Gull Cove Road

Hola mis pequeños frijoles! A poem:

Spicy, spicy



Inspired by you. And this warm spicy weather we are having. Its well over 10 degrees every day! I have maybe a tan on my left arm. Although I think it went straight from “a whiter shade of pale” to “discount brand turkey bacon red.” BUT I also discovered my long lost friend; freckles. I missed them so mush. I accidentally typed mush there instead of much but Im just going to go with it because backsapcing is way too much work. I’ll leave that one too.. okay I best start correcting my typos now or this blog is just going to be totally unreadable garbage as opposed to the mostly unreadable garbage it usually is. Also all the wavy red lines all over the place as I’m typing is really distracting.

I digress.

I guess I do anyway. Not 100% on the meaning and usage of that word. As I type this Im sitting in one corner of the bedroom having a nice sunday morning tea, watching CB and Sweet Pea cuddle in bed being super super cute. I’ve come to terms with the fact she doesn’t love me The Most, because watching her love CB The Most is like the best thing in my whole life so far. Probably not even exaggerating. It makes my grinch heart grow three sizes each day.


Anyway! Check out these cool rocks! Last weekend CB, Sweet Pea and I went for a walk out past Gull Cove Road. If you drive down through the Gabarus village and turn right down Gull Cove it takes you down a shady dirt road. At the end of the road is a cemetery from the late 1800’s. There’s a path there that leads down through the forest supposedly to an abandoned fishing village from long ago. Its been my life long dream for the last month to go see it. I pictured houses full of pirate booty, and cool stuff that I can steal photograph. So we finally went!


Sweet Pea was in maximum Dog Mode. You would not believe she was 13 to watch her bomb through the woods, somersaulting around, leaping over creeks. She is amazing. She had a blast. It was a beautiful walk, and a gorgeous warm spring day with so much sun. This is a secret beach we found. We made a mental note to come back and maybe do some camping here sometime in the summer when the black flies aren’t too bad.

We walked for over an hour without seeing any signs of a cool 19th century fishing village before we figured we should turn around. I was an IDIOT and didnt pack snack or anything, so we were pretty unprepared for a 2 hour hike through the woods. We started eyeing up puddles thirstily and getting jealous at Sweet Pea for being able to lap up the delicious spring water without dying of dysentery. Dogs are a superior species. We are too delicate.


We found evidence of coyotes, which I snapped a picture of, but after looking at it decided it was maybe not blog material. I will spare you. I will just say, it was poop. And you could tell it’s diet consisted mostly of fluffy white bunnies….


Someone is taking care of this trail and there was a nice clear path through the woods. However, it’s spring, so the nice clear path turned into a nice clear river in most spots. Our walk turned into a creek walk. It was so nice!


In the puddles that get sun most of the time we found bundles of frogs eggs! At sundown you can hear their moms and dads chirping away. Its the nicest sound in the universe.


In the spots that didnt get sunlight there was still beautiful patterns of ice on top. It was very satisfying to crunch through the icy layer into the mud below.

Crack, plomp, squelch.


This is a terrifying “bridge” over the bog into the forest. None of those are nailed down. CB and I are going to come back again with a drill and some long screws and secure them. It was fun going across.


This is a particularly lovely marshy bit before it turns completely into a lake. You can see just on the horizon the breakwater of stones that separates the lake from the ocean.


Bridges dont last very long here by the looks of it. It was nice to have though, this area would have been impassable. Maybe one day we will bring Blairs canoe out here and paddle around like a couple of fancy adventurereers.


Another bit of beach. As the waves came into the shore it would hit and then pull piles of rocks back with it, rolling them against each other into the water, only to push them back in again. It sounded like thunder cracking and rolling across the sky and for a second we thought it was. So nice!



Sweet pea is in most of the pictures as a golden blur in one corner. Here she is stopping to smell something so you can actually make out her shape! She got so so dirty she is probably completely camouflaged in the last pics. She was just solid mud from belly down, she just did not give a shit. Nothing stopped her. She was a wild wolf, out in the woods. I was so damn proud. After the walk she let us spray her down with the hose outside, which I thought was particularly brave because that water was so cold. What a goddamn champion, my little Sweet Pea.


A bit of sun beaming down onto a nice soft spot of moss. At the start of the walk I was proclaiming my desire to live in Olden Times where we could walk around all day eating bits of jerky and bread and cheese. Like Xena and Gabriel! Or Frodo and Sam. By the end of it I just wanted to have a snooze on this moss. It was like a lush green carpet… so inviting.. but we made it home. Next time out, we will make it to the village. I’ll pack snacks.


Bog Tromp

Saturday. Rainy day. Its about 7 degrees, but just pissing down. Even the ducks are like “ew, gross, dude, like, quack, totally.” Yesterday it rained on us so hard on our drive home we thought we were being pranked. There must be some dastardly ne’er-do-well on the roof of the car hosing us down with a pressure washer. During the evening we sat at the kitchen table reading about nerd stuff and watching it rain horizontally. We didn’t have dinner because we were waiting for ribs to hurry up and finish becoming ribs in the oven. So we went to bed and came back down later to have…….



Bold, italic, underline. Exclamation mark. Fact: ribs at midnight just taste better. Probably because you’re fucking starving, but I think the novelty of eating such an impractical food so impractically late also adds to the flavour. We sat down with some pop, and two dish towels as napkins. Class. I made the rib-rub so spicy though, if you stopped eating for even a second your tongue burst into flame, so you just had to always be eating a rib. Problemo, solvidos.

OH! We bought a BBQ this week! Its so fucking awesome. YEAH YEAH YEAH! It was so, so, cold out out that day but I was so excited, I stopped at Master Meats and got a T-Bone, some sirloin steaks, some bone-in pork chops, and ribs and buns and A1 sauce and then raced home. CB ‘Q’d us up a feast. Now that I’m all old and my brain is getting soft like Jell-o, sometimes I do things in my life and I think “Oh, thats probably how my Dad felt doing this.” And I feel a deeper connection to my SUPER old parents. Ya know, like getting off work being excited to pick up some nice steaks for the BBQ for family dinner. Or when I have an especially hard day at work and stop by the convenience store on the way home for pop and chips and chocolate bars to bring home to eat while watching a terrible action movie. Always I have a near constant desire to buy fireworks, which I think is also from my Dad…

So anyway, our new purpose in life these days is tiring out Sweet Pea so she doesn’t eat our stuff and then shit it back out onto the kitchen floor. She’s temperamental like that. So she must be either walking, or exhausted from walking. Which means, we spend a lot of time lately out in the rain. I made the executive decision this morning to walk back into the woods on the property under the false assumption that the trees would offer us some coverage from the rain. I forgot that mostly the rain is on the ground… on our feet.. into our boots. Its okay though, it was a lot of fun! I had CB, CB had a big stick, and we had a dog. Life is great! Sweet Pea was in full-on dog mode, racing around, smelling smelly smells, peeing on stuff, splashing around in ponds, peeing on more stuff. It was great.


Here she is, being a wild huntress. Huntin’ some bog turtles for supper. Oh my god, do you think there might be turtles in there!? I never thought. Mental note: in the summer, go look for turtles in there.

So this is the woods behind our woods, its mostly just moss and marsh and boggy bits, rotten trees, that sort of thing. I did however finally stumble across something I have been keeping an eye out for: Labrador Tea! Like from Newfoundland! Up until now its all just been its poisonous twin brother, Bog Myrtle. But this was the real, fuzzy bottomed, deal. It was like coming across an old friend. So I’ll have to pick some!

(April, if you’re reading this, I’m meaning to send you some for tea!)


So pretty. Everything smelled like old wet wood and clean rain. So nice. I was diggin’ it.

There’s a little brook-ish kind of dealy on the very ass end of our yard. Its covered by 25 foot trees, and has an ancient broken down shed in a pile beside it. There’s a bunch of old garbage left here, from back in the day where you’d just chuck your old broken shit in the woods. There’s an old manual wash tub, evidence of an old wood cooking stove, and lots of cool old bottles. I took a few nice looking ones back in the house.I’ll clean out the moss and use them for decorating. MARTHA FUCKING STEWART STYLE.

Look at whats growing inside this old broken milk bottle! Its like a little natural terrarium. The plants get water through the broken hole in the bottom and the bottle acts as a little green house. CUTE.


Its about 2pm now, that time of day where Nap Feelings start to kick in, so I may just go partake. GOODBYE NOW!

Snow Flamks

I took this picture yesterday during the blizzard. Laying in the snow looking up at the trees. We got about 30cm of snow here, some high winds, but the temperature was only about -1, making it kind of beautiful weather. So I put one two pairs of pants, tucking them into my socks to create an impenetrable barrier, threw on my winter gear and ran outside to play.

At first I just ran circles around the house. The snow was up to mid-thigh level in some places and showing bare grass in others. It was kind of like russian roulette, whether Id stomp down too hard or get stuck and fall over. The snow was too fluffy to make a sturdy enough base for me to push myself back up so I just kind of shimmied around on my tummy making sad noises until I got somewheres more shallow. Then I’d take off running in circles until I fell over again. It was exhausting! Now I know why I was always so hungry for dinner when we’d go out playing in the snow. Having fun is a lot of fucking work.


I ran past the living room window and peeked in, CB looked up and waved from the warm inside. Just across from the window is the clear spot in the yard where CB’s nan uses to back up the car out of the driveway. It’s bordered by towering black spruce trees with a little hobbit hole into the forest at the bottom. Not one to say no to a cool secret passage way and frankly getting tired of running in circles, I went on through.


Out around the house everywhere the wind howled and dumped down buckets of snow. Through the hobbit hole, there was a different world altogether. It was silent, and calm. No wind, and not much snow. Every so often a gust would shake the tops of the trees and Id get a snowball on my head. It was nice to just hang out there for a while.


One of my nicest memories of being a kid is playing out in the backyard on mild winter nights. This one memory was just after playing with my dog until he finally gave up and went in the house. I was laying on my back in the snow, spread eagle, looking at the few stars I could see. The thick blanket of snow dampened all the sounds of traffic and people, so it was so nice and quiet. Just my heart beat, the puffing of my breath, and the smell of my mom cooking ham and cheesy scalloped potatoes coming from the house. Thinking deep, ponderous, 12 year old thoughts about life and the universe and ham.

So I did that again. I lay in the snow, and looked up at the branches. I listened to the quiet creeking of the wood around me. I thought about being 12 years old again. I missed my dog. I craved ham. I worried that if I laid by myself in the forest too long a coy-wolf would come eat me thinking I was some kind of carrion. So I gave up and went in the house.

So the moral of this story is, if you are getting bored with your same-old same-old exercise routine, run out in the snow and roll around on your belly for a while. You will get totally sick abs. Just watch out for predators.


Kara Lala



Ponk Chomp Poetry

Shady forest creaks
Lightning felled
monster trees
cedar stumps
blanket of moss
chews the wet wood
with the softest noms

Sneak peeking
in the holes of moles
Trails by mucky muskrat tums
slipping under brush
to munch frog’s polliwogs
Water striders skitter
nervously along

Little drunken creek
Pond scum & rotten leaves
beer bottle babbling
over bones and stones
March through marshy marsh
Bog burps, a hippy’s herbal farts
Bloody, muddy, boot thief

LOOK! I found a caterpillar! CB and I went for a trudge today. Merrily I skipped, taking pictures of every single flower I found; trillium, purple trillium, yellow dogswood, forget-me-nots, tiny wild pansies, and a variety of thorny berry-growing things. CB stomped along throwing knives into every dead tree along the way, and peeing on things. We saw a red tailed hawk, a rabble of butterflies and this little caterpillar, but no turtles. Oh, but I dream of turtles! Why can’t we just find one damned turtle! So many perfect little pond spots for them. BAH. One day.

Two hours of tromping through muddy farm fields and bits of forest led us to our favourite sunny spot on a hill. We tenderly nibbled on honey almonds, green apples and each other before having a nice sunny nap. This spring sun has become to feel like food to me, Im always so hungry for it and can’t seem to get enough. At sundown I have an overwhelming compulsion to go outside and get the last of the sun on my arms, just in case. I’m greedy for those vitamin Ds!!

We finally made it back. With blisters on callusses on blisters. I had much-too-hot bath and a much-too-big glass of beer with lemonade in it. CB BBQ’d us up some Flinstone sized pork chops and some green beans. I feel so nice. Goodnight!

Protect Ya Neck


Went for a hike today! Found some old fence posts in the forest with a veritable buffet laid out on top of them.  A headless shrew perhaps?


Mmmmm FROG FACE! I always wondered why birds only eat the heads off things.. maybe I will spend my evening googling that. There was also a fence post with some corn, but it only ate the ear! LOLOLOLLOLZ0RZ.


Step up, boy


Chop his head off, kid.

Never leave the house without representing.

A very pretty little waterfall, and something strange happening with the sand under it. A tiny spring, or QUICK SAND perhaps!

Creepy little grotto underneath an old tree stump!

Our new favourite napping spot