Boo La La

Hola quieridos amigos!

Thats the Stella Maris cemetery outside the Fortress of Louisbourgh. It’s a really beautiful spot to be a dead. We parked there to play Pokemon because ya gotta catch’em all.


I got about 11 Evees until the idea of a bunch of skeletons covered in worms made us hungry and we went to get some lunch.


Pizza and sunshine! Pizza and sunshine!! Look at that bubbly cheese. Pizza, you are the best. Mwah! Mwah! Pizza! Je t’aime, mon amore!

Anyway that was really nice. I went to the library because I am obsessed with the cookbook section. I want to rub it all over my body.


This is it. I like to come once a month and sit on the little padded seat in this section and pull books out at random to flip through the recipes. Its like a taste adventure, in the ol’ imagination box. I mean I really make myself at home, really spread it. Make it real uncomfortable for anyone else trying to look at cookbooks because they feel like they are interrupting something private and sacred. I’m kidding, Im just hoping someone will shuffle by me and strike up a conversation about muffins or Persian cooking and I can really lean into being the biggest nerd in the library. It’s my dream to work through this section one book at a time. Even the “healthy eating” books. Its my duty. Today I picked up Bitter by Jennifer McLagan. Its been on my To Read list for a couple of years since it came out. And Friday Night Dinners by the always amazing Bonnie Stern.

Last months picks were Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child and The Gramercy Tavern Cookbook. Both were fantastic, and I am going to buy myself a copy of Julia Child’s book. I scribbled down a half dozen recipes from Gramercy Tavern. Simple, fresh and totally attainable in a home kitchen. I cant wait to try the citrus cured char and the chicken liver parfait. Yuuuhhhhhhh.. m…  yes. Please.


Today was a really nice day. We had pizza, and went for a drive in the sunshine. We ran errands. CB and I shared a coffee and dipped cinnamon sugar doughnuts into it. Its been sunny all week and my skin feels greedy for it. When I stand outside in my Tshirt I feel like my skin cells lift up and position themselves to soak up the most uv like solar cells.


This is a pic I took of Sweetpea while we were sharing a garlic bread out on the step. Just chillin, breathing garlic breath on eachother.

OH!! Last week CB’s mum came up for a surprise visit for the week! (Hi Arlene! We miss you. Sweetpea especially!!) Not.. to segue into that from garlic breath, it just reminded me because we had a big family get together and made a gratuitous amount of spaghetti & meatballs, garlic bread and a Caesar salad big enough to feed an army. It was really, really nice to have a house full of family, eating and talking and drinking. Kids doing their circus routine in the hallway. Sweetpea dodging between peoples feet hunting errant meatballs. Arlene stayed for a whole week, and it was back to back Pop & Chips parties every night. We know how to party over here. We really do miss her now. Made me proper homesick.

Oh and CB made a pizza crust that was insane. Next week we are going to try it out as a donair pizza so I will document the process. Its gonna be good.

I think thats about it. See ya!





Donk the Honks with Bonks of Honky, Honky-Honky Honk Honk-Honk, Honk-Honk, Honk, Honk


It was my favourite kind of winter day out. When the air is just cold enough for a light bit of snow, blanketing the trees and making the air so still and quiet. There was supposed to be a snow storm today, or as CB’s Nan would put it, we were supposed to “get some dirt.” The snow is starting up now, but this afternoon all we saw was some dainty snowflakes flitting about. The weather so mild I wandered around in my t-shirt to take some pictures.


The house looked very cute when I went trudging out to throw some food out for the fox so I came back out again with the camera.


Checked in on the old cast iron tub out back of Joan’s house. It was tempting to crawl into that big fluffy pile of snow. It hasn’t felt like Christmas to me yet, but it did this afternoon taking pictures, everything all red, white and green.


Last of the lonely golden apples gathering snow on the tree.


One of my favourite things to see every day when I come home from work, CB’s wood pile. Makes me feel warm just looking at it.


Little pink birdhouse on the birch tree. No birdies inside.


Schweep Schweep


Some old bricks and CB’s neglected hammer


An old bottle and my neglected apples


Angelica dries out into these lovely starry wands that would be nice in a christmas tree if you spray painted them silver or gold.


Old fireplace grills leaning up against the back of Joan’s house.


Merry Christmas !

Knick Knack, Patty Whack


I love creeping around the houses we live in and taking pictures of the little still lifes that happen when no one is paying attention.

They are not very exciting.

But looking back to older posts like these, they serve themselves up to me like tasty slices of our life at a moment in time. Some pictures of grass, crumpled blankets, clothespins, steamy mugs of tea etc.. aren’t very artistic or exhilarating to behold but when I look at them I smell the trailer we lived in during our first year in Newfoundland and remember the people in our lives then, and what we ate, and the things I thought were super beautiful on a random Tuesday afternoon.

When we get really busy with work and whatnot memories blur and I can’t seem to remember the little things. Aside from sharing pictures with my mom and grandma and now probably my other mudder Marlene (Hi Guys!!!) this blog is here selfishly too, so that even if time gets blurry I can go back and see what I was up to. ha. Mostly eating ice cream or taking pictures of my socks it seems. Oy veh.


This winter we live in CB’s nans house in Gabarus, Cape Breton. Most of the things in here are hers so Ill try not to be too snoopy. But I love all the little knickity-knackity things grandma’s accumulate. Half the time not even because they love them, but because they came from someone they love. The fridge is practically decoupaged with school photos of kids posing with cheesy self-conscious smiles and an ragtag assortment of babies in pink & blue. Asking CB’s nan about any one of them and she dismisses it. “I have no idea who the hell all these babies are, people just keep giving them to me!”


I think this angry ladybug is presenting a fading picture of the church here in Gabarus. The steeple is wrong though, so maybe its a different church.

**EDIT** CB informs me that when a church is deconsecrated they take away the steeple! Fun Trivia! So I guess thats the church.


A tiny photo looking like it was snipped off a string of snapshots from a photo booth of a pretty lady with killer bouffant hair. I wonder who she is? *noseynosey*


This handsome old chap with his wrinkly smile hangs in the kitchen by the front door, and we are in love. I am going to marry him, become his fishwife, and live blissfully ever after on a rusty old tugboat named S.S G. Willikers.


A band of wooden angels, playing silently on the window sill.


A sunny corner of the kitchen piled with various squashes, roots & fruits. Bananas destined to become banana bread..


Inside, crystals dangle in front of windows, throwing little rainbows. Outside, wind chimes hang stirring on the breeze, tinkling in a melancholy kinda way in between the harsh squawking of crows.


Sad wooden angel girl, contemplating life beside an upturned Jingle shell. We had scallops for dinner tonight! They were delicious.


Rows of hooks waiting for us to tie them.


Look how nice they are! My favourite colour, Obnoxious Green! And look at that flashy flash! So nice.


It was bitter cold out today but the sun oddly was bright and searing hot. After being out for a bit my eyes started to water from the intensity of the light. I made sure to let the sun on my face and hands to get the vitamin D going, fight off those winter SADs.


Quilt on the bed


Beautiful tin ceiling in our bedroom.


Books stacked up on the window ledges. That leather one my sister Kristy made for me, its soooooo looovellllyyy. Too beautiful to write in, so knowing that, it’s just a dust jacket and I can switch out the notebooks inside! She knew otherwise Id never write in it! Clever girl. Some Newfoundland baking books…,a Farley Mowat novel… a book on trees, shrubs & flowers, a baking book I bought at Laduree in NYC that is bound in pale green velvet with golden gilt edges. And a hunting book that CB’s Poppy owned. It has a chapter on how to hunt panthers and jaguars or something.. the 70s were a different time..


My squinty face in the antique mirror. My hair is the longest it has ever been! Thats CB’s Wild Berry Princess necklace, wearing my BMW motorcycle pin as a jaunty hat. I dont know where my matching Peppermint Butler is….


A judgemental looking teddy bear. How dare you judge me, bear.. how dare you


Little glass boat man.


And the end of the days sunshine. LOOK HOW BLUE!

Okay Im going to go feed my cats on Neka Atsume and see if I can’t catch Tubbs in the action. If you dont know what Im talking about, YOU HAVENT LIVED!!!!!!


PS does anyone know how to catch the rarer cats? I keep missing out on Conductor Whiskers….

Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay


CB and I took a walk down to the end of the Gabarus village before I left for my trip home. There’s snow on the ground now, but I thought I would put these pictures from the walk up because they are still lovely. Everything all grey and gold and green.

I have a bad habit of collecting special specimens on walks, until my pockets are bulging with rocks to breaking point. Im happy to say Im back just taking pictures of the pretty things and then leaving them where they were at when I found them. I’ll break less pockets and find less surprises in the washing machine later on down the road this way.






End of the road, folks.

Snow Day!

Im supposed to be at work right now, but we are having a spot of weather here.

I don’t know if many of you who dont live on this island have ever experienced 150 km/hour winds before, but it issss… intense…

By some miracle we haven’t lost power yet– or our roof! They upgraded the power lines last year, and they must have used some hardcore materials because it is batshit outside. I tried to take some wee videos but you cant really hear the wind so well. Mostly you can just hear me sniffling, because I think I have a cold coming on. A cold that only a late breakfast of coffee, bacon, sausage and Kraft sliced cheese omelettes can cure!

You cant see it, but there’s a few houses and an ocean out there.

The car is only about 20 feet away from the house but most of the time it’s totally obscured by snow blizzard. We forgot our shovel out there…. also my little wooden box that keeps the laundry pegs is smashed to bits. And our garbage box too. Winter hates us, personally.

That’s me attempting VERY STUPIDLY to open the front door so you can hear the wind better. Instantly I was covered in a half inch of snow which somehow managed to blow up inside the arm of my housecoat and cover my poor bod in snow too in about half a second. BAH! CB yelled “DID YOU OPEN THE DOOR!?” and I was like.. wahhhhhhhhhhhhh and he was all like WHAT IF OUR DOOR BLEW OFF! WE’D HAVE NO DOOR! WE WOULD DIE! And I was all like.. my boobs got snow of them… wahhhhhhhh

Now its breakfast time! SAUSAGES!!!!

**Update** Look what happened! A break in the wind revealed our neighbour has lost most of the siding on the front of their house! They are going to be so pissed.. And yet somehow our shovel is still standing..


February: Things I am Liking!



Man it is WINDY! I just ran out to throw a load of laundry into the dryer in the basement and the wind not only took some laundry out of the basket but took the whole goddamn basket out of my hands. It went careening with great comedy styling towards Walter Johns frozen potato patch at 70km an hour while I flapped along through the snow after it. I’ve engineered a kind of heavy towel tarp to go over top the next time I have to get a load dry. Now I am safe inside, with a cup of tea, watching an youtube video of a Russian lady slowly folding a towel into a decorative swan. I’ve watched this video about eighteen times and it never fails to make me feel super relaxed.

Ive been poking around reading a lot of blogs lately. Seemingly mostly by gals from NZ and it makes me miss it muchly. Its summer over there, and I miss the smell of that lovely island that is literally the polar opposite of this one. One girl does a weekly gratitude list and I realized it’s been forever since I did a “Things I Am Liking!” post. Here goes!





Love pie.

I am the most badestassenist genius to put pie on the menu at work. Because, it means, I get to make pie every other day! I have a deep spiritual connection with the act of making pie. Making pie makes me feel one with the universe like a star stuck up in the great web of the cosmos, waiting for the Space Spider of Time to unwrap it from it’s gauzy cage of ageless light and gobble it up. Or something. A La Mode gives me bones in my pants.




This! Winter. I know, I should hate it, but this is a picture taken on the worst most wintery day ever and it was still beautiful as all hell. I took it while I was out foraging around like some mad badger for herbage hidden deep beneath the crunchy snow. The wind nearly sandblasting my face off the whole time, it was still nice..


This is the kind of junk I was after. The snow let up for long enough for me to hike it to the top of the hill and grab some good stuff. I’ve never seen caribou moss with red shit on it before, I think probably it was super poisonous fungus… SUPER POISONOUS FUNGUSSSSS!

I avoided that patch..


My awesome unicorn mug. Nicole got it for my for christmas and its amazing. I like to fill it with juice and sip it ponderously during important business meetings. 


FOOD! We havent been eating very interesting stuff lately, but our chef sent us home with a couple nice aged P.E.I steaks on valentines day. I made broccoli and cheese sauce to go with it, and CB and I watched supernatural while making steak-love noises together. Romance!

I love all kinds of other things this month but I dont have any more pictures. I have been a neglectful blogger lately, sorry. Also I havent called you in weeks, mum! Tomorrow is my day off and we shall skype!

Toodles, y’all.



Well, we felt the first snowflakes of the year here yesterday. It was kind of a strange morning, cold and bright. CB was joking about trying to get out on his motorcycle, even if it snowed. We looked out the window and sure enough… So he dropped everything he was doing and raced around getting into his motorcycle gear so he could get on his bike before the snowflakes melted. I watched from the doorway as he sped away into the snow, every one of our neighbors shaking their heads as he passed, and thought.. yup… there he goes.. even in the snow..


Last week I set up a little paint studio in the spare bedroom. Sorry Piss, I will clear it up before you come to visit! Even though I know you’d LOVE my “Sexy Brenda” plastic mug thats keeping my brushes safe.. a parting gift left by the guys when they moved out of this house and we moved in. That and a Sports Illustrated calendar. So thoughtful. I have it on Miss December– its that blonde with all the boobies, and they made her stand in Antarctica for hours in a bikini when the same thing could have been accomplished with photoshop.. poor gal. Such boobies!

Im thinking of doing a Bob Ross. Or atleast starting off Bob Ross and seeing where that takes me.. it may lead to something like if Egon Schiele and Heironymous Bosch fell in love and had a baby who was really into cartoons and cat videos. But ol Bob will be in there, underneath, with his happy little trees and their friends so they dont get lonely. That guy was seriously a fucking angel come to Earth. WE DID NOT DESERVE BOB ROSS.



First snowflakes! Some of them were BIG muther snowflakes! I was like, WATCH OUT NOW! Trying to get the big ones to and in my breakfast Rye & Coke.


CB racing out to get the motorcycle out of the shed before the sun came out and warmed up all the fluffy snowflakes!


DEAD SNOWFLAKE BODIES ON MOTORCYCLE BOOTS. Im really going for it on the capital letters this post, sorry. It seems like Im really amped up but Im just sitting here in my housecoat waiting for our Noodles & Sauce to cook. 5 more minutes.. ugh COOKING.


Sourdough rye and tea for breakfast, lovely. We are both sick over here, so its been very boring foodwise. Mostly just swigs of Buckleys between gulps of snot so.. no good food pics to share. Unless you want to see the mountain of kleenex Im piling up beside the bed, it has a very Close Encounters kind of vibe to it.


Oh also, here is one of the best things about being a grown up. BUYING HALLOWEED CANDY CAPITAL LETTERS AGAIN BUT FOR REAL THIS TIME IM REAL EXCITED. We bought pineapple pop, bags of doritos and KINDER SUPRISE EGGS for every kid! We are going to KILL IT this year! Kinder surprise eggs! Little baby devil me would kiss me. Or get shy and run away. And later come back to break the windows in your basement…

Happy Halloween you little creeps!