Boo La La

Hola quieridos amigos!

Thats the Stella Maris cemetery outside the Fortress of Louisbourgh. It’s a really beautiful spot to be a dead. We parked there to play Pokemon because ya gotta catch’em all.


I got about 11 Evees until the idea of a bunch of skeletons covered in worms made us hungry and we went to get some lunch.


Pizza and sunshine! Pizza and sunshine!! Look at that bubbly cheese. Pizza, you are the best. Mwah! Mwah! Pizza! Je t’aime, mon amore!

Anyway that was really nice. I went to the library because I am obsessed with the cookbook section. I want to rub it all over my body.


This is it. I like to come once a month and sit on the little padded seat in this section and pull books out at random to flip through the recipes. Its like a taste adventure, in the ol’ imagination box. I mean I really make myself at home, really spread it. Make it real uncomfortable for anyone else trying to look at cookbooks because they feel like they are interrupting something private and sacred. I’m kidding, Im just hoping someone will shuffle by me and strike up a conversation about muffins or Persian cooking and I can really lean into being the biggest nerd in the library. It’s my dream to work through this section one book at a time. Even the “healthy eating” books. Its my duty. Today I picked up Bitter by Jennifer McLagan. Its been on my To Read list for a couple of years since it came out. And Friday Night Dinners by the always amazing Bonnie Stern.

Last months picks were Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child and The Gramercy Tavern Cookbook. Both were fantastic, and I am going to buy myself a copy of Julia Child’s book. I scribbled down a half dozen recipes from Gramercy Tavern. Simple, fresh and totally attainable in a home kitchen. I cant wait to try the citrus cured char and the chicken liver parfait. Yuuuhhhhhhh.. m…  yes. Please.


Today was a really nice day. We had pizza, and went for a drive in the sunshine. We ran errands. CB and I shared a coffee and dipped cinnamon sugar doughnuts into it. Its been sunny all week and my skin feels greedy for it. When I stand outside in my Tshirt I feel like my skin cells lift up and position themselves to soak up the most uv like solar cells.


This is a pic I took of Sweetpea while we were sharing a garlic bread out on the step. Just chillin, breathing garlic breath on eachother.

OH!! Last week CB’s mum came up for a surprise visit for the week! (Hi Arlene! We miss you. Sweetpea especially!!) Not.. to segue into that from garlic breath, it just reminded me because we had a big family get together and made a gratuitous amount of spaghetti & meatballs, garlic bread and a Caesar salad big enough to feed an army. It was really, really nice to have a house full of family, eating and talking and drinking. Kids doing their circus routine in the hallway. Sweetpea dodging between peoples feet hunting errant meatballs. Arlene stayed for a whole week, and it was back to back Pop & Chips parties every night. We know how to party over here. We really do miss her now. Made me proper homesick.

Oh and CB made a pizza crust that was insane. Next week we are going to try it out as a donair pizza so I will document the process. Its gonna be good.

I think thats about it. See ya!





Gull Cove Road

Hola mis pequeños frijoles! A poem:

Spicy, spicy



Inspired by you. And this warm spicy weather we are having. Its well over 10 degrees every day! I have maybe a tan on my left arm. Although I think it went straight from “a whiter shade of pale” to “discount brand turkey bacon red.” BUT I also discovered my long lost friend; freckles. I missed them so mush. I accidentally typed mush there instead of much but Im just going to go with it because backsapcing is way too much work. I’ll leave that one too.. okay I best start correcting my typos now or this blog is just going to be totally unreadable garbage as opposed to the mostly unreadable garbage it usually is. Also all the wavy red lines all over the place as I’m typing is really distracting.

I digress.

I guess I do anyway. Not 100% on the meaning and usage of that word. As I type this Im sitting in one corner of the bedroom having a nice sunday morning tea, watching CB and Sweet Pea cuddle in bed being super super cute. I’ve come to terms with the fact she doesn’t love me The Most, because watching her love CB The Most is like the best thing in my whole life so far. Probably not even exaggerating. It makes my grinch heart grow three sizes each day.


Anyway! Check out these cool rocks! Last weekend CB, Sweet Pea and I went for a walk out past Gull Cove Road. If you drive down through the Gabarus village and turn right down Gull Cove it takes you down a shady dirt road. At the end of the road is a cemetery from the late 1800’s. There’s a path there that leads down through the forest supposedly to an abandoned fishing village from long ago. Its been my life long dream for the last month to go see it. I pictured houses full of pirate booty, and cool stuff that I can steal photograph. So we finally went!


Sweet Pea was in maximum Dog Mode. You would not believe she was 13 to watch her bomb through the woods, somersaulting around, leaping over creeks. She is amazing. She had a blast. It was a beautiful walk, and a gorgeous warm spring day with so much sun. This is a secret beach we found. We made a mental note to come back and maybe do some camping here sometime in the summer when the black flies aren’t too bad.

We walked for over an hour without seeing any signs of a cool 19th century fishing village before we figured we should turn around. I was an IDIOT and didnt pack snack or anything, so we were pretty unprepared for a 2 hour hike through the woods. We started eyeing up puddles thirstily and getting jealous at Sweet Pea for being able to lap up the delicious spring water without dying of dysentery. Dogs are a superior species. We are too delicate.


We found evidence of coyotes, which I snapped a picture of, but after looking at it decided it was maybe not blog material. I will spare you. I will just say, it was poop. And you could tell it’s diet consisted mostly of fluffy white bunnies….


Someone is taking care of this trail and there was a nice clear path through the woods. However, it’s spring, so the nice clear path turned into a nice clear river in most spots. Our walk turned into a creek walk. It was so nice!


In the puddles that get sun most of the time we found bundles of frogs eggs! At sundown you can hear their moms and dads chirping away. Its the nicest sound in the universe.


In the spots that didnt get sunlight there was still beautiful patterns of ice on top. It was very satisfying to crunch through the icy layer into the mud below.

Crack, plomp, squelch.


This is a terrifying “bridge” over the bog into the forest. None of those are nailed down. CB and I are going to come back again with a drill and some long screws and secure them. It was fun going across.


This is a particularly lovely marshy bit before it turns completely into a lake. You can see just on the horizon the breakwater of stones that separates the lake from the ocean.


Bridges dont last very long here by the looks of it. It was nice to have though, this area would have been impassable. Maybe one day we will bring Blairs canoe out here and paddle around like a couple of fancy adventurereers.


Another bit of beach. As the waves came into the shore it would hit and then pull piles of rocks back with it, rolling them against each other into the water, only to push them back in again. It sounded like thunder cracking and rolling across the sky and for a second we thought it was. So nice!



Sweet pea is in most of the pictures as a golden blur in one corner. Here she is stopping to smell something so you can actually make out her shape! She got so so dirty she is probably completely camouflaged in the last pics. She was just solid mud from belly down, she just did not give a shit. Nothing stopped her. She was a wild wolf, out in the woods. I was so damn proud. After the walk she let us spray her down with the hose outside, which I thought was particularly brave because that water was so cold. What a goddamn champion, my little Sweet Pea.


A bit of sun beaming down onto a nice soft spot of moss. At the start of the walk I was proclaiming my desire to live in Olden Times where we could walk around all day eating bits of jerky and bread and cheese. Like Xena and Gabriel! Or Frodo and Sam. By the end of it I just wanted to have a snooze on this moss. It was like a lush green carpet… so inviting.. but we made it home. Next time out, we will make it to the village. I’ll pack snacks.

Cutie Birds


Just a quickie post, throwing up some pictures I took last day off down at the beach in Tilting. Had to get out of the house for a bit so we took a short walk. Breathed air, saw birds, got sand on our feet.


It was sunny, but chilly and windy so we didnt walk very long.


But it was super pretty.


Caribou tracks!


People tracks and cutie bird tracks!



Red seaweed washed up on the beach.


Look at these little CUTIES!


Having a buffet lunch of seaweed critters


Flying around looking all cool


A cool log!



Scurrying around, looking all plump from the cold weather


A lone Cutie bird, watching his reflection in the tide, thinking deep cutie bird thoughts…


Suns going down and we’re going home




It’s a beautiful sunny day outside, despite the 60+km/hour winds. We have been enjoying a very very lazy morning, drinking coffee and being lazy with our stankbutts watching the dogs nap. Its so nice. Look at them! SO MUCH FUR!



Sneaking a peek outside. I feel like Im getting a tan sitting in the sun. Its very nice, but I can see how creepy pale I am. I am like fucking Gollum. Whats happened! I can see my veins through my skin. Bleh. We are going to try to get out today with the pups for a long ass walk. We could use the exercise, and sun. If we can do it without blowing away.


We thought someone was cruising by and we were hearing the deep base of their Kool Kidz Muzik but it was just the dog snoring. 


Puppy paws in the sunshine, makes me happy!



I dont think I have ever seen any creature as comfortable in my life.



Just straight chillin.



Anyway, I dunno what we are going to do with our day, but I think its probably about time for a shower. Peace out y’alls.

Dirty Little Monkey



Days off are the best. CB have been very much enjoying them. Sleeping in, breakfast out, daytime naps, cleaning, and cooking nice foods! On sunday night I had a few of the girls from work over for a fancy dinner party; mac’n’cheese and donair egg rolls, with a Dunkaroo’s for an amuse bouche. Shannon brought this addictive dessert. And everyone showed up with so much wine and pop and chips and mozza sticks it was awesome! We laughed, we farted, we ate too much, we almost fought each other, I accidentally shot off the bb gun into the cupboards at some point.. yeah it was fun!

At one point we were outside visiting Amanda’s tomato plant, Humphrey, and I HAD to show them this creepy fucking thing I found in the shed here:



This damn dirty ape sitting in the corner wearing a pair of iridescent women’s underpants, looking like he has Seen Some Shit. Holy god, the first time I opened the door to the shed I yelped when I saw this. So there we all are, standing on my lawn at dusk, drinking our drinks, and I show them this monkey. Someone dares Shannon to see what’s under the panties.. and Im thinking.. this is how the horror movie starts. Group of friends having a good time, find this creepy monkey in the shed, and disturb the slumber of this freaky murder monkey. One by one it kills us all in various horrifying and ironic ways. BAHHHH!

Seriously though.. what the fuck.


CB found this cool shell in the other shed. Im pretty sure there’s a giant spider in it.


Pretty butterfly.


Humphrey’s got bright red babies!!


The ocean is SUPER blue today!


Sunshine on siding is nice.


Quilty quilts.


Oh I forgot to show you! When Arlene and Carol were here, Carol gave me this little doll! She said she reminded her of me, and I like to think shes a little detective.


Made a salad with the watermelon rind pickles I made a few weeks ago. It is pretty sweet, but cronchy and nice.


CB just hollered for me to come see these little fatties having a dust bath by our car. Oh little cutie birds, how I love you!

Okay goodbye now!

Junuary Walk


Good news, everybody! June 19th marks the day we FINALLY TURNED OFF THE HEAT!

Bloody hell. Its always so fecking cold! I was told at work that “oh yeah, its always cold this time of year here. We call it June-uary” OH HOW QUAINT GOD DAMN IT! Mostly I’m just pissed because I bought this toque that was obviously someones first attempt at a hat and now Ive been wearing it for like 9 straight damn months! BAH! I SAY! BAH!

Anyway, these pictures are from my day off on Tuesday. It was sunny, and I decided to go for a walk and do a bit of foraging for some goodies. Flowers are starting to bloom, and leaves are all sprouting up and so many things are edible! My front lawn is pretty much a salad. All it needs is some thousand island and voila.

I packed my Foraging Kit:

– bottle of water
– camera
– cool shades
– a variety of plastic baggies
– a glove for picking prickly things

And I set off! I was fully imagining I was Princess Nausicaa in the beginning of The Valley of The Wind where she’s running all around collecting specimens in glass tubes….. My brother and sister may be the only ones who know what the hell I’m talking about. But that movie was my life as a girl.



I needed to collect some caribou moss, as usual. We go through a lot of it. I candy it and put it on cakes. Today I made a little forest scene on top of a birthday cake with candy dirty, and candy rocks, candy moss and then shooting up through it was real violets on their stems. It looked pretty cute. Im probably the only mofo putting shit like moss and candied beets on people’s bloody birthday cakes and getting away with it.


These little bell things are cute, not 100% sure what they are though. I think they will eventually be a berry.


Nice patch of creeping juniper here. I use the branches for syrups, or blitzed up in sugar for flavouring things. I also use the berries. There’s so much juniper here that I sometimes fantasize about opening a gin distillery here.


Now this is what I was really after; fireweed. The leaves taste exactly like tea, and the blossoms make a beautiful ruby red, perfumed jelly. Not enough were in bloom and the few that were were covered in bees frantically scraping up all the polleny goodness out of them. I felt too guilty taking away what limited blooms there are here from  the old bee’s so I’ll save it for next week.


These little darlings are spruce tips. Each three fingered prong gets these beautiful, super flavourful little bud on them. They are DELICIOUS and packed with vitamin C. Im doing all sorts of stuff with this, because the syrup and jelly is a beautiful purple colour.


They are full of pollen right now as well, if you can see it on my grubby little finger there.



Oh a bone!


I trudged my way up the hill, on my search for a better picture of some ice bergs. They have been so close and beautiful and I have no good pictures of them!


See them there.. those wee white specks in all that blue? Yeah thats them!


I took a break by this pond, which had this tangle of bog rosemary growing in it.



Beautiful little pink flowers.


I love anything with the prefix of “bog”. It’s charming.


All around the pond was a thick, green moss looking exactly like the shag carpeting that was in my nan’s living room when I was a kid. It was nice to sit on, in the sunshine, staring at my murkey little pond and eating random stuff.


I mentioned caribou moss, now this beautiful little puff ball is reindeer moss. Its finer, and grows in orb shaped puffs. Its lovely. And actually, not moss, it’s a lichen.


So cute.



Labrador tea, starting to bloom. They get pretty white flowers.


More fireweed growing in amoungst some short birch trees.


I found this weird stuff, and it was very pretty. I tried a bit, and it tasted like INTENSE seaweed followed by the unpleasentness of what I imagine licking an infected wound would taste like.. yeah.. like.. rot and pennies and blood and salt. Bleah. I really, really regretted that. But just in case I was wrong, I had another. CB told me that when he would go mushroom picking with his Poppy, he would have baby CB put anything they tasted in their pocket just in case it made them horribly ill and they needed to identify what it was. I should have put some of this in my pocket… because I was maybe worried I was going to die. DONT EAT RANDOM SHIT OFF THE GROUND, KIDS! Stay in school dont do drugs.


“Oh sweet, alfalfa sprouts! BLEH A DEAD MERMAIDS BUTTHOLE!”


And back home again.

There’s a lot more stuff out there thats ripe for the picking; burdock root, dandelion leaves, sorrel, baby violets, labrador tea, chicory, clover, pungent sweet gale.. nettle, wild mint.. lots of leafy stuff thats good for eating. I’ll keep posting what I do with what I collect. SEE YA!

Best Day In Ages



CB and I have had the best day in AGES.

This has been the worst winter. BLEAUGH. I guess I dont have to tell you guys, you uh, know.. everyone knows.

But this morning we got up early and took a drive out the the bakery for toast and coffee. The air was mild, and there was hardly any wind. It was warm enough that I took my jacket off. So nice.

We had breakfast at the cafe and shot the shit with Bonnie and Pauline for a while. Then we bought groceries– my fav. I bought beer and lemonade for shandy’s. And cashews and apricots and hummus and meat.. because I have totally chubbed out this winter and it’s time for healthiness times before my blood pressure explodes my fat little heart.




Usually my snacks would be a couple of chocolate bars and a bag of chips. This is much healthier.

Oh yeah,


Bet you’re not jealous of the hour it took to assemble and the bomb of plastic and cardboard that subsequently blew up all over out kitchen:


Unlike building anything from IKEA, this one will actually make us dinner afterwards.

Et, Voila:



Ponk chomps. I got over excited and we cooked ALL the pork chops.

Pork chops and Terminator 2 in the sunshine with a beer & lemonade shandy. How nice is that!

Terminator 2 is totally awesome. I had never really seen it. Arnie, you’re tops!



Look at all the snow melting and turning our road into a river!! EXCITING!

Fifteen degrees! You know what that means.. motorcycle weather..



Here she is. The great gold and black beast. It’s slightly less “together-y” now. A few days ago I came home to find a smoking gas tank on the front step.. the oven on low and smelling of gas.. the shower disconnected in the bathroom but the tub SUSPICIOUSLY shiny clean and BB’s from our BB gun EVERYWHERE. And most mysteriously, the dryer door open with a blanket, the cushions from the couch and a garbage bag hanging out of it…….

CB might need a real life shop to do this shit in man.. It took me ages to figure out what happened. I wont go into details, but it involved the gas tank being in the oven, tub and dryer at some point– the real point is though, that whatever foolery he engaged in to get there, it worked. And saved him from spending $400 for a new gas tank! Yay!

So yeah.. breakfast, coffee & lemon squares, chili and toast for lunch, grocery shopping, motorcycle playings– OH AND I SAW AN EAGLE! It was fighting a couple of crows and flew right over the car while I was driving, so COOL, eagles are amazing– sunshine! And barbaeque dinner! And beer! AND I HAVE A LITTLE ICE CREAM MAKER COMING IN THE MAIL!

And I found my hat.

What a great fucking day! Thanks universe, for not totally sucking today. You rock sometimes.