Pulled Pork & Tamarillo BBQ sauce, Yeehaw!

Meat is best when it’s either pulled or jerked!

Last night we did the former, and made a big old pork shoulder roast. Marinaded it in a brine of vinegar, brown sugar, peppercorns and bay leaves and in the morning pulled it out, dried it off and rubbed it down with some random mix of BBQ-esque tasting spices. Whatever I could find in the cupboard really. Lots of cumin, smokey paprika, blended into a base of brown sugar and then I squirted some Sriracha sauce all over it for some nice spicey spice.

My recipe for it can be found here.

I served it shredded in its own juices, with some sweet creamy coleslaw, the caramelized onions from the bottom of the pan, tamarillo BBQ sauce and home made rhubarb lemonade.

I love this meal because for a $23 pork shoulder, half a cabbage, a carrot, some tamarillos from the garden and a whack of spices and condiments from the fridge I got so many tasty things. And it really only took about 20 minutes of effort.

– 750ml BBQ sauce
– Enough pulled Pork meat for 6 hungry people
– 3L dark brown pork broth
–¬†1 cup of pork fat
– 2 cups of amazing caramelized onions
– enough coleslaw for the rest of our lives
– crackling if we hadnt burnt it all up
So much damn thriftiness!

I filled the roasting pan with onions that came out beautiful, black and caramelized to the point they hardly even existed. I got an awesome new BBQ steak sauce. One we pulled the pork off the bone I chucked the bone and the ends of the carrots and some caggabe leaves from the coleslaw into the slow cooker overnight and got a whole bunch of amazing dark brown broth that will be perfect for french onion soup or keeping in the fridge to add taste to things. We burnt the crackling which is too bad, but we also managed to simultaneously render out all the fat and then strain it and keep it for cooking in the fridge.

There’s a tree behind where Ive been hanging the laundry that has a few last-of-the-season tamarillos dangling off it so I thought they would be a great base for a BBQ sauce. They are orange inside with seeds and taste like a mix between a tomato and a kiwi or passion fruit. They made a great BBQ sauce!

However after I pureed it I kept tasting it and thinking it’s missing¬† something.. so I added a bit more brown sugar. Almost… I added some splashes of worchestershire sauce. Allllmost. Then I stirred some molasses into the leftovers of our morning coffee and added it in. BINGO. Wait a second that was super familiar… yeah, it’s HP sauce. I made HP sauce. DAMN IT! Still, delicious, but probably better on steak.

So I think the next time I make this, I’ll just cook down onions, tamarillos and some garlic and ginger, would be even nicer.

Tamarillo BBQ Sauce

6 tamarillos

2 onions

1 apple

4 tbsp brown sugar

4 tbsp balsamic vinegar

2 cloves garlic

1  tsp fresh chopped ginger

Squeeze of lemon

2 tsp cumin

1 tsp hot pepper

1 tsp mustard powder, or prepared mustard

1/2 cup water or apple juice, lemonade, whatever

Caramelize your onions with the balsamic vinegar and brown sugar. Add everything else and cook on medium heat until things break down and soften. Puree in a blender or with an immersion blender. Taste and adjust seasonings to taste.

In my dreams I serve this on Pani Popo (a Samoan treat, soft white buns that are covered in coconut milk before baking) or with tons of sharp old cheddar and sour dill pickles, but alas we are trying not to be so much a fat. The meat on its own is really rich and fatty anyway. Maybe next time..