothing when it could be glowing in the dark fancy colours and making water fountains on my butt! I miss that toilet.. The shower had a rain shower head and a regular shower head and it was sooo nice. I came away from my night at the hotel thinking.. man rich people must be so CLEAN. We havent been this clean in months.. maybe a year.. maybe never..

And then we came home. To a burst pipe in our laundry room.. our water is so high in chlorine that it’s not only bleaching all my clothes but now is eating through pipes. Totally flooded. Hundreds of poor hapless potato bug corpses floating around in the 3 inches of water.. dishes piled high in the sink.. 3 day old chicken bits in the garbage stinking up the joint.. Home Sweet Home. And then we had hamburger helper for dinner. From pure clean white luxury to our dirty wet stank trailer. You couldnt have gotten a more stark contrast.

Anyway, I should go to sleep. G’night!


Back In Town


13,888km down, 3,044 more to go!

Well, we’re back. We made it. Our butts were completely flat and our brains totally zonked after the 19 hour flight, but it was relatively painless. We’ve been back in Canada for 5 days and we have already done more than 14 hours of driving during our tour of hugs and cups of tea all around Ontario. So many hugs. So.. many..


It feels really good to be back in Canada. I will miss NZ, but not as much as I have missed my people here. Even my stinky old dog. ESPECIALLY my stinky old dog. And my brain damaged one eyed cat that barely recognized us. She just stood at the end of the hallway staring at us, stuck her tongue out, turned around and ran away.


Everyone is looking all tanned and healthy at the end of the summer here. Nothing has changed too dramatically since we’ve been gone. The engagement of a cousin, my brothers career success and scholarship to a masters program, another cousin starting her PhD in England, CB’s dad pretty much built a barn by himself and my gram moved our of her dream cottage because of the recession ruining everything ever. My parents are finally quitting smoking! And the money is plastic now!! Apparently it has been melting?? I dunno. All I know is when we got off the plane and ordered our first Tim Hortons coffees and bagels with cream cheese and doughnuts the total came to $5 and I was like.. wait really, all of these foods? I love you canada! It was nice to hear Canadian accents again. We sound fucking goofy, eh! IMG_5301


Oh, and breakfast. Oh how I missed ye, smokey bacon and sausages and has browns and eggs and ketchup! Real ketchup! Hallelujah!



We have managed to eat most of the foods we were nostalgic for in New Zealand. It all began with breakfast at the diner. Dill pickle chips. Yellow beans with butter and pepper. DOUGHNUTS! Kraft dinner. Red Hot Hot Dogs. Proper bacon. Sausages! My moms cooking. BBQ’d hamburgers and potato salad with hardboiled eggs. Drip coffee. Kosher dill pickles.


I took some pictures around my mums garden. Some pretty flowers being all pretty, and for some reason a dragon. The backyard in Elliot Lake is beautiful. My parents have hung hummingbird feeders and they had hummingbirds buzzing around all the time, making cute little squeeks. They dont even seem like real life things.

On the way up north we saw a baby bear! All over the highway.. poor bugger. We also saw a skunk, a deer, a coyote and a cat.. all over the highway.. Charming! Oh and CB saw a beaver, alive!


Oscar giving me The Look. Hypnotizing me into putting my camera down and going in the house to whip him up a pan of lasagne. It FAILED!


My sister with a cute ghost on her shirt.


We got out in my parents pontoon boat for one last ride around the lake before it gets sold. It was so sunny and relaxing.


This is a picture of a nice rock I took while we waited for my dad to start the boat after horribly flooding the engine!


We saw EAGLES!!


After a nice dinner of pad thai my sister and I went for a walk to the beach around the corner.



Damn punk kids and their graffitos.


‘Laxin and maxing in ma flippy floppies.


Sand swoop!

Tomorrow Im picking my beloved brother up at the train station for pool parties and BBQ chicken! Woo WOO! Then we pack up our sweet old Buick and we are off to Newfoundland! Its going to take about 4 days to get there, so we will take lots of pictures mom I promise.



Pork Roast + Sunsets = Romance


The sky was so pretty tonight it looked like a painted back drop.

I’ve had the better part of 4 days off with my precious bearded one and it has been lovely. But, as he growled off  into the sunset to work on his little suzuki, sweater all warm from hugs and backpack full of donuts for the guys, I felt like it really wasn’t enough. We made the most of it though! Spent lots of time farting about in the sun, curdled up on the couch watching David Attenborough tell us all about how totally nasty spiders are, or cooking together. That was my favourite bit because we haven’t done that in a long time. We made some proper warm up your guts winter food and ate it while making noises.


This morning we got a nice big old roll of pork tenderloin from the butchers. It was beautiful. I gave it a sensual oil massage and rubbed rock salt into the skin. Then we roasted it up until it was golden brown and crispy. The smell in the house was intense and I was literally jumping up and down in front of the oven with excitement like goddamn Santa Claus was going to come out.


Dummmmm dummm DUMMMM! Seriously.. it was even better than it looks.


Skin so crunchy it klinked like pork glass when CB gave it a tap with the knife.


Hog heaven.


It also made the best gravy of my LIFE! (Sorry mom, but you would have been jealous)

As we ate CB commented that he wishes he could take credit for this masterpiece, but the credit is entirely due to whatever awesome little pig friend made this with his porky bod. The crackling was amazing, but no human being should eat that much crispy pig skin so the bulk of it, sadly enough, went into a soup stock for later this week. I know, sacrilege, but we are trying to be healthy and aside from all the pictures of donuts and gravy on here lately it’s working pretty well!


I don’t know why, but I thought I would take a picture of our chair. Its really comfy and good for drinking tea in and flipping through seed catalogues like an old cat lady.

Once CB left for work I took the opportunity to go buy a new pair of pants. I’m down to just the one, and its kind of embarrassing. I feel like if I wear them with cuffs one day and none the next people will be fooled into thinking I have two pairs of the same pants… I doubt it’s fooling anybody, but I also doubt anyone is paying any attention to my pants anyway so its all good in the hood. Anyway, I took my sad booty to the mall, which is so tedious I like to spare CB from the indignity of watching me try on pants and proceed to then spend 85 minutes staring into the depressing department store mirror adjusting the crotch area trying to find that sweet spot where it doesnt bunch or billow weird.. I can do that on my own. Success! I came out with a pair of jeans that actually fit so VICTORY IS MINE! In the spirit of buying jeans that fit I also managed to avoid going to Yoghurt Story and eating tiramisu frozen yoghurt covered in gummi bears by myself in the food court. So, also, small victory there. Things are looking up, for this gal! Self control, you shall be mine some day! Christ this is sounding like Bridget Jones started working for the Pork Board of Canada or something.

Oh! On the way into Henderson I have to come down through the ranges and at one point I was driving on a ridge between two valleys. On one side was the city, with it’s millions of sparkling gold and pink lights under the turquoise sky and on the other side was the sunset that almost identically matched the colours. It was so striking I almost crashed into a mail box.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with Mr. Attenborough and some bug that wears the carcasses of its dead prey as a costume. Sounds like a romantic evening continues..

Days Off!


You know what I love? Not being at work! I’ve had two awesome days off, and enjoyed every minute of it. Yesterday we rolled out of bed late and had a breakfast date together. And then, we decided to go to the movies, which is always great. We had some time to waste before it started so we perused the toy store and I wore an Iron Man mask and played with tiny plastic dinosaurs. Then we went to the electronics stores and I touched all kinds of expensive things with my grubby little fingers. And then we went to the pet store, and met the love of my LIFE. A little black poodle pup saw me and instantly knew that I would kidnap it and we would spend our days frollicking and sharing ice creams and having fleas together. The pet store girl opened up her little cubby hole and I held the wee poodle on my chest like a little warm furry bottle of guts! So cute. And then when I was finished squishing the puppy and calling it strange things, we went to see SUPERMAN!

And it was just super, man.

So much handsome is happening there with the face and the chest and the arms and the abs. Oh my. That movie was awesome. Maybe even better than Batman. YEAH I SAID IT, SO WHAT! Did Batman throw a train through a Sears and then end up in space using a satellite to punt some baddie in the plums? Nope, do not remember that happening, but he does have Alfred. Alfred is cool.


And then, I rode a motorcycle around in the sunshine like some total badass.


Leader of the pack, putt putt…


Who’s got two thumbs and rode a motorcyle like a pro without even crying? This gal. The helmet squishes my cheeks in real tight and gives me permanent chubby face. Its pretty rebellious and cool.


Then we came home and I sat out on the fence and imagined frollicking through the fields with my best friend dog forever who I totally don’t even want to kidnap and keep for myself…


Then I learned all about the BEARDS AND THE BEES. Lulz.


Cuppa tea, anyone?


Getting in the last of the sunshine of the day, in case it rained tomorrow.


These little purple flowers were pretty but I touched them and my hands smelled like butts all night.


The End.

Mole in my Hole

Moooh-laaaaaaay mo-lay mo-lay mo-lay!

Last night we had chicken mole and it was stupid good. My friend at work, Rebecca, is an amazing chef from Mexico and has been giving me PRESENTS! Mexican style. Handfuls of dried chilies she imports from Mexico; anchos, poblanos, mulattos, pasillas, something she called “little cockroach chilies” and of course, chipotles. Mmm chipotles. Consequently we have been putting them in EVERYTHING!

These are my precious chilies, in salty jars to keep them spicy fresh. Rebecca says the best way to keep dried chilies fresh is in a glass jar in the sun. She also gave me a medallion of Mexican drinking chocolate, adorably called Abuelita (Spanish for grandma). Think, spicy Ovaltine. And, the best present ever, a container of mole paste! Oh lordy I love a nice mole. Its like the sexiest most sophisticated gravy in the world. Its dark and muddy with so many levels of tasty taste, and it takes all the secret tastes of chocolate and exploits them.

Last night we rehydrated our last smokey little chipotle in some chicken broth and mixed it with the mole paste to make a nice thick sauce we them poured all over some pan fried chicken breast. Good god. It was so, so sex.

Aside from being a badass flame haired young Mexican Grandma, Rebecca also makes things like this  traditional jelly…

That’s a chrysanthemum in there, but…

It’s PAINTED IN THERE! It’s painted in using coloured jelly and a needle, upside down. This woman is my hero. Not only did that blow my mind and 100% I thought it was a real flower even as I was cutting into it thinking “wow, this flower cuts very easily…” but it was bloody delicious. Mexican vanilla jelly, strawberry jelly, and the clear jelly was flavoured with a fruit Rebecca says is like a black currant. It was soft, and not too sweet, with an awesome texture and soft flavours.. so yum. So yeah, Im kind of in awe of this lady.

Anyway, if anyone in NZ is interested in spicy Mexican chilies, mole, chocolate, the finest tequilas known to mankind or interested in taking a small group class on Mexican jellies like this one just drop me a line, she runs a business importing these things in!

Oh.. also my gherkins.. turned out wrong……………. oops…

Dinner time and sunsets..

The peacock getting ready for bed.

Come, Walk With Me, Won’t You?

I was early picking CB up at work yesterday, so I slowed down my pace to that of a drunken snail and took some pictures! It stretched my 3 minute walk into 15 minutes! That’s some serious heel dragging. So this is my walk up a path somewhere between Newton and Upper Queen Street in Auckland, but I have no idea what the street is called. Its very popular though, and usually covered in runners and mad speeding cyclists.

Some nice smelly fleurs.

A hill where they advertise upcoming shows in Auckland. I guess Green Day is coming. Remember Gomez and Everclear? Them too. Also, Bill Bailey, WEEE!

A tree with a ginger beard.

There are these really nice trees here with little hangy balls on them that I love. They look like they’re decorated with pom poms. hOw festive.

Upon closer examination, they appear to be these little geodesic creatures, like something out of a Miyazaki cartoon. I stuffed a dozen of them in my pockets for inspection later on.

I must have walked the rest of the way with my head down, because all the rest of my pictures are of pretty compositions of garbage. Orange bottle caps and shards of yellow pylon, bits of green glass and the like floating on a sea of pebbles and discarded condoms.

And then on the way home we made a quick stop at our favourite take away for a wee smackerel of tasty to hold us over til dinner. Usually I stick with battered hoki & kumera chips but I tried a new thing called a Sea Dog. Its a crab stick, crumbed and fried, in a hot dog bun with cheese sauce, mustard and onions. Sounds like something you’d get food poisoning from, but it is in fact the pinnacle of take away awesomeness. Mmmmmm seeeeaa doggggg…